Serverless360 Azure, a Tool for Testing Serverless Servers

Serverless360 Azure is universal software that can assist in unifying Azure distribution channels within one system. The program allows beta testing companies to solve such issues as the absence of connection between applications, the absence of connection from the integrated software side, the absence of single monitoring, the absence of an audit, and also web security issues.


Cookie Testing and Some Useful Web Extensions for It

Cookies are a useful element that makes web surfing on the web simple and convenient. Proper testing of such files allows us to make sure that all data is stored properly and that intruders do not get access to the confidential and personal information of users.


Advanced Principles of Software Testing in 2022

When QA engineers perform software testing, it’s important to reach the best possible results and at the same time not deviate too much from the original goal. To make sure that you comply with the right strategy, you need to follow basic testing principles. Below we will talk about the 7 most popular and important principles that no software testing should be performed without.


Is It Possible to Train a Senior QA Within the Product Team? Practical Advice

Let’s say, for example, that in the company where you work, as a software tester, there are some middle QAs who want to develop further. What should your team lead do to help them become first-class seniors? Below are practical tips on how to properly grow senior QA within the product team and what challenges this entails.


10 Tips for Effective Exploratory Testing

Without a doubt, every tester-researcher needs to find not only a bug but also its essence. However, classical exploratory testing is much more than just a monotonous search for a problem. The following are 10 useful and time-tested tips on how exploratory testing can be helpful.


Advantages of a Bug Bash and the Proper Way to Complete It

We all know that a bug bash is a good method to implement multi-level exploratory testing. Such an event brings together employees from different teams and areas of activity. This reduces snow blindness and helps to benefit from the experiences and perspectives of many people.


Test Automation Strategies That Really Work

An approach to the development and implementation of automated tests for an application-in-test depends on numerous factors. A size and complexity of an application, a structure of a project team, instantly appearing deadlines, requirements for security, and many other details define the most suitable strategy. Further, we will describe some working strategies that can be helpful for any project that requires automation.


How a Tester Should Interact with a Product Owner

One way or another, all software testers have the common wish to make every future software user happy. This means that they need to learn how to interact with the product owner in any case. The following are 4 simple steps on how to set up such cooperation and profit from it.


Several Chrome Extensions Useful for Software Testers

Many testers around the world actively use Google Chrome since this is one of the most popular tools. Below we will describe its most useful and effective extensions, which can significantly simplify testers’ day-to-day work (with screenshots and cookies).


How to Create Exploratory Test Charters with CDMET

This article provides some resources to help you find interesting test areas and charters. They are also good for calculating perceived risks. Namely, we’re talking about such recources as CDMET – Conversation, Documentation, Monitoring and Earlier Testing. Let’s take a closer look at them.