The Advantages of Time & Materials Model

Risk Reduction

The clients do not pay for the project risks, only for the time spent on the testing activities.

Easy Management

The client can manage, plan, control the testing works and receive comprehensive reports on the progress.

Flexible Project

The project is very flexible, the workload is determined and regulated by the client.

Cost Savings

The client saves the project costs if plans everything appropriately and pays only the actual work of the contractor.

We mean Serious Business

According to Time & Materials model the cost of testing efforts is defined by time and resources spent on the project.

We provide one or several specialists with suitable skills and knowledge. Hourly rate of the test engineers is set at the beginning of cooperation.

The client pays for actual time spent by the testers on the project.

You Need This Model When:

it is hard or impossible to determine the project cost at the beginning;
the project scope and requirements are undefined;
the project requirements often change;
the client is familiar with project management and software development process and wants to have more control over the project;<
the client prefers to plan and manage all the works at the project;
the client wants the project processes to be tailored according his or her desire.
Time & Materials model is very transparent and allows the clients to manage the project, define the scope of work and schedule, and save money.

Questions About Time & Materials Model

How Does the Dedicated Team Model Work?

According to this model our company does not provide any estimates of the project.

The client gives a task, we select the specialists with the relevant skills, talk over the hourly rate of every specialist with the client, and the test engineers perform the task.

We provide the detailed error report upon completion of the task. Payment is made at the end of every month for the number of hours worked by every tester.

For What Projects is Time & Materials Model Suitable?

Time and material model is preferred for transparency and flexibility by those, who are familiar with software development process and those, who are new in this direction.

Do You Need Help in Choosing the Most Suitable Business Model?

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