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Verify quality of mobile apps on real modern mobile platforms, utilizing real network operators

Frankly speaking, our testers are not good in art criticism, archeology and mechanics; they have little knowledge in law, pedagogics and psychology.

But we are cream of the crop in mobile software testing; our clients from different parts of the world can prove it.


Mobile testing services are applied to software products designed for mobile devices

It assumes checking functionality, usability, performance, security, installability and other characteristics of a mobile application.

Why is Mobile Testing Necessary?

Why are Mobile Testing Services Necessary?

Less Tolerance from Users

Users are less tolerant to mobile applications than to desktop ones, and, as a rule, mobile programs contain more defects. It means that one should pay more attention to QA of mobile software.

More Efforts Required

Testing of mobile software products is as important as testing of desktop ones. Mobile testing requires even more efforts in some aspects.


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Among Hallmarks of Mobile Testing Are:

More Challenging Testing

Compatibility testing of a mobile program is more challenging than compatibility testing of a desktop one.

A mobile application is supposed to function on more devices (tablets and smartphones of various producers) than a desktop program. Besides, new mobile devices appear on the market very often.

Different Screen Resolutions

Testers must check whether the mobile software properly adapts to screens of different sizes.

There is no such problem in course of desktop software testing. The difference between screens of mobile devices is considerable.

More Complex Testing

Functional and usability testing of a mobile software product is more complex than those of a desktop one. The thing is that one interacts with a desktop program only by means of a mouth and keyboard.

Many mobile devices and software products support various ways of inputting data: by means of a touchscreen, gestures, moving and turning the device, voice commands and so on.


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Among Hallmarks of Mobile Testing Are


Why is Mobile Testing so Popular Now?

Why is Mobile Testing so Popular Now?

Truth is in the Details

Mobile software testing outsourcing has become popular recently, as mobile technology has been rapidly evolving for the last few years, and plenty of new mobile devices and software products often appear.

No Testing means no Profit

Developing and independent testing of mobile software products hold challenges and problems that are alien to desktop software developing and testing.


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We are World Known Software Bugs Hunters!

Our quality assurance team is unequalled in software bugs search in all parts and aspects of a software product. We track defects everywhere: in functionality, usability, performance, security, user interface, back-end and front-end.

No error can hide from TestMatick software testing company. Join hundreds of our customers and be sure in quality of your application.