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Usability testing services are of particular importance for web and mobile software products

Usability testing is one of the important types of software testing. It assumes verifying whether it is easy and convenient for the end-users to interact with the application. It is a type of black-box testing.


Why is Usability Testing Necessary?

If a user is confused or cannot figure out something in a program, it means that the program is of poor quality.

Testers Focus on Such Aspects During Usability Testing

Testers Focus on Such Aspects During Usability Testing:

Speed of Learning

How fast the users learn to perform necessary tasks with the help of the application.

Problems Identification

What problems the users face executing the tasks by means of the program.

Time Measuring

How much time the users need on solving the problems that appear in course of performing the tasks.


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Usability Testing Services Can be Divided Into 2 Types:

Usability testing performed by qualified test engineers

In course of this type test engineers of independent software testing company with the necessary domain knowledge verify the application, perform the tasks that the end-users will perform by means of the software and pay attention to all the usability issues.

Usability testing performed by the end-users

The second type assumes involvement of representatives of the end-users of the product. They are given ordinary tasks that are to be performed by means of the program.
Test engineers watch the users’ behavior, way of thinking, problems that they face while executing the tasks.
The end-users may be asked to comment their actions and thoughts aloud.

Some recording instruments are frequently utilized during usability testing services.
They record what is going on the screen, voice of the user, even the user facial expression. These records give valuable information about the software usability defects.


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Usability Testing Can be Divided Into 2 Types


Carefully Executed Usability Testing Allows To

Carefully Executed Usability Testing Allows To:

  • provide successful user experience of your software;
  • get rid of common problems that may the end-users face interacting with your application;
  • diminish time needed for a new user to learn how to utilize your application;
  • save money on the support team by removing common difficulties of performing tasks by means of the software;
  • usability aspects of the software;
  • learn the end-users opinion about the software, their comments and suggestions that can be used for improvement of the product and making it one of the best among the competitors.


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