Why the “Tab” Key Is One of the Most Powerful Testing Tools?

Good accessibility rates are the basis for performing proper software testing. Users can not only use specialized software but also work with such simple tools as a computer mouse and the “Tab” button. Further, we’ll talk about the latter in detail.


Robot Framework: A Quick Review, Main Benefits, and Drawbacks

An original keyword-driven framework that was developed in Python for software test automation purposes. To create tests you just need to use keywords that are inside this framework without recourse to programming. What other benefits and drawbacks does this tool have? Let’s see further.


Should We Focus on Finding a Critical Bug

There is a strong opinion that if a bug is difficult to reproduce, we shouldn’t spend a lot of time on it. It would be better to move on and check something else. However, some QA specialists spend lots of time looking for the causes of such a bug. Hence, they simply leave the testing process paused. But is there a middle ground for all this?


Functional Testing of a Web Application: a Complete Checklist

To not be afraid to push a project to independent testing, you should perform functional software testing on the basis of a checklist. Further, we’ll talk about it.


How to Manage an Effective Test Planning

Nobody ever wants to work with long and monotonous test plans. More and more QA engineers come to the so-called test planning methods which contain all the thoughts and ideas that the project team can and will certainly have while developing and testing software.


A Complete Guide to Web Accessibility Testing

This article gives useful tips on tools and techniques that you should use while performing web accessibility testing.


Best Demo Websites to Perform Software Test Automation

Before you spend tons of time studying and developing a test suite for a new automation test framework, it is better to try it on different types of websites. Thus, you’ll ensure that this particular framework performs reliably and is user-friendly.


Requirements Testing: Criteria for Technical Documentation

When creating new software functionality, the analytical team creates certain technical requirements, and the QA department tests the product based on these instructions. And, of course, this happens even before the product reaches the end user. In this article, we will talk about the important points that you should pay attention to when testing software requirements.


Internal API Testing Strategies

If the development department and, accordingly, the QA engineers group have to interact with external API, certain difficulties may arise. Since, any part of the API can be modified or broken at the most inopportune moment. And if you want to deal with that as rarely as possible, you should anticipate the situation in advance, that is, create and constantly test the API. The following strategies may be helpful for these purposes.


Good Examples of Qualitative Communication between QA Specialists

A tester’s point of view plays a crucial role during the entire process of software development and software testing since it helps to not forget what users and developers think about all this. Further in this article, we’ll talk about the most illustrative examples of the way software quality depends on the tester’s communication skills.