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Why is Multi-Platform Testing Necessary?

Today we witness boom of information technology. New smart gadgets appear one by one. Software developers do not want to lose ground and create applications that run on as many platforms as possible.

It is Required for Proper Multi-Platform Testing

It is Required for Proper Multi-Platform Testing:

  • to inquire who are the users of the tested software;
  • to find out what platforms they mostly utilize;
  • to determine possible problem areas of the selected platforms;
  • to create a matrix of the platforms to be able to see whether the required platforms are covered;
  • to evaluate time and resources allocated on multi-platform testing;
  • to elaborate test plan and procedures for multi-platform testing.
Multi-platform testing is rather monotonous activity.
It is wise to utilize some instruments in course of it. They can execute certain works and this way save much time and efforts.

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It is Recommended to Verify on Each Platform During Multi-Platform Testing:

  • functionality of the software;
  • graphical user interface of the software;
  • performance issues of the software;
  • security aspects of the software;
  • usability aspects of the software;
  • whether the software properly installs/uninstalls and so on.


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Questions about Multi-platform Testing

Questions about Multi-platform Testing:

What is Multi-platform Testing?

Multi-platform testing is a type of software testing focused on verifying whether the system operates properly on the required platforms.

What is testing platform?

A platform means combination of the device, operating system and some other software. Taking into account huge number of models of desktop and mobile devices and versions of operating systems, the number of existing combinations is great.

Can we add all the platforms in a testing process?

It is impossible to include all the platforms in a testing process, but it is essential to test an application on those that are the most popular among its users.


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