Mobile Testing


Best Mobile Testing Companies 2023

Mobile app testing has become an indispensable part of the app development process. With the increasing number of mobile users, the demand for quality and user-friendly mobile apps is also increasing. To ensure the quality of the app, it is crucial to test the app thoroughly before launching it in the market. In this article, we will discuss the best

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Measuring Mobile App Performance Metrics with MetricKit (Apple)

Software development and testing are very specific processes. Especially when it comes to performance verification, quick bug fixation and releases. In this case, the best option is metrics measuring tools. And today, we’ll talk about one of such tool for iOS – MetricKit.


How to Display Gestures on iOS Videos

Today a lot of attention is paid to the technical aspects of mobile app testing. The issue with gesture displaying on iOS screens is very popular. So what are the most popular methods to display gestures on iOS screens? We’ll analyze this further.


Philosophy of Using Tools for Testing Mobile Web Software

Today the mobile web has become an urgent need, and the new software in many cases will be a web product. And undoubtedly, it should function in all mobile browsers on portable devices. This material will provide an analysis of modern approaches to testing such software and a list of tools that can significantly simplify this work.


Software Testing in a Cloud Service: An Overview of the Best Tools in 2021

While performing mobile testing, it’s impossible to test all types of mobile devices, using real devices since it’s very hard and expensive to collect over 10,000 various mobile devices in one place. But here cloud services can help since they give a possibility to test mobile software online and on any modern (and not) device. Here are the top 4 portals of such a type.


How We Should Implement Agile Manifesto While Executing Mobile Testing

Instant reaction to requests of the modern market is a key to success in the field of mobile development. The constant development of documentation, following the trends, and user requests make product companies perform rapid testing, using constantly changing documentation. Agile is a perfect choice in such cases.


How to Install Mobile Apps While Performing Their Beta Testing

Each day users install and delete mobile software. Especially if you are a QA engineer and your duties include constant testing of mobile software for its correct functioning. They can be installed either by using special online platforms or other methods.


Main Tendencies in the Mobile Game Testing Sphere for 2021

Today, the mobile gaming industry is evolving faster than ever. Such a rapid growth of this market and high competition require the owners of these products to have only the best and high-quality software. Let’s see how you can achieve this, taking into account all the latest features of this kind of checks.


Popular UI Elements and Virtual Gestures in Mobile Software

In this article, we’ll analyze the terms and the main target of the most popular gestures and elements that can be met while using mobile software.


A Universal Strategy for Testing Cross-Platform Software

When you test cross-platform mobile software, you should take into account the numerous factors: from OS version to mobile browser’s version. This variety leads to an important question arising for every QA engineer: how can we find out where mobile software should be tested and on what device and where it shouldn’t? This article will give us the answer to this question and also will help to build an efficient mobile app testing strategy.