Why Agile Methodology Can’t Work Without Continuous Delivery

A process of continuous software delivery is either a method of Agile implementation or a clear way to find inefficient processes. To completely use all positive aspects of Agile, you need to directly follow its principles at each stage of software development and testing.


What Software Testing Certification Is the Best?

A software testing certification is a controversial and deliberative topic. Which one is the most successful method to assess skills for future and present QA consultants? We’ll analyze this further in this artcile.


Advice by Contradiction: The Wrong Way to Write a Resume

If you have successfully completed the QA preparatory courses, and have already started looking for a job that gives you a lot of money, then you cannot do without a high-quality resume. Below are 6 of the most useful and practical tips by contradiction on how you shouldn’t write a resume!


Testing the Presence of an Element With Cypress

When you test an application with Cypress utility, it may sometimes be necessary to test the presence of an item. In this material, we’ll consider situations on how to properly test whether there is an element in the application and whether it is noticeable. We’ll analyze some of the features of such checks, as well.


Software Testing in a Cloud Service: An Overview of the Best Tools in 2021

While performing mobile testing, it’s impossible to test all types of mobile devices, using real devices since it’s very hard and expensive to collect over 10,000 various mobile devices in one place. But here cloud services can help since they give a possibility to test mobile software online and on any modern (and not) device. Here are the top 4 portals of such a type.


Concept of Mentoring in Software Testing Sphere

Mentoring is quite a significant thing in any field of human activity, especially in the field of software testing. Well-planned mentoring, of course, takes up a significant part of your time. Nevertheless, well-organized communication will definitely bring a high-quality result.


Top 4 Testing Courses

This article greatly describes top 4 courses that are a perfect fit either for junior testers or senior QA engineers that want to improve their knowledge and develop their professional competencies.


Main Telecommunications Trends in 2021

The latest events of the past year have had a significant impact on the overall development of telecommunications. And to keep a leading position in this area, firms must quickly adapt to the varied environment and try to implement their own trends. What is relevant in 2021? Let’s see further in this article.


How to Correctly Define the Objective of UX Testing

Qualitative methods (which include user experience research) directly depend on the task at hand. If the purposes and objectives of testing are vague, you can get interesting but irrelevant information, wasting time and the budget allocated for development.


Response, Stimulus, and Validation in Test Automation: The Fundamentals of Determinism

Any test automation contains a so-called core, which consists of three parts – stimulus, responses, and a certain amount of checks. Next, let’s talk in detail about each component to highlight all important things that can help make your automation even more flexible.