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UserTesting.com is a great service for performing UX testing of web sites and mobile apps. This site will be really helpful for marketing analysts, UX experts, e-commerce managers, as well as testers, developers, and designers.


10 Most Common Causes of Bugs Appearance

It’s impossible to create an error-free web product. Every software is created by humans and they obviously tend to make errors and flaws.


Main Software Testing Trends in 2019

A digital community constantly creates new technologies which make human life much easier. This year, just like the previous period of the 21st century, is the time of constant assimilation of technological and digital improvements in man’s daily life.


Principles and Test Cases for Password Testing

The term of a password was commonly used as a way to protect something from something, for example, in the past – to enter a city and move freely throughout its territory. Today passwords are used to protect the physical information and also digital data which can be stored on the hard drive, mobile devices and websites, of course. is

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Peculiarities of Push Notification Testing

A push notification is a peculiar pop-up on a screen of a mobile device which is sent only to those users who approved receiving the standard messages. Notification offers a specific type of information. Using push notification in a system of a mobile device is based on a fact that this technology doesn’t need direct interaction of the app to

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Severity and Priority of a Bug: What’s the Difference?

Every error (serious discrepancy between the real and expected results of software behavior) has particular attributes: “severity” and “priority” with numerical or alphabetical values. But not everyone can say exactly what is the difference between these two notions. Severity corresponds more to the technical side of the matter and priority – to the managerial side. To make this clear, we

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Why Is It Important and Relevant to Execute Volume Testing?

Volume testing plays a very important role during the thorough and effective checking of any software. This check allows us to understand how the software behaves when it needs to process a very large amount of information.


Virtual Machines and OS Emulators

In the process of testing the web products, it’s very useful and sometimes even crucial to use various virtual machines and special emulators, which help to simplify the process of software testing.


Principles of Test Design for API testing

Let’s imagine that QA department, QA management has the task to perform API testing of a web component. And from now on, numerous questions arise: from – what exactly should be tested? to – what components should be tested? The functional part? Usability?


Environment Setup for Performance Testing

Software performance testing checks the quality of web product and its capability to work consistently and without failing in a certain load environment. It is extremely important to monitor that testing is executed properly and testing environment doesn’t generate critical errors, which in real-world could threaten the usage of the developed software.