QA Consulting


Useful Linux Commands for Software Testing

If you work on a PC with Linux OS, sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with Linux/Unix targets. This article provides sample tools (commands) set that may be helpful in tester’s or even developer’s daily activities.


How to Choose the Right QA Courses?

If you decide to move into the IT field, remember that the success in this case largely depends on the correctly selected courses from the variety of offers that can be found in the global network. There are many criteria for choosing QA courses. And this article focuses on the methodology for selecting the ideal training site just for you!


How to Properly Evaluate Test Cases and Testing Tools

In this article, we’ll analyze the tips on how to properly estimate the efficiency of using test cases while doing everyday QA tasks.


Practical Tips for Novice QA Engineers

Testing involves the implementation of various analyzes, therefore, every junior QA engineer should understand that if he/she wants to become a top-notch expert in this field, he/she needs to completely delve into all peculiarities of software testing from the first day of his/her work. Further, we’ll talk about some useful tips that will help to become an expert in this field.


State & Transition Diagram: Its Concept and Peculiarities

Drawing in any form is the most powerful and efficient visualization tool. It is strongly recommended to create state diagrams and transition plans. Even if it is a non-recurrent situation, you still need to use it to smooth out all possible vulnerabilities of your requirements specification as soon as possible.


An Interview for a QA Position: Details of the Selection or How to Receive Feedback

The most interesting part of a job interview is not only the communication between a job applicant and an interviewer but the feedback received by a person when a job interview ends. Further, we’ll talk about the specifics of a job interview for the position of a QA lab specialist in terms of receiving qualitative feedback.


What Is a Decision Table and How to Use It?

In a software testing field, a decision table is used primarily for creating flexible test cases on the basis of technical requirements. A decision table is a kind of test design techniques, therefore, you will need to be familiar with it. Further, we’ll analyze this term more thoroughly.


A Tester Works in a Product Company: Advantages and Disadvantages

A product company can give you experience, a chance to work among your teammates, test complex software, work on long-term projects and develop your professional skills. Let’s analyze all advantages and disadvantages of such employment for a junior QA engineer in quality control companies.


What Is Testing Without Requirements

Is it possible to perform software testing without requirements? The answer is simple: no. But sometimes there is no product’s requirements document on a project or requirements are not as important as software functionality. Where then can we look for these requirements? This article will give an answer to this question.


Freelance Work: Pros and Cons of Remote Employment for QA

About 10-12 years ago, it took a lot of effort for a QA freelancer to get a job and a loyal client base. Given the current realities of popularizing work online, it is much easier to do this. That’s why let’s talk about the pros and cons of remote work.