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Online shopping becomes more and more popular

Ecommerce testing becomes much-in-demand with ecommerce evolution and growth of the number of online stores.

This testing type aims to verify quality of ecommerce web software products.


An ecommerce site considerably differs from an informational one

That is why a lot of free and paid ecommerce platforms appeared, they simplify creation and maintenance of online stores.

3 the Most Important Characteristics of an Ecommerce Sites

3 the Most Important Characteristics of an Ecommerce Sites Are


Everything must be understandable, convenient and pleasant for the users on an online store.


An online store must work fast, the users do not like to wait.


The users’ sensitive data must be safe.

These aspects make up the basis of online business profitability, and the testing process should focus on them.

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Among Popular Ecommerce Platforms Are:


It is free and open source online business management system. It is available in different languages, allows to use various currencies, payment and delivery methods, enables its users to create many web sites on one system. Magento is a flexible and constantly evolving to be the best.


It is an open source platform frequently used for creation and managing small and medium online stores. It is easier and faster than Magento, but it doesn’t have so many out-of-the-box solutions as Magento does and is poorly adjusted for a big online store.


It is a free content management system for ecommerce. It is compatible with all the popular web browsers, available in many languages, allows to create any number of divisions and goods. The system works faster and consumes less resource than many its competitors.

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Among Popular Ecommerce Platforms Are


During Ecommerce Testing One Should Pay Attention To

During Ecommerce Testing One Should Pay Attention To:

  • The product functionality. One must verify all the pages, filters, videos, functions of enlarging, rotating images of the products, procedures of adding the goods to the basket and removing them, changing the number of selected products, delivery conditions and address, etc.
  • Correctness of calculations. It is important to check how the site calculates final amounts. The amount should include discounts, if there are any, required taxes, delivery and other expenses. The sum must update correctly when any option of the order changes.
  • Payment system. It is necessary to test all the payment methods available on the site such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Visa payment, MasterCard payment, PayPal, WebMoney, etc. The user should be able to cancel a payment. The confirmation letter must be sent after every operation.
  • The site performance and usability. Ecommerce software should load and execute operations fast. The site has to be clear for the users, the products must have informative descriptions and photos, videos. There should be filters allowing to find the required product quickly and effortlessly.
  • Compliance with web standards. An ecommerce site must be supported by popular desktop and mobile platforms, work well on widely used browsers. Otherwise many potential clients will be unable to use it. A web site should also comply with HTML, CSS and SEO standards.

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