How Do We Start Cooperation with the Clients?

As a rule, people want to get a quote of their project in the first place, they make a decision about further cooperation based on the quote.

To Receive a Quote You Need:

TestMatick quality assurance company appreciates its every client, cares about the clients’ interests, that is why we elaborated flexible pricing policy for our SQA services. We consider the project peculiarities and the clients’ wishes creating every quote. The procedure of a project preliminary estimation lasts only for a few hours.

Provide us with access to the software

If it is a web application that can be accessed via the Internet, the link will be enough. Otherwise, we can use FTP access. If access to the software product is unavailable, we can make the estimation based on the project documents.

Set the task

Our quality assurance consulting group should know what aspects of the software product must be verified, what devices, operating systems, browsers are to be used during the testing process.
Get a Quote

How Quickly We Provide a Quote?

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our partners at the beginning of the cooperation. So, one may feel free to give us sensitive data related to the project to provide the software testing service. We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement provided by the partner or we can offer our variant. Anyway, the paperwork takes only a few hours.

Our estimate includes the list of testing activities that are to be performed, cost and time of every activity. The ultimate cost and time of the testing process will also be indicated.

When the estimate is completed and agreed upon, we start testing. Our quality assurance team can work with any error tracking system suggested by the client, or we can provide access to our one. The first error reports will appear soon after selecting and approving the error tracking tool.

Start a Free Pilot project

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