Is There Bullying in QA: Why Have QA Engineers Missed This Bug?

Why have QAs not found it? Is it exclusively their responsibility to assure the quality of software? This topic is really interesting and making us think. We’ll try to give answers to these questions in this article.


Improving Test Framing Skills: An Overview of Its Structure and Peculiarities

Experience has shown that many testers need help in some aspects of test framing – test development, evaluation of results, telling the story of testing, or establishing a link between test mission and performed test. If a QA specialist understands and correctly uses all this in practice, he/she can provide the proper quality of any software.


Bug Reports: When They Should Be Created and for What Purpose

When a team of testers finds a defect during software testing, they must create a bug report on it. Only bug reports help to make the bugs fixed. They can attract attention to defects since they can be hardly ignored or missed.


Tips on Creating Integration Tests in Cypress

Cypress is a very interesting and popular tool, considered to be really cutting-edge software in the QA field and meeting today’s needs. It helps to easily create and integrate simple and clear tests, so even junior automated testers can easily learn it.


How to Start a Career as Software Tester in 2021

A software tester is one of the IT professions that become more and more popular every day. But what exactly is it that attracts an applicant? And where exactly should start those who want to become a tester? Let’s figure this out.


Tips on Selecting a Proper Contractor for Software Testing

This article describes several tips that simplify searching for a proper software testing contractor and make the process as good as possible.


Credible Sources of Testing Ideas

Any software tester should always look for new ideas for testing. A list below provides the 10 most useful sources of testing ideas that will be helpful when testing dynamic projects or completing separate tasks.


What Are Selenium, Selenide, Selenoid, Selendroid and What’s the Difference Between Them?

Almost every junior automated testers can easily get confused by many new terms while learning them. For example, Selenoid, Selenium, Selendroid, Selenide – what are they and what’s the difference between them? Is it possible to compare them at all? Further, we will talk about these concepts.


Effective Test Data Management for Automated Testing

Working with test data can be extremely difficult and tedious. But if you enlist effective planning and strategic approaches, then everything can be organized so that all tests run as expected. Let’s see how to do it right.


Concepts of XML and XSD, Their Structure and Peculiarities

If you are a tester and you need to perform API testing, you must understand well and have an eye for 2 main data transmission forms: XML and JSON. In the article, we will consider in detail the first concept.