Software Testing Glossary

Acceptance Testing

A final testing stage before the program release. This kind of testing should confirm that the application is ready. Independent testing team writes test plans and test cases according to the requirements and performs testing. Acceptance Testing is a process that helps to ensure that the system meets all the requirements. It’s the last stage of the development process before the release.

Accessibility Testing

A kind of testing that helps to determine whether the system is accessible for the people that have disabilities. Accessibility aims to carter people with visual, physical, hearing, cognitive and learning disabilities. A good application should also be accessible for the people with poor communication infrastructure, computer illiterate people, users with old systems and the ones who have non-standard equipment.

Actual Outcome

Actual Outcome can also be called actual result, so the one that tester gets after the test. It’s usually documented together with test case. When the testing is performed actual outcome is compared with expected outcome and the difference is reported, it’s called a defect.

Ad Hoc Testing

Ad Hoc Testing is a kind of testing that is performed without planning and documentation. This kind of testing is performed before formal testing of the application. The bugs found during this kind of testing are difficult to reproduce as there are no test cases aligned for those scenarios. The resultants of Adhoc testing depend on the tester’s skills. There are three types of Adhoc testing: Buddy Testing (performed by two people on from development team and another one from testing one), Pair Testing (Performed by two testing specialists, one performs testing and another one records bugs), Monkey Testing (performed randomly in order to break the system).


An Agent Software is used by every work station to generate load. It automates repetitive tasks. They can be of several types: Buyer Agents, User Agents, Monitoring and Surveillance Agents, Data-Mining Agents.

Agile Testing

Agile Testing is a kind of testing that follows the principles of agile development. Agile aligns development with customer needs. There are advantages of Agile testing, this kind software testing: saves money and time, requires less documentation, receives regular feedback from the end-user, requires everyday meetings that help to find bugs in advance.

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing is a part of the acceptance testing that is performed before Beta testing. This kind of testing is performed by testing specialists. Alpha testing is performed in several stages, on the first stage the application is testing by the in-house developers and on the second stage the testing is performed by software QA team.

App Testing Services

App testing services are the specialized services that aim to release the software that is suitable for use, safe, reliable and was performed according to the documentation.

Application Binary Interface

Application Binary Interface (ABI) describes a low-level interface between two applications or an application and operating system. ABI covers data type, size, alignment, calling convention, the system call numbers and how an application should make system calls to OS.