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Every year, the popularity and demand for iOS platforms become more and more, especially when the Apple corporation regularly exhilarates users around the world with original novelties and web innovations. Accordingly, a lot of IT companies around the world strive to develop iOS applications for their clients. Eventually, the iOS developer profession becomes not only in demand but also financially lucrative.

The following article tells about what exactly any iOS developer should know because the significant shortage of specialists in this field creates a lot of prerequisites for all those who are ready to take on such a career challenge.

Basic requirements for the position of Junior iOS developer

First of all, let’s figure out what an iOS developer should know foremost, and what skills and knowledge one needs to learn to get the first job in such a position. After all, as you know, any experience comes with time, everyone starts with the simplest basics one way or another.

Knowledge of Swift/Xcode programming language

Swift is the key to developing a variety of applications for Apple devices. This language was directly created by Apple and is the basic tool for creating any iOS product.

Understanding the basics of its syntax and basic usage concepts is like a kind of alphabet, without which you can’t write and read words. In turn, Xcode is a “working environment” for creating web products. You can use this utility to develop GUIs, write code, and perform testing.

Interaction with Interface Builder

Interface Builder is an up-to-date tool for developing the user interface of applications. In its environment, you can visually arrange buttons, text blocks, pictures, and other graphical elements on the screen. This product acts as a kind of mockup for all subsequent applications.

Basics of Cocoa Touch / UIKit

Cocoa Touch / UIKit are special libraries for creating interfaces and interacting with devices. Their libraries contain many ready-made elements such as buttons, tables, and more. Understanding the basics of how these things work and how to use them correctly in your application is as important as learning to play a guitar or other musical instrument.

Interacting with Auto Layout and understanding the basics of MVC

Auto Layout provides the ability to create beautiful designs for any Apple device. You can use it to customize the graphical display of any product on an iPhone, Mac, or iPad. It is a kind of architect who monotonously builds a large building.

Regarding MVC, it is a special design pattern that can be used to compose program code inside an application. It can be used to divide the application under development into 3 parts: data model, mapping, and controller. Understanding the basics of how MVC works is like a “set of rules of the game” in your application.

Knowledge of REST/SOAP principles

As you know, these are the basic ways of direct interaction with servers and obtaining information from the Internet. REST is a kind of language in all mobile applications “talk” with external resources. SOAP is another way of exchanging information with servers. All together – like a bridge that can establish a direct connection between your application and the rest of the world.

Experience with Git and other version control systems

Git is the management of all changes in the program code of your application. This product allows you to monitor all current changes, quickly revert to previous and communicate with other developers.

In conclusion, like other professions in the IT sphere, working as an iOS developer is an activity that requires regular training and adaptation to the sharply changing technological environment. The world of web technologies doesn’t stand still, and iOS development is no exception. So you should always be aware of all current and trending events.


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