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Load testing is a type of software testing, performing which test engineers simulate various workloads.

Load testing usually associates with web applications and multi-user systems and assumes verifying the software product behavior when a certain number of users is interacting with it.


Proper load testing requires deep knowledge of the users’ psychology

Load testing is conducted at late phases of the development process, when the system is almost ready for release.

Why Is Load Testing Necessary

Why is Load Testing Necessary?

Load testing

Assumes determining whether the application operates properly under certain workloads, what problems happen during functioning under the loads.

Performance testing

Aims at finding bottlenecks in the tested program and establishing its benchmark behavior rather than at discovering defects.

Stress testing

Testers try to break the tested application by means of overloading it or taking away resources from it.

Volume testing

Is concentrated on verifying how the application copes with increasing volume of data.

Reliability testing

Is focused on determining whether the system properly operates under certain load for a long time.


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One Can Set Criteria for Load Testing Based On:

the software functional requirements

The tests should simulate behavior of real users as true to life as possible.

end-users’ expectations

The users’ expectations can be determined by studying their behavior, way of thinking, beliefs.
For example, people will not wait more than a few seconds for a web page only with text data to load, but they will be more tolerant to a web page with video files.

the project time and budget constraints

The load defects undetected on early stages might lead to costly additional works and stressful launcing.


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One Can Set Criteria for Load Testing Based On


Our Customers Order a Load of Their Systems with

Our Customers Order a Load of Their Systems with:

  • End Users

  • Big Files

  • Numerous Calculations

  • Poor Networking Conditions



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