Internal API Testing Strategies

If the development department and, accordingly, the QA engineers group have to interact with external API, certain difficulties may arise. Since, any part of the API can be modified or broken at the most inopportune moment. And if you want to deal with that as rarely as possible, you should anticipate the situation in advance, that is, create and constantly test the API. The following strategies may be helpful for these purposes.


Good Examples of Qualitative Communication between QA Specialists

A tester’s point of view plays a crucial role during the entire process of software development and software testing since it helps to not forget what users and developers think about all this. Further in this article, we’ll talk about the most illustrative examples of the way software quality depends on the tester’s communication skills.


What We Can Test in the Elements Tab

This material contains comprehensive information on what exactly we can test in the Elements tab in a browser whose main objective is displaying the page program code in the tree of DOM elements.


Which Programming Language to Choose for Automated Testing

Any automated testing implies the use of a certain set of tools for the automated execution of test cases created earlier. Undoubtedly, we cannot talk imagine this process without a programming language. Further, we’ll have a look at how to choose the most appropriate one.


Introduction to Regex

In this article, we’ll analyze 10 most popular symbols of regular expressions that can be met every day while performing software testing. And it’s Regex that will help us to interpret this.


The Concept of HTTP and How to Properly Test Its Performance

HTTP is an extensible protocol that is very easy to use. There are a lot of tests to check its correct performance, to find flaws in external design and to verify the security level of the entire product.


Universal Testing Strategy in 2021

In this article, we’ll try to analyze all aspects that are somehow connected with a process of building an efficient testing strategy, and we’ll also provide examples of how to make a decision on testing tools in any given situation.


Popular Browser Extensions to Autofill Forms

Today we are going to talk about the most popular plugins for autocompletion that can be a good handy tool for testing forms and separate alphanumeric fields.


Ecommerce Testing: Key Features of Checking Online Marketplaces

A great commercial web portal is the key to your rapid success! But since there are a lot of sites on selling topics and specifics, it is necessary to create such web products with thoroughly tested functionality (from an external graphical interface to internal system operations and interactions).


Main Problems with Enabling Developer Options on Android

The use of the developer options on Android, first of all, is necessary for specialists who must study/develop/improve or test this system. But sometimes even an ordinary user of a mobile device with this OS will find it useful to discover some interesting parameters and capabilities of the environment.