What Programming Language Should Manual Testers Learn?

One of the most difficult things is to start studying something new. It is not so difficult to switch from one programming language to another one. Hence, there’s no need to worry if you get stuck with some language – just keep moving. This is how it works theoretically. But how it is in real practice, we will see further in the article.


Common Errors That Manual Testers Make When Writing Test Cases

It is a well-known fact that every person in the world makes mistakes. That is why, today, we will talk about the most common errors made by manual testers while creating test cases.


How Can We Simplify Testing of Mobile Products?

All tips mentioned in this article can be very useful not only for testers who just started working in this field since they will be able to understand what area is the most suitable for them; these recommendations can also help more experienced specialists to systematize the skills acquired during application testing.


Useful Tools to Analyze Websites

In this article, we will talk about some tools that are good for one who wants to analyze what is missing on a project and to know what basic changes are needed for better website performance.


Logical Tasks as a Part of an Interview With QA Specialist

When you’re on an interview for the position of a software tester, HR specialists will often ask you to solve various logical tasks. In the article, we will talk about logical tasks that are mostly used during an interview in IT companies, and about practical insights on how to prepare effectively for such interviews.


Best Libraries That Are Used in Test Automation

This article gives an overview of the most popular libraries that are good for creating simple and working unit tests while performing automated software testing.


Analysis of the Load Testing Results by the Case of Gatling

Every day more and more diverse software for load testing appears in the world. Today we will talk about the Gatling tool as an example of the use of such software in the daily work of a QA specialist.


The Best-Known Program Errors of All Time

At the beginning of September, the whole world celebrated tester’s day and day of bug. That is why we prepared some interesting facts about the biggest system errors and bugs in history that people discuss for a long time.


What’s the Best Way To Test Embedded Images in HTML?

Site customers tend to focus on the graphic first. That’s why it is very important that the quality, style, and parameters of images after the verification process look as perfect as possible on the page. In the article, we will talk on how to assure it.


What You Should Do If You Are a Single Tester in a Company: Top 10 Useful Tips

This article gives ten really working lessons taken from the everyday life of a tester. They will help you to survive at work and will transform you, a frightened fresher, into a tough software quality assurance engineer if all your quality assurance team consists of the one team member, and it’s you.

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