How to Protect User Passwords from Brute Force Attacks

Password stealing, secret possession of private data have become a common thing on the Internet, made by unfair users. Numerous objects and virtual systems are at risk (social networks, mail agents, verified accounts, and so on). This article contains useful information on a proper way of testing passwords on websites and also protecting yourself and your personal data from hacking and stealing.


Secrets of Efficient Software Digital Transformation

Every user of digital products wishes anyway that his/her expectations will be completely satisfied. Many product companies have already understood that they need to adjust to the requests of such clients, by using such a thing as digital transformation. We will talk about this further.


How Can a Tester Get Rid of Deception?

A software tester should do everything to not be deceived in cases when other people can be deluded. To not be tricked, QA engineers question their assumptions or team’s assumptions about the things they perfectly know. Further, we’ll analyze possible ways of deception, that should be avoided by testers.


What Are the Responsibilities of a QA Lead

The short answer to this question is that a QA lead is responsible for ensuring that everything works properly in his/her team. What do we mean by “everything”? We’ll try to talk about this further.


Testing Web Application Security with Burp Suite

This software may be considered the most effective and popular web product to perform security testing. Its usage is an opportunity to test software in non-standard ways that can present in-depth views of visible and hidden vulnerabilities of the developed software.


Game Tester: Job Description and Main Responsibilities

Every other lover of various computer games has probably thought about making his/her hobby a regular income. For example, you can try to work as a game QA tester since this job becomes really popular in the IT field. Further, we will talk about game tester’s skills and main responsibilities.


ISTQB Certification and Its Benefits

In this article, we will talk about ISTQB certification. Is it actually needed? Are there any benefits of having this certificate? What are potential opportunities for those who want to become software testers after passing such an exam?


A Short Overview of the “Main” Function in Python

This article will be interesting for those testers who want to understand how to operate a popular “main” function in Python.


Main Errors Made While Testing Fintech Software

Comprehensive web testing is an important element at any stage of software implementation since it can help to build first-class protection of any client’s confidential information. Further, we’ll analyze popular mistakes that can be made while testing financial software.


An Overview of the Popular .contains() Command in Cypress

contains() is probably the most popular Cypress command, especially if you work as a developer or software tester. We will explain further why this command is so useful and why you should take it into account, by analyzing a simple example.