Viber and Telegram Chatbots and How to Test Them Correctly

There is a lot of information on the web on how to build a chatbot but very little data on how to test it. Hence, in this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive answer to this question. We will consider the features and specifics of testing modern chatbots using Viber and Telegram as the most popular web products in this area.


Do You Test Text Fields Properly?

During some job interviews, you can be asked: how will you test a text field? We can distinguish four popular types of answers, that depend on experience of a tester who is answering this question. Let’s analyze each of them in detail.


IT Budgeting in 2021-2022

A few months ago, the Spiceworks platform published its own report on IT technologies used in 2021. This survey was aimed at understanding the way organizations can spend their technology budgets in the upcoming 2022. So what are the main approaches to forecasting making budget of IT for the second half of 2021 and the beginning of 2022? We’ll talk about this further in the article.


Analysis and Usage of iMazing – an Alternative Testing Tool

iMazing is mobile device management software that facilitates file and data transferring between iOS devices. The product has broad capabilities that will undoubtedly be helpful for QA engineers during testing.


Philosophy of Using Tools for Testing Mobile Web Software

Today the mobile web has become an urgent need, and the new software in many cases will be a web product. And undoubtedly, it should function in all mobile browsers on portable devices. This material will provide an analysis of modern approaches to testing such software and a list of tools that can significantly simplify this work.


Useful (Healthy) Testing Habits

During software development, it’s not enough to use the newest test management system or a modern framework: really qualitative software can be developed only with the help of useful testing habits. Further, we’ll analyze the most popular of these habits so that you can use them.


How the Global Pandemic Has Changed the IT Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all spheres of human life. Many companies had to reorganize their business system, change the organization of workflow. But how exactly has this impacted the IT industry?


Who Are QA Analysts and What Do They Do?

In the global network, there are many articles on who are software testers and programmers, how they do an interview, how correctly to rise the career ladders in that field but the position of QA analyst is still in the background. Who are they? Where are they come from? Where can one learn this? Further, in the article, we will analyze the most common questions about this profession.


Cause/Effect as a Modern Test Design Technique

Сausal analysis is a special testing technique that displays the inputs and responses of the system. This technique allows you to significantly reduce the number of tests, and pay enough attention to the more significant and vulnerable parts of the functionality.


A Few Words About Load Testing

We all know that software testing is divided into many types and subtypes. But the most original one is always considered to be load testing. Further, we’ll talk about an approach to load testing and its features in detail.