Web application testing services are a type of software testing focused on web-based software products

Web applications must be carefully verified before going into production as any other software product.

Web-based software products are software products for interacting with which one needs access to the network, as a rule, to the Internet.

Extensive Experience

Our specialists are experienced in software testing services of various web applications, e-commerce services, online stores, games and so on.

Unique Expertise

Our testers provide practical advices on how to improve the software product.

Individual Approach

Our QA outsourcing team elaborates custom strategy for each web project considering its special characteristics and customers’ preferences.

Measured By Merit

We verified quality of software products for many internationally acclaimed companies.

Necessary Skills

Our test engineers are familiar with specificity of web technology, pitfalls and common problems of various web services and sites.

Wide Range of Tools

We can work with any error tracking system that is convenient for the customers.

Web application testing has a number of special features

that are uncharacteristic to testing of native applications.

Why are Web Application Testing Services Necessary?

Nowadays business struggle between all kinds of online services, shops, web applications and sites is tough. It made the users fastidious.

They do not like to wait, don’t tolerate functional, usability or other defects. If something doesn’t suit them in your web application, they find another with similar functionality but without errors that irritate them.

Besides, errors in some web services can result in losing or corrupting user personal data, financial losses, even cause health risks followed by lawsuits and other unpleasant consequences.

So, every web software product must be thoroughly verified before release. It ensures that the system will operate as intended, be popular among the users and bring benefits to its owners.

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Specificity of Web Application Testing

Data Storage

Most of the data of a web software product are stored on the server, and only some information for the user identification and personal settings may be on the user computer.

Data Exchange

Data exchange between the user machine and the server is performed through the network.

Different Types

There are 2 kinds of web software products: web applications and web sites. But nowadays the distinction between them is indistinct.
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Peculiarities of Web Site Testing Are:

in course of functional testing it is necessary to check if all the links work properly, verify navigation, business logic and, as during any functional testing, functions that are performed by the tested software;
usability testing assumes verifying whether all the pages look good, the navigation is convenient and intuitive, interacting with the web application or site does not trigger negative emotions;
during compatibility testing of a web-based application it is necessary to make sure that it operates well on all the popular browsers and devices (desktop or mobile, or both, if the software has desktop and mobile versions);
performance testing is of outmost importance for web sites and web applications; it is necessary to verify if a certain number of users can interact with the site simultaneously, whether necessary transactions can be performed under different loads, whether the application loads and responds fast enough;
one should pay due attention to security testing of web sites and web application; it is necessary to check carefully authorization procedure, whether user personal data are effectively protected.

We are World Known Software Bugs Hunters!

Our quality assurance team is unequalled in software bugs search in all parts and aspects of a software product. We track defects everywhere: in functionality, usability, performance, security, user interface, back-end and front-end.

No error can hide from TestMatick software testing company. Join hundreds of our customers and be sure in quality of your application.

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