An Overview of Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is quite a popular compact web testing tool, that helps to analyze the main indicators of a web portal and also select better methods to increase its performance.


An Interview for a QA Position: Details of the Selection or How to Receive Feedback

The most interesting part of a job interview is not only the communication between a job applicant and an interviewer but the feedback received by a person when a job interview ends. Further, we’ll talk about the specifics of a job interview for the position of a QA lab specialist in terms of receiving qualitative feedback.


How to Deploy Test Automation in a Few Steps

An automation testing deployment can be reduced to 7 steps. We will talk about them further in this article.


How a Tester Should Learn English

This article will suggest useful tips on how software testers or QA consultants should start learning English to make this process as efficient as possible.


Popular UI Elements and Virtual Gestures in Mobile Software

In this article, we’ll analyze the terms and the main target of the most popular gestures and elements that can be met while using mobile software.


What Is a Decision Table and How to Use It?

In a software testing field, a decision table is used primarily for creating flexible test cases on the basis of technical requirements. A decision table is a kind of test design techniques, therefore, you will need to be familiar with it. Further, we’ll analyze this term more thoroughly.


Software Quality Instead of Quality Control

Speaking of software quality, we often mean certain compliance with requirements. And it is very bad if such requirements are interpreted as uncontested, which negatively affects the final result. This article examines the concept of “quality” in a broader sense which will help us understand why it is worth focusing on quality itself, and not on its control.


How to Manage Users by Using a Proper Error Message

An error message is a type of interaction with end-users, that is not properly taken into account. Such forms play a key role in user’s interaction with software. To make error messages clear and efficient, we’ll analyze their nature, main targets, and context of the best usage.


A Tester Works in a Product Company: Advantages and Disadvantages

A product company can give you experience, a chance to work among your teammates, test complex software, work on long-term projects and develop your professional skills. Let’s analyze all advantages and disadvantages of such employment for a junior QA engineer in quality control companies.


Test Automation Interview: What Should You Prepare for and What Do You Need to Know?

This article will describe the process of attending an interview for the position of automated test developer. We will analyze the questions that you may be asked during an anterview for this position.