The Advantages of Fixed Cost Model

Costs in Advance

The project budget is set and agreed upon at the beginning of our cooperation.

Commercial Offer

We prepare commercial offer and detailed test plan according to the received information.

Detailed Plan

The project plan is elaborated and approved at the beginning of our cooperation.

Our Responsibility

Responsibility for the project is fully on our side, the customers do not need to worry about anything.

We mean Serious Business

Fixed Cost model assumes that the price is predetermined and set beforehand and will not be changed until the end of the project.

The price is talked over and agreed upon at the beginning of cooperation and remains the same regardless on efforts and resources spent on the project.

You Need This Model When:

the project is rather small, up to 100 work-hours;
the project requirements and scope of work are clear;
the project is not expected to be often and considerably altered;
the customer wants to establish the project budget in advance;
the customer does not have time or possibility to deal with the project;
the customer does not want to go into the project details, and his main interest is the end product.
Fixed Cost model relieves our clients of the risks of unexpected complications during the project that may require more efforts and resources. The price will remain the same anyway, it includes some risk remedy.

Questions About Fixed Cost Model

How Does the Fixed Price Model Work?

First of all our experts look through the software product, determine and talk over with the customers what testing services should be performed.

Then we evaluate the scope of work and give pessimistic and optimistic estimation. The price and time of the discussed testing efforts will not exceed the pessimistic estimation.

For What Projects is Fixed Cost Model Suitable?

The fixed cost model is preferred for the projects with a strictly defined scope and requirements that won’t change.

Do You Need Help in Choosing the Most Suitable Business Model?

Call us or send a message, and our experts will contact you soon and help to make the right choice.

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