An Up-To-Date Checklist for Performing Usability Testing

Usability testing is quite important as any check of all other functionality. If the tested product is fully operational but it is not very convenient to use it, most likely, this software will eventually become not very popular among the intended users.


Performance Testing: Types and Popular Tools

Performance testing is a very important part of software testing that helps to check its proper performance. This type of testing has various types and also use cases that help to look at software system capability from different perspectives.


What’s the Difference Between QA and QC?

When specialists develop or test any software, such processes as planning, projecting, analysis, as well as quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) plays an essential role. These terms are very similar and in some situations, they can be even interchangeable. However, there are some differences between them.


Seven Basic Principles of Software Testing

This article describes concepts and principles of testing that are based on theoretical and practical analysis of functionality of web products and the related components.


Instruction on How to Collect Logs in a Browser

Skills to collect logs in different browsers allows programmer and sometimes QA engineer not only to gather much information about detected bugs but also to understand their technical nature that significantly accelerates the process of their fixation.


Some Aspects of Game Testing on PC

The field of performance testing of computer games has its concepts and notation keys that are used by many specialists of game testing companies. In the article, we will analyze the main such concepts and peculiarities of game testing.


BlazeMeter – a Full Review of a Platform for Load Testing

BlazeMeter is a very useful tool to solve various tasks of load testing and other performance checks. Numerous integration options with third-party services, as well as lots of personalized settings, make BlazeMeter a useful tool in the everyday activity of not only a developer but also a tester.


Accessibility Testing on Android and iOS Devices

Accessibility testing is one of the usability testing types when, first of all, specialists check the general availability of the software functionality for users with different disabilities. Let’s analyze main peculiarities and methods of this type of testing.


Strict and Moderate Validation: Basic Notions

Today almost every website contains certain web forms in its structure, such as a simple feedback form or a certain sign-up form. To ensure that information sent by a user will be finally accepted and processed, you should perform special testing for the correctness of filling every form used on a portal. Such actions are based on validation.


Common Errors and HTTP Status Codes When Performing Website Testing

When specialists perform testing of any program interface, they use the HTTP requests. Due to the information given by any error code after user request, a server can change the data processing. In a situation when there is an error and you now the result of the request, you can solve the issue by yourself.