Where are the Offices of Your Company Situated?

    Оur company offices are situated in Ukraine (in such cities as Cherkasy, Kryvyi Rih, Poltava, Rivne), Israel (Tel Aviv) and USA (New York city).

    How Long Have You Been on IT Services Market?

    Our company works in the field of testing since 2009.

    What Confidentiality Guarantee do you Provide?

    We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for protection non-public information about the customers that is used in the project before receiving the system for testing or cost estimation.

    Is There any Use to Test a System, if the Development is not Finished Yet?

    Testing should begin at early stages of the development as fixing of the defects will require some time.

    How Can I Control Your Work?

    You will be granted an access to our bug-tracking system, or you can grant an access for our testers to yours, where you will be able to track the number and status of software bugs and ask questions or comment on the found defects in real-time mode.

    Our specialist will always keep in touch with you in order to answer operational questions and give consultations.

    Is There any Opportunity to Use Your Services for Free?

    Is There any Opportunity to Use Your Services for Free?Yes, in case of potential long-term cooperation we offer free execution of the pilot project.

    During test period you’ll have the opportunity to estimate level and skills of our test specialists, get acquainted with our work methods and work process, and then only make a decision about our further cooperation.

    Do You Conduct Testing Using Real Devices or Emulators?

    Do You Conduct Testing Using Real Devices or Emulators?All testing is conducted on real devices. There are over 200 mobile devices in our laboratory.

    You can ask for the relevant list of devices and OS versions our online consultant or send email with request.

    Our mobile testing experts verify mobile applications not only in the lab, but under real life conditions as well.

    Where is it Possible to Look Through the Samples of Testing Reports?

    Where is it Possible to Look Through the Samples of Testing Reports?You can get acquainted with some of the testing reports on our site.

    In order to get acquainted with specific testing types please, address our online consultant or send email.

    Why have I to Order Services Exactly at Your Company?

    Taking into consideration our long-term experience, that we’ve got during various projects,
    we have learned to approach each client individually and build the testing process, taking into account all the specific system features.

    This approach works perfectly. Our customers’ applications make glad millions of users and customers, in their turn, being inspired with success, start new projects and give us to test them.

    Feedbacks from our customers you can read here.

    What online survey software tools are you using?

    We are using the following online survey software tools:
    – SurveyGizmo
    – Enalyzer

    What hardware (eye-tracker) tools are you using?

    We are using the following hardware (eye-tracker) tools:
    – GP3 HD UX Bundle | Eye tracking for UX testing
    – Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

    How many players do you have in your database?

    We have more than 200 players in our database.

    Do you have a dedicated member of staff who handles your players recruitment needs?

    Yes, we have staff who handles your players recruitment needs.

    What game research services do you provide?

    We provide the following game research services:
    – new user experience and longitudinal play testing
    – concept testing
    – usability testing
    – market segmentation
    – target audience identification
    – price testing
    – ad, trailer and asset testing
    – app store simulation
    – brand tracking
    – post-launch evaluation.

    How Can I Pay for the Testing Services?

    You can pay for the testing services in one of the following methods:
    • wire transfer
    • Yandex.Money/WebMoney/Qiwi
    • Unistream/Western Union/Contact
    • PayPal
    • Credit Card (2Checkout)

    Payment is made within 30 (thirty) days from the date of testing services invoice receiving.

    How Much Will the Testing Services Cost?

    Price of the testing services directly depends on quantity and complexity of the implemented functionality, the number of browsers and their versions, mobile devices, operating systems, on which it is necessary to test the software, and on the testing types that you want to include in the assessment.

    Address to our consultant online or fill out the form, and we will contact you soon to provide the effort estimate.

    Is It Necessary to Make an Advance Payment for the Testing Services?

    No, an advance payment is not required.

    How Fast Can I Give the Project for Testing?

    How Fast Can I Give the Project for Testing?Usually we start working on the day the task is received or the next day.

    And we are ready to start testing before signing the contract and without prepayment.

    We always have a pool of resources, we are ready to work in a flexible schedule, full-time and on request.

    Is There any Use to Test a System, if the Development is not Finished Yet?

    Testing should begin at early stages of the development as fixing of the defects will require some time.

    Must Every Software Product Be Tested?

    Yes, it must be tested. Proper quality verification is a key aspect of the software success at the market.

    Every software development process includes quality assurance; otherwise, the system will probably be released with serious defects and fail in production.

    What is Called a Test Plan?

    A test plan is one of the most important documents of a software testing process.

    It includes the scope of all the testing works, describes the testing strategies, procedures, criteria for beginning and finishing of all the testing activities. It serves as a guidance for testers.

    Why is it Important to Perform Usability Testing?

    Usability testing evaluates how intuitive, understandable and easy in use the application is. Usability is one the most important features of modern software.

    If it is hard for the end-users to interact with a program, it won’t be successful at the market in spite of its rich functionality and other benefits.

    Why do Software Bugs Appear?

    Software products are complex, they consist of many modules, sophisticated code. They are written by people, it is known that people are liable to make mistakes. That is why every system contains software bugs.

    How is Web Site Testing Carried Out?

    Verifying quality of a web site, test engineers usually concentrate on its functionality, compatibility, usability, performance and other aspects. Web site testing frequently involves using automated testing tools.

    What is Quality of a Software Product?

    Quality of a software product shows how well the software product complies with its requirements.

    How to Apply for a Job at TestMatick?

    Go to our Careers page, choose the suitable for you vacant position, send your resume to the indicated e-mail writing the vacancy title in the e-mail subject.

    What are Characteristics of a Successful Test Engineer?

    A successful test engineer is detail-oriented, sociable, confident, creative, passionate about searching software defects and works efficiently. The required personal and professional skills develop with experience.

    How to Become a Test Engineer?

    Nowadays few if any educational establishments teach how to perform software testing. To become a tester one should complete our free training; it allows the participants to get general ideas of what software testing is, its main concepts, types, approaches and tools.

    What is a Beta Tester?

    A beta tester is a representative of the application end-users or professional tester, who participates in verifying beta version of the application.

    Beta testers actively use the software in order to find various defects that are to be corrected before the release.

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