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This Cookie Policy page is meant to inform you how TestMatick website works with cookies and what data is required for that and why.

We respect the privacy of our clients and visitors, that is why everyone is free to browse our website without sharing private data, nevertheless, TestMatick website personalizes user experience and pursues marketing targeting goals as any informational site.

How We Use Cookie Files

Cookie files serve for distinguishing every visitor of the This commonly used practice enables our specialists to provide the best user experience for our customers and collects data required for web site enhancement.

We work with two types of cookies:

  • our own cookies, known as first-party cookies;
  • other cookies, known as third-party cookies.

First-party cookies are owned by our company – TestMatick Ltd. These are session cookies. The information gathered by them is entirely anonymous. TestMatick does not take any private data and data for determining users’ location.

Our first-party cookies are utilized for:

– saving user’s settings;

– Google Analytics gathering statistic data of interaction with the

Third-party cookies are owned by our partners. They ensure proper work of third-party software on or through Third-party products are present on every website nowadays, they provide various useful functions, for example, Google Analytics. Third-party cookies differentiate users and recognize the device, from which you interacted with them, not only on one website but everywhere where the third-party product is used.  

What Kind of Cookies Do We Use?

We use the following types of cookie files:

Strictly Necessary Cookies. A website cannot work without these cookies. They are utilized in different request forms, pay services, etc.

Functionality Cookies. These cookies differentiate every visitor, store visitor’s settings of the website, layout, language preference, for instance.

Analytical Cookies. These cookies collect information about visitors’ interaction with the site, what pages are visited more frequently, what is visitor’s navigation way through the site. They track from where the users came to the site, how many users are on the site simultaneously, how many users visit the site for a day.

Targeting Cookies. These cookies are meant for targeting and marketing purposes. They record and store information about what pages were visited, what links were followed by every visitor. Such cookies are often utilized by third-party cookies.

Managing Cookies

Our site asks permission to use cookies, one can refuse cookies and continue browsing Every browser has an option of turning off cookies in the settings (one can consult the Help menu to get detailed instructions on how to do that).

There is a lot of information on the Internet about cookies and how to manage them.

When Our Cookie Policy is Updated?

Our cookie policy is updated when something is changed about the cookies we use, a legal policy involving cookies or other reasons. That is why please, visit our Cookie Policy page from time to time to get the latest information about our cookies and related aspects.

Compliance with EU Cookie Law

In accordance with recommendations by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), we have taken the following steps to comply with the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (PECD). These include:

  • Performing a Cookie Audit
  • Assessing the Intrusiveness of any Cookies
  • Providing information about Cookies on the website
  • Providing information to users how to control the cookies in their browser

Where Can I Learn More about Cookies on

Please, email us your questions about our cookies to the

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