QA Consulting


Bug Clustering

Bug clustering is one of 7 main testing principles and it’s not just a theoretic term as it seems. Most testers who have real experience working on the projects will confirm this statement.


5 Useful Books on Software Testing

What to expect from the work if you’re an IT specialist and we get new information all the time? Everyone should be ready for constant professional self-education and self-development. And obviously, the best assistant in these processes are books.


Static and Dynamic Testing

Static testing is considered as an important stage of bug-free software development. But we shouldn’t forget about the importance of dynamic testing. While testing the software (its performance, functionality, reliability), a team can check the quality and performance of the developed product.


Who Is Responsible for Software Quality?

In today’s IT field, software becomes more and more complex. It’s very easy to find the responsible one. It may be the fault of a tester, manager or developer. Quality assurance is a mutual activity and every member should take the initiative in maintaining the highest quality of developed/tested software.


Importance of effective communication in the QA team

Everyone wants to be a part of a strong team where one can find a helper, adviser, and even a friend. It is so important to get some help (if we need it) and afford assistance. Effective communication plays a key role in all these cases. If you make use of these recommendations, you will succeed in the work and make a good relationship with your colleagues.


Globalization Testing: Main Types, Check-List and Testing Metrics

This article is dedicated to analyzing the term of “globalization testing”, highlighting its main needs, strong places and also showing an algorithm of its correct implementation.


Time Management in the Life of IT Specialists

Time management is an important skill that helps to increase significantly the working efficiency and speed up the process of achieving the goals. Nowadays there are a lot of time management methods. Everyone can find something for himself/herself, and thus acieve the best results.


The Benefits of Negative Testing

This article will highlight why we shouldn’t forget about negative testing while executing manual and automated tests.


The Importance of Software Testing in Production

There is a particular group of QA specialists who are absolutely sure that the practice of testing in production is not very good: it doesn’t help to prevent the appearance of bugs for end customers but simply states their presence. Let’s analyze this topic more thoroughly to see if this is really true.


Why Should QA Engineers Know About Code Refactoring?

The main point of refactoring is to change non-effective and low-quality code into a practical and easy-to-use tool for further programming, as well as to make it simple for multiple usages by developers.