Testmatick is Recognized by GoodFirms as the Best Company to Work With

The service range of quality assurance companies has expanded increasingly in the current scenario. High-quality testing services for mobile applications, software, web applications, gaming, functional, usability, performance, etc., are in high demand. Nowadays, quality assurance specialists are prioritizing more on automated testing as compared to manual testing. Also, with technology getting smarter and better, quality assurance outsourcing has become popular,

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Best Software Testing Companies 2023

With the growing demand for software testing services, there has been an increase in the number of software testing companies. In 2023, the following are some of the best software testing companies based on their expertise, services, and reputation.


Encapsulation as One of the Fundamental Principles of Object-Oriented Programming

Knowing the basics of object-oriented programming is necessary not only for programmers, but also, of course, for testers who interact with program code, study it, or write it. Insight into programming fundamentals enables QA experts to better understand the program behavior, give effective recommendations on how to improve the structure of program code, and, more efficiently create autotest code.


How Far Can You Go When Searching for Bugs?

How far are you ready to go to examine the bug comprehensively? One way or another, it all depends on the program and the team you’re working with. Therefore, the common answer to that question can be the following – you can keep going until tests are beneficial.


The Role of Pessimism in Testing

In our world, where many psychologists prefer positive thinking, a pessimistic approach tends to be seen as a very bad feature. But everything is different in testing — a certain level of pessimism, better known as defense pessimism, can even be helpful under certain conditions. We will talk further about the role of pessimism in software testing.


Why Are Names Important in the IT Sector?

The names of teams, groups, and departments play a significant role in the IT sector. But why are they so important? We will try to answer this question with the help of four root causes.


Serverless360 Azure, a Tool for Testing Serverless Servers

Serverless360 Azure is universal software that can assist in unifying Azure distribution channels within one system. The program allows beta testing companies to solve such issues as the absence of connection between applications, the absence of connection from the integrated software side, the absence of single monitoring, the absence of an audit, and also web security issues.


Cookie Testing and Some Useful Web Extensions for It

Cookies are a useful element that makes web surfing on the web simple and convenient. Proper testing of such files allows us to make sure that all data is stored properly and that intruders do not get access to the confidential and personal information of users.


Advanced Principles of Software Testing in 2022

When QA engineers perform software testing, it’s important to reach the best possible results and at the same time not deviate too much from the original goal. To make sure that you comply with the right strategy, you need to follow basic testing principles. Below we will talk about the 7 most popular and important principles that no software testing should be performed without.


Is It Possible to Train a Senior QA Within the Product Team? Practical Advice

Let’s say, for example, that in the company where you work, as a software tester, there are some middle QAs who want to develop further. What should your team lead do to help them become first-class seniors? Below are practical tips on how to properly grow senior QA within the product team and what challenges this entails.