TestMatick has a special offer

for our potential long-term customers

Start a Pilot Project

We are ready to render our software testing services for free for 20 hours

We Provide for 20 Hours of Free Testing:

Who May Apply for the 20 Hours Trial Period?

Customers with one or more projects, expected work-load of which is more than 100 man-hours, are welcome to order 20 hours of free testing.

Hours of Free Testing Can be Spent On

Hours of Free Testing Can be Spent On:

  • testing one web site or mobile application; this way the trial period is used when the client has several small projects;
  • testing a certain part or aspect of the application; this way the trial period is used when the client has one large, complex project;
  • any software testing task that takes up to 20 man-hours.

The main goal of the trial period is to prove our prospects that we are the best in software testing and can assure high quality of their software products.

The trial period also enables our clients to save up to 20% of software testing cost, and is a good start of long, fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership.



What We Offer

All Services in One Place

We can cover absolutely every need in testing.

You do not need to look for another contractor to perform complex technical tasks, or, conversely, easy content tasks.

Starting in an Hour

We know the value of every minute in the modern world of IT.

Your project will be accepted in testing within one hour after the receipt of task.

No Bureaucracy

Business relations are primarily a trust between partners. Soon is deadline?

And we are ready to start testing before signing the contract and without prepayment.

Contact Info

TestMatick – USA
+1 (212) 203-8264
1441 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018
TestMatick – Ukraine
+38 (093) 91 91 207
42, Geroiv Stalingradu str., Cherkasy 18016