The Advantages of Dedicated Team Model

Proactive Employees

That means that they go thoroughly into its specificity and goals and understand their tasks and aims better than those testers, who work on several different projects.

Integrated Part of Team

The client can manage and work with the dedicated test engineers as with his full-time staff members. They work in compliance with the client’s company policy, corporate culture and rules.

Easy Communications

The client can communicate with the team via Skype or other instruments as often as he or she finds necessary.

Flexible Process

The testing process is very flexible, the client can change the tasks or priorities of the project any time.

We mean Serious Business

Dedicated team model is the best pricing model for long-term projects.

It assumes that the selected specialists work only at the project for which they are dedicated.

This model provides maximum flexibility of the scope of work and tasks and the constant predetermined expenses.

You Need This Model When:

the project is long-term;
the requirements and scope of work are undefined;
the project is an agile software development;
the client wants to know the expenditures beforehand, but the project requirements and scope change frequently or are unclear;
the client prefers to plan and manage all the works at the project;
the client wishes to manage the hired team as his home one.
Dedicated team model is considered to be the most convenient and cost-saving model for long-term projects. Our clients like it because of predictable expenses and flexibility of the scope of work.

Questions About Dedicated Team Model

How Does the Dedicated Team Model Work?

The client gives us the tasks and pays the preconditioned sum of money on a monthly basis.
We provide the test engineers and project managers with suitable for the clients’ project skills and knowledge, as well as the required instruments, devices and equipment.

What is Included in the Price?

The price includes salaries of the dedicated testers and project managers. The dedicated specialists work full time at the clients’ project. The client may hold daily meeting with the testers and treat them as part of his or her home team.

Do You Need Help in Choosing the Most Suitable Business Model?

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