Software Testing Vices: Funny Examples of Root Causes

This article describes the most popular vices of testing that can somehow affect an entire career of a QA Specialist.


Best Software Testing Certifications in 2021

Certification of any activity is not only an attempt to diversify your portfolio but also a possibility to show your knowledge and skills to your potential employers. This article describes top software testing certifications in 2021 that can help you to find a job in QA.


Severity and Priority: Defects of High and Low Priority

Each defect contains a set of certain attributes such as severity and priority. Sometimes it’s not easy to understand the difference between these terms but still, every QA engineer should try to do this.


How We Should Test Meta Tags

All websites can compete to be displayed in the first lines of search results, by using special tools and algorithms. And here so-called meta tags play a great role and we’ll talk about them further.


Ten Commandments of Automated Test Development

This article will describe commandments we should keep while developing automated tests.


Basic Standards for Component Arrangement on a Website

Arrangement of objects in a particular system is one of the main aspects of the successful development and promotion of any website. The correct location of various elements makes a site user-friendly on one hand and the most effective for owners on the other. In the contrary case, the conversion decreases and the product becomes less popular, profitable, and relevant.


What We Can Test in the Network Tab

The Network tab is present in every modern web browser and is aimed at tracking speed and also the time needed to upload a page and all files that are or can be present on it. Every junior software tester who wants to enhance a level of his/her professional skills should study and test all functions of the Network tab.


No Connection to a PC: How to Test That a Device Is Connected to a Computer

You have connected a mobile device to a PC but no result? It’s a common problem that doesn’t depend on the OS you are using, this may happen both on MacOS, Linux, and on Windows, of course. Further, we’ll talk about the correct ways of connecting Android and iOS devices to PC so that PC sees your devices and you have the possibility to do the tasks required.


Challenges in Conducting Load Testing and Using Its Tools

Load testing is one of the most difficult types of software testing. And the tools for such checks are not so great. Why is it so? And what are the solutions to this problem? We will consider all this further in the article.


Test Personas You Should Not Work With

If you work at a company that develops software for users, then you should have definitely met such a concept as a test persona. Christine Jackvony, a famous QA engineer, gives us top 4 examples of test personas that you should never work with. So let’s analyze these imagined personas.