Mobile Testing


How to Install Mobile Apps While Performing Their Beta Testing

Each day users install and delete mobile software. Especially if you are a QA engineer and your duties include constant testing of mobile software for its correct functioning. They can be installed either by using special online platforms or other methods.


Main Tendencies in the Mobile Game Testing Sphere for 2021

Today, the mobile gaming industry is evolving faster than ever. Such a rapid growth of this market and high competition require the owners of these products to have only the best and high-quality software. Let’s see how you can achieve this, taking into account all the latest features of this kind of checks.


Popular UI Elements and Virtual Gestures in Mobile Software

In this article, we’ll analyze the terms and the main target of the most popular gestures and elements that can be met while using mobile software.


A Universal Strategy for Testing Cross-Platform Software

When you test cross-platform mobile software, you should take into account the numerous factors: from OS version to mobile browser’s version. This variety leads to an important question arising for every QA engineer: how can we find out where mobile software should be tested and on what device and where it shouldn’t? This article will give us the answer to this question and also will help to build an efficient mobile app testing strategy.


No Connection to a PC: How to Test That a Device Is Connected to a Computer

You have connected a mobile device to a PC but no result? It’s a common problem that doesn’t depend on the OS you are using, this may happen both on MacOS, Linux, and on Windows, of course. Further, we’ll talk about the correct ways of connecting Android and iOS devices to PC so that PC sees your devices and you have the possibility to do the tasks required.


A Complete Overview of Vysor

Vysor is a world-class solution for displaying an image of the screen of the mobile device you are testing on a local PC. It has numerous useful functions that will help either a common user or experienced QA engineers in their everyday work.


Creating Autotests on Android: A List of the Most Popular Tools

Creating automated tests on Android is quite a difficult procedure. Unfortunately, on the Internet there’s no detailed description of how to do it correctly. That’s why in this article, we tried to describe as fully as possible the basic stages of the formation of the auto testing process for Android.


How Can We Simplify Testing of Mobile Products?

All tips mentioned in this article can be very useful not only for testers who just started working in this field since they will be able to understand what area is the most suitable for them; these recommendations can also help more experienced specialists to systematize the skills acquired during application testing.


Most Frequent Defects on a Virtual Keyboard

Sometimes, it is necessary to test the on-screen keyboard as an inherent part of the whole project. And it doesn’t matter how such a process is called: integration testing or something else. Sincee, clients can pay their attention to imperfect keyboard performance on developed software. And all the negative system’s behaviors can influence the client’s decision to use such a product or no.


How to Install and Configure Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on Windows and macOS

Android Debug Bridge is a universal tool with huge functionality. It can be used on different OSes which is a key to effective work with mobile devices.