Why is Outsourcing Usually More Preferable for Software Testing?

As a rule, only large software developing companies have in-house testing teams. Other companies prefer to use services of a professional software testing company.

Advantages of Software Testing Outsourcing Are:

No Extra Expenditures

There is no need to spend time, money and efforts on creating and maintain an in-house testing team, buying expensive devices, equipment, tools, improving the testers’ skills.

Entrusting the Software to Professionals

Testers in a software testing company are experienced and passionate about their job. They are independent of the development team what allows them to be objective.

Flexible Cooperation

One may order software testing services from a software testing company and suspend them anytime with no risk of wasting resources.

So, choosing to cooperate with an independent software testing company, like TestMatick, one saves time, money and receives high-quality services with no risks.

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Benefits of Software Testing Outsourcing
Why Outsource QA

Why Choose TestMatick for Software Testing Outsourcing and QA Services?

Selecting the right vendor of software testing and quality assurance services is a key to success of the elaborated system on the market. So, one must take seriously making the decision.

Solid Experience

TestMatick is considered to be one the global leaders in providing all kinds of quality assurance and software testing services. We have been on the market for about 10 years and have numerous clients all over the world.

Skilled Staff

TestMatick testers are top-ranked professionals. They are skilled not only in software testing, but in communication and productive cooperation with various clients from different countries. Average experience of our employees is 3-5 years.

Focused Specialization

Every TestMatick team member deeply specializes in a certain area.
Such people enable us to provide top quality of any software testing and QA service. We have manual and automated test engineers, experts in mobile testing, desktop testing, web application testing, e-commerce testing, game testing, performance testing, security testing, technical writing, etc.

Wide Choice of Real Devices

Every TestMatick team member deeply specializes in a certain area.
Our testing lab has all the required equipment and tools for providing the quality services. More than 200 modern mobile platforms are at our disposal; that is why we prefer to carry out testing on real devices rather than on emulators.
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