Localization testing verifies whether the software is properly translated and adjusted to the local languages and cultures.

It guarantees that software localized versions are free from usability, functional and linguistic problems.

When is Localization Testing Necessary?

  • Localization testing should be included in a software testing process if the program has versions in more than one language.
  • Such software products, besides common risks, have the risk of localization errors.
  • Errors of this type have a serious impact on the product usability and can even make a program confusing and good-for-nothing for the target users.
Testers mostly concentrate on the software user interface and content during localization testing; special attention is paid to different language and culture peculiarities.

Functionality of the application is also verified in every version during this testing type.


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Common Localization Defects Are:

Wrong Translation

Texts in each version of the software should be understandable and natural, like in the original.

Unfortunately, sometimes certain phrases and terms are translated incorrectly; some words and phrases of the target language appear to be out of use, certain terms are translated with different words in different parts of the user interface. Such problems are serious.


Absent Text

Sometimes there is no text in the translation where it should be.

It is recommended to open both the original version of the software and the one that is localized in order to notice such errors.


Unreadable, Meaningless Characters

Sometimes there are unrecognizable symbols, rectangles or question-marks in texts.

They usually appear when there are some errors in the code, or when the software is not adjusted to the platform.



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Common Localization Defects


Reasons Why You Should Choose TestMatick for Localization Testing

  • Our company has been successfully performing localization testing of various applications for about 5 years.
  • TestMatick test engineers are experienced in localization testing of all kinds of web, mobile and desktop software products.
  • In course of localization testing our specialists check translation of the user interface, content, notification and error messages, help and accompanying documents.
  • TestMatick has all the necessary equipment and a rich park of different platforms.
  • Among our clients are world famous software producers.
  • Our test engineers write clear and detailed error reports.
  • We can work with any bug-tracking system and always consider wishes of our customers.


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