Why Hire TestMatick?

Testmatick is a reputable software testing and quality assurance company. We have been on the market for about 6 years, and we are known for providing professional and independent feedback about quality of the tested software products.

Within Our Quality Testing Services We:

verify quality of different mobile, web and desktop applications;
evaluate the scope of work, recommend the testing types that are necessary for the project;
elaborate the test plan, test procedures, test cases;
select the most suitable instruments for the testing;
perform automated testing and explain to the client’s staff how to use the automated tests;
provide detailed, informative error reports;
give advices on software testing and quality assurance.

Clients and Partners Highly Appreciate Cooperation with TestMatick Because:

we customize every testing process and make it compliant with the client’s goals and desires;
we can work in any error tracking and test management system and provide error reports in the form that is suitable for the clients;
we always keep up with the latest achievements in software testing and use the latest and the most efficient software testing approaches and methods;
our quality assurance team includes test engineers specializing in various testing types and software products;
our project managers and quality control consultants have experience of managing large and small projects from various domains, of different complexity;
a huge park of mobile and desktop devices with various screen resolutions and operating systems is at our disposal; we prefer to test on real devices rather than on emulators;
we pay much attention to information security and sign a nondisclosure agreement with our clients and partners;
we have 3 flexible QA outsourcing business models and help to choose the most suitable one for a project.

We assured quality of application from various domains

This makes TestMatick attractive as a partner among quality assurance organizations and helps our company to remain among the world leaders in software testing and quality assurance services.

TestMatick Has Experience of Testing Software Related To:

Enterprise solutions


Career and education


Health care


Internet and networking


Business solutions


Media and communication


Monitoring and control systems


E-commerce solutions


Community and entertainment


Contact us, and we’ll help you to make your software useful, user friendly and competitive.

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