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What You Should Do If You Are a Single Tester in a Company: Top 10 Useful Tips

This article gives ten really working lessons taken from the everyday life of a tester. They will help you to survive at work and will transform you, a frightened fresher, into a tough software quality assurance engineer if all your quality assurance team consists of the one team member, and it’s you.


What’s the Difference Between QA and QC?

When specialists develop or test any software, such processes as planning, projecting, analysis, as well as quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) plays an essential role. These terms are very similar and in some situations, they can be even interchangeable. However, there are some differences between them.


Instruction on How to Collect Logs in a Browser

Skills to collect logs in different browsers allows programmer and sometimes QA engineer not only to gather much information about detected bugs but also to understand their technical nature that significantly accelerates the process of their fixation.


Accessibility Testing on Android and iOS Devices

Accessibility testing is one of the usability testing types when, first of all, specialists check the general availability of the software functionality for users with different disabilities. Let’s analyze main peculiarities and methods of this type of testing.


Main Concept and Peculiarities of a Client-Server Architecture

The peculiarities of the client-server system interaction allow us to share certain functionality and computational load between connected client web products and server applications, create and perform comprehensive tests of any web product.


Software Bots: Concept and Peculiarities of Testing

At the time when people have created the first PCs, they were considering developing special programs that could think and talk as real people do. Such programs would be intended to automate social practices and solve difficult operating tasks. Further in the article, we will talk about modern bot platforms, their story behind, and a useful logic.


Best Project Roadmap Tools

A roadmap stands for a specific plan of a certain project that clearly defines the main targets and tasks that should be executed in the future. There are numerous examples of thematic software that can handle systematic roadmapping in the same good way. So let’s talk about 5 best roadmapping tools.


Main Peculiarities and Distinctions Between UI and UX

It this article, we will talk about such concepts as UI and UX, main rules of web design development, the factors influencing the UX basics, and the main difference between them.


The Job of a QA Tester: A Good Start in the IT Field

Being a world-class software tester — sounds good, right? What is the future of this job? What level of salary does it offer? We’ll try to give comprehensive answers to these questions since the position of a tester is a really great job for a Junior developer and for other professionals.


4 Main Principles on How to Organize Work of a Tester

We all love the order! Indeed, it is precisely the order that is partly the force that allows us to achieve all of our goals. All this can be easily projected into the field of software testing.