TestMatick cares about its employees as they make the company what it is – a world leader in software testing and quality assurance services. That is why providing healthy, pleasant and convenient working environment is among TestMatick first priorities.

Working environment in TestMatick satisfies local and international requirements.


The office is situated in the beautiful, green district on the sand in Cherkasy, in a valley along the bank of the world famous Dnieper River, which is the largest river in Ukraine and the 3rd largest in Europe.

TestMatick team members often go for a walk along the picturesque bank of the river (and in summer some of our team are even bathing, to freshen up a bit:)). Scientists have long proved that the contemplation of the water surface helps to relieve tension and to get rid of stress, so these trips provide our team members with the opportunity to relax and get back to work refreshed.

In addition, the office is located near the bowling club, where the whole team goes to have fun together after a hard day’s work. More over, for those of our team who lead a healthy lifestyle the sport complex, located in two hundred meters from the office, is always available.


Light Rooms

The rooms of the office are big and light, the windows are antinoise and huge.


The kitchen is separated from the workspace and equipped in due order.

Climate Control

The office is equipped with a conditioning system, and the climate conditions are always comfortable.

Off-hour Diversions

There is also a playroom with table tennis, billiard and air hockey in TestMatick office.


The company pays much attention to security. The office building is guarded, and there is a video monitoring near the entrance and inside the building 24/7.

Every employee has a personal key from the front doors; the visitors are met and escorted by the office manager or other team members.


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