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About Our Vision of Confidentiality

Protection of sensitive data is among key aspects of personal life and business in the modern world.

We, TestMatick team, are always careful about our customers’ private and other sensitive information. That is why we provide safe and friendly interaction with our website and other products and services.

This page gives details of our Privacy Policy, informs what personal private and other sensitive data we gather and how we use them. It explains our customer’s rights and how to contact our consultants in case of questions about our Privacy Policy.

About Us in Terms of Privacy Policy

TestMatick company is the end-controller of its customers’ private data, TestMatick team members process the data in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Some TestMatick web applications can have different Privacy Policies. Their Privacy Policies will be different from this Privacy Policy, and they will explain how the customers’ sensitive data are used and stored by them.

Notification or statement messages, that can appear during filling in various forms related to private data collection, can contain an additional description of the private data processing and storing. Those notification or statement messages prevail over this Privacy Policies in case of contradiction.

Whose Private Data Does TestMatick Process?

  • TestMatick current or potential (planning to become a customer) customers and vendors;
  • Users of TestMatick services or products;
  • Employees of TestMatick client or vendor;
  • TestMatick potential customers – we inform you about our services and products;
  • TestMatick current or potential (planning to become one) employees, subcontractors.

Whose Private Data is not Processed by TestMatick?

  • Children under 13 years old.

We do not gather and use private data or offer our services and products to children under 13 years old. If we find out that a person under 13 years old gave us private data without parental approval, we delete the data.

Please, inform us, if you know that personal data from a person, who hasn’t reached the age of consent, were sent to us without the necessary approval. We recommend parents and guardians control children activity on the Internet.

TestMatick Collects and Processes the Following Data

We gather, store and process data provided by our customers or by a third party.

These data usually are:

  • customer’s or partner’s name;
  • customer’s or partner’s employer, subdivision, and official duties;
  • personal or work contact information (email address, address, phone, skype, etc.), based on the type of relationships with the person or company;
  • different information provided to us while filling in forms on, emailing or calling us, exchanging messages in skype or other messengers, filling in an order, taking part in a survey, marketing campaigns, making actions for your employer;
  • information related to TestMatick cooperation with the customer’s employers (like specifications for services and products provided by TestMatick);
  • other private information required for creation and execution agreements and / or contracts between TestMatick and the customers (for example, commercial information necessary to provide testing services, information received from credit history agencies, or any other information stipulated in an agreement between TestMatick and its customers, or any other third party to which the customer is somehow related;
  • information about events to which the customer or any party is invited;
  • personal information and preferences needed for organizing such events (e.g. catering preferences);
  • personal information received during visits of TestMatick offices (e.g. capturing by our video control system, registering at the reception, giving us the car registration data).

We receive the following information form the visitors:

  • registration data;
  • IP address and other technical data;
  • timezone / location;
  • type and version of the utilized browser and browser plugins;
  • operating system and platform of the device, from which the is visited;
  • date and time of visiting and other related data;
  • browsing history across;
  • time spent on every page of the;
  • the response speed of every page of the;
  • information on visitor activities on every page of the (like scrolling, mouse clicks, hovers);
  • places from where the visitor came to the;
  • services used and terms searched for on the;
  • phone number and social networks info if they were used to contact us.

Sometimes we and our partners gather data automatically from browser cookies, web logs, web beacons, and utilizing other similar methods.

The collected information is analyzed and used to provide the most interesting offers for visitors of the, customize and save their settings, improve the user experience.

Please, visit our Cookie Policy page to learn more about that.

Please, remember that if you give us somebody’s personal data (e.g. name, contact data, address), it is your responsibility to have permission to do that.

One can unsubscribe from receiving our emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in one of our emails or contact our consultants at

TestMatick Cookie Files

Our Cookie Policy page gives the detailed description of what cookie files are on the and how they work.

For What Purposes do We Use Received Private Data

  • marketing purposes (send information about our services and products);
  • writing contracts and agreements with our customers and vendors;
  • executing contracts and agreements with our customers and vendors (providing or receiving goods and services);
  • controlling our relationship with customers, vendors, and other parties who use our services or products or is somehow related to our customers and vendors;
  • internal use, including fixes of defects, data analysis, testing, investigating, and collecting statistics and surveys;
  • managing our website: organizing its content in the most effective way, making it look and function properly on various mobile and desktop devices, etc.;
  • increasing safety for our visitors, customers, partners;
  • efficiency estimation, analyzing and managing ads on our website, mailout and other campaigns;
  • providing content and information about our services and products to our visitors and customers according to their preferences (where possible).

With Whom Do We Share Private Personal Data

– Employees of TestMatick, who are involved in cooperation with the customer, visitor or related third party, including subsidiaries, affiliated companies, individual business units and their subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and business units.
– Third parties involved in cooperation with the customers, including other customers, vendors, business partners, and subcontractors, auditors, legal consultants, and other professional consultants to carry out any agreements and contracts, or other deals and transactions.
– We share data, gathered by means of our website, with advertisers and advertising networks to target audience and provide relevant ads to our visitors, customers, and partners. We do not disclose any data that identify our customers, partners or vendors, only general statistics data about visitors of the are disclosed. This aspect is described more detailed on our Cookies Policy page.

Other Cases of Disclosing Private Data to Third Parties

  • Selling or buying any business or assets (including, but not limited to, our business and assets). Personal data are shared with the potential buyer or vendor in compliance with this Privacy Policy. If our business and all the assets will be bought by a third party, personal data that we possess will be given to the buyer as a part of the assets.
  • Fulfilling our lawful obligations stated in the contracts and agreements (in case it is necessary to disclose received personal information in order to accomplish aims described in the contracts and agreements).
  • Protection of property, rights and provide security for our company, its employees, customers, and partners. It some cases it is necessary to disclose received personal data to the third parties (including law enforcement) in order to prevent frauds and other illegal actions, reduce risks of damaging property or violating rights of our company, its employees, customers, and partners or third parties.

What Legal Basis Does TestMatick Rely on in Private Data Processing?

  • explicit agreement of the person to the processing of his/her data in specific purposes (e.g. direct marketing). The section below explains how to decline your data processing.

Personal Data is Processed by TestMatick without Owner’s Permission Only if it is Required To:

  • fulfil contract or agreement with the data owner;
  • adhere to our legal obligations and requirements;
  • purchase business or assets by TestMatick or a third party, if this purchase is not against the data owners’ interests or the laws, and if it not against personal data protection regulations.

The majority of cases, when we use personal data, are described in the agreements between the customer and TestMatick.

How Long Does TestMatick Use Private Data?

We use and store received personal information as long as we need it to accomplish the aims for which the information was gathered. After this, the personal information is deleted or archived.

We continue to use and store personal data if it is required to do so in order to fulfil our legal obligations to the data owners or third parties, or if it is required by other legal purposes.

Where Does TestMatick Process and Store Private Data?

Personal data can be stored and processed outside European Economic Area (EEA), no other laws of data protection can be applied to these data.

Some TestMatick’s employees and TestMatick partners’ and vendors’ employees locate outside European Economic Area. They perform different functions including, but not limited to orders, payment requisites processing, and services supporting.

Private Data Security

TestMatick maintains the security of received personal and other sensitive data in compliance with this Privacy Policy. In order to provide safety of the entrusted data from unauthorized access, processing, and sharing, we use modern technologies and take physical and administrative steps.

We also ask our partners, vendors, and customers to provide safety for the received personal data, this request is always indicated in our agreements.

When a customer, partner or other party shares with us personal or other sensitive data, we apply security measures and procedures to protect them.

When we get somebody’s personal data, we ensure:

  • following all the security procedures to keep the personal data safe;
  • personal data security in compliance with this Privacy Policy;
  • following modern personal data security standards in IT sphere;
  • personal data storing on secure servers;
  • utilizing encryption with corresponding keys and other necessary measures and technologies of protection for all the payment transactions and other sensitive data usages.

We also ask our customers and partners to keep secure our private data, if we share them with them, (e.g. credentials for access to some sections of our website or other systems).

We always do our best to protect entrusted personal information. But sharing data via Internet cannot be 100% secure regardless of all the security procedures. That is why the security of data transferring via the Internet is at your own risk.

Please, keep in mind that other web apps related somehow to have a different privacy policy. That is why we advise familiarizing with confidentiality clauses and privacy policies of those apps.

Private Data Use and Storing in TestMatick

Our employees use the received personal data in order to achieve the goals, for which the data were entrusted to us. The data are processed and stored to fulfil the contracts, agreements and other obligations, and lawful duties; to protect ours and our partners’, customers’, vendors’ rights and assets in legal disputes.

Private Data Owners’ Rights

When a person or organization entrusts TestMatick private data, he/she has the rights to:

  • access to their private data (please find more details about gaining access to your private data below);
  • demand changing or updating of their private data in our databases;
  • deleting of their private data from our databases, if they are no longer needed for our cooperation or any other legal reason;
  • change the agreements based on which we store and process the private data (if there are no legal or other encumbrances against it);
  • contact TestMatick or its representatives, if there are any complaints about processing or storing the entrusted private data, we’ll do our best to solve the problems.

How to Revoke Agreement with TestMatick About Private Data Processing?

In order to cancel or change agreement about private data processing one should:

  • email us about it at, or
  • mail us about it to the following address: Testmatick Inc, address: 276 5th Ave Suite 704, New York, NY 10018.

How to Use the Right to Access Your Private Data?

In order to exercise the right to access your private data one should:

  • email us about it at, or
  • mail us about it to the following address: Testmatick Inc, address: 276 5th Ave Suite 704, New York, NY 10018.

Please keep in mind that we care about the safety of the entrusted to us private data, that is why we’ll ask you to confirm your identity by giving some information about you before granting access to your private data stored in our database.

TestMatick Privacy Policy Updating

We can update our Privacy Policy or some of its parts in case of changes in the legal policy or any other cases related to our Privacy Policy. The date, when the Privacy Policy was updated for the last time is shown at the top of this page.

Please, visit this page from time to time to be familiar with the latest updates. We can email our Privacy Policy to you upon request.

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