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Why is Necessary to Perform User Interface Testing?

User interface is a front-end of a program, it is the only part of a software product with which the users interact. So, they judge the whole system based on its user interface.

Some Advices on Automation of User Interface Testing

Some Advices on Automation of User Interface Testing:

Hierarchically Organized Scripts

The scripts should be hierarchically organized in compliance with the software objects hierarchy.

One Script for One Object

Each script should verify one function of an object. If there are several similar or related functions, they may be tested by one script.

Use Replay Instruments

It is reasonable to utilize an instrument that can replay the scripts automatically and check if the application correctly responds.

The instrument should call the tested objects by their names, not rely on their location or other characteristic as they are frequently changed during software development process.


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The Important Elements of User Interface That Must be Checked Are:

  • menus;
  • toolbars;
  • buttons;
  • images;
  • dialog boxes;
  • edit fields;
  • list controls and others

Any user interface testing should be planned in details.
It should include both manual and automated tests in order to be efficient.


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The Important Elements of User Interface That Must be Checked Are


Questions About User Interface Testing

Questions About User Interface Testing:

What is User Interface Testing?

User interface testing is a process of verifying whether the software user interface complies with the requirements, and whether it is convenient for the users to work with the software product.
This testing type may be performed manually and by means of various automated testing tools.

What Does User Interface Testing Assumes?

User interface testing assumes verifying whether the software behaves in compliance with the specification, when the user interacts with it by means of the keyboard and mouse in case a desktop application is under test, or by means of the touchscreen, gestures or moves of the device in case a mobile application is tested.

What Additional Tests Can Do Testers During User Interface Testing?

Testers also check whether various user interface components properly operate when the user inputs different valid and invalid data.


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