Main Peculiarities of Installation Testing

The installation testing process is primarily aimed at testing the correctness of software installation and configuration and also further detection of the updates or deleting the software.


VMware Network Connections in the Software Testing Field

A flexible VMware Workstation virtual platform (when properly used) can be considered as a good tool for testing and developing the software of various types.


Front End Testing With Adobe Photoshop and PerfectPixel

This article is concerned with the analysis of particular tools that are used during the testing of the website coding. We are talking about the verification of the conformity of the deployed website design and its layouts.


Guide for Contact Center Testing

In order to have a constant and stable connection with the clients, the contact center should use qualitative and proven technical system which can work under any business conditions. Executing testing in a contact center is key to effective and successful work.


Main Attributes of Software Quality

In this article, we will talk about how we can identify the level of software quality in the IT-sphere to make it as clear as possible. Every attribute of the product quality can be used to measure its performance, for quality assurance and quality control.


Useful Tips on How to Develop Competencies and Skills of QA Engineers

The members of a QA department, both manager and junior quality assurance engineer, should always/constantly develop their skills, gain new knowledge.


Grey Box Testing: Main Concepts and Peculiarities

Any QA specialist has heard of such concepts as black-box testing, white-box testing, and grey-box testing as well. In this article, we analyzed the main principles of the grey-box testing (its advantages and disadvantages), gave examples of situations where it can be used.


VPN Implementation in the Sphere of Software Testing

Nowadays, VPN testing services are one of the most popular things that clients want to have tested. And thus, they appeal to specialized companies that provide exhaustive testing of any web functionality.


Proper Establishment of a Testing Process

This article will highlight the process of testing related to test projecting and test integration, that efficiently complement an overall software development process.


Main Principles and Benefit of A/B Testing

Statistical data allows us to know if any changes benefit the resource or they just do harm to it without a significant loss of customers. This method is called A/B testing, checking of the most extraordinary hypothesis and versions without considerable losses.