The Overview of Katalon Automation Recorder

This article is dedicated to analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of Katalon Automation Recorder.


Globalization Testing: Main Types, Check-List and Testing Metrics

This article is dedicated to analyzing the term of “globalization testing”, highlighting its main needs, strong places and also showing an algorithm of its correct implementation.


Time Management in the Life of IT Specialists

Time management is an important skill that helps to increase significantly the working efficiency and speed up the process of achieving the goals. Nowadays there are a lot of time management methods. Everyone can find something for himself/herself, and thus acieve the best results.


Statistic Portals for Mobile Software

On the projects where mobile applications are developed, general testing is a required step. Except for classic OS and DPI parameters, specialists also need information about device usage. It allows covering the most common technical combinations (device + operating system) with tests.


The Process of Beta Testing Using TestFlight

It is a common fact that beta testing is one of the acceptance testing methods that is performed by a customer base. There are a lot of services for this kind of testing. However, if you need to test a program for an iOS device, then TestFlight is the best choice.


The Benefits of Negative Testing

This article will highlight why we shouldn’t forget about negative testing while executing manual and automated tests.


Review of TestRail – the Best Tool to Manage Test Cases

TestRail usage significantly improves the general productivity of the testing team during the independent testing. This program is a good and practical alternative to out-of-date tables and text files, where you can easily and quickly track all the steps of web product testing.


Top 10 Providers of Software Quality Control Services

The best software testing company is a complicated question that doesn’t have an objective answer. When you choose a good provider of web product testing services, you can rely on this list of the most popular and demanded software testing companies in 2019.


The Importance of Software Testing in Production

There is a particular group of QA specialists who are absolutely sure that the practice of testing in production is not very good: it doesn’t help to prevent the appearance of bugs for end customers but simply states their presence. Let’s analyze this topic more thoroughly to see if this is really true.


Why Should QA Engineers Know About Code Refactoring?

The main point of refactoring is to change non-effective and low-quality code into a practical and easy-to-use tool for further programming, as well as to make it simple for multiple usages by developers.