Security testing service is a non-functional type of software testing

Its aim is to discover vulnerabilities of the tested application, determine whether the data and system are safe from various attack and intruders.

Security testing is frequently associated with web software products as many different people can access a web application via the Internet.

Security of your business

TestMatick experts use personal groundwork and universally recognized standards for ensuring information security.

We know all about cyber security

Our testers are familiar with modern methods and approaches to security testing, we have all the required equipment and instruments for thorough verifying of program security.

Happy Customers

We performed security testing services for many well-known companies operating in various fields and have proven to be a reliable partner.

Real understanding of your vulnerabilities

Our services include penetration testing, code auditing, vulnerability scanning, DDoS resistance testing, Web and mobile application audits.

Security experts

Our team consists of certified information security technicians (CISA, CISSP, OSCP, OSWP, OSCE, Security+ and others).

Modern and advanced toolkit

Our specialists use the most advanced software in their work: Kali Linux, Burp Suite, Maltego, Metasploit Framework, Nmap, Nexpose, Acunetix, Nessus, Sqlmap, and more.

Security testing should be included in a software development life cycle from the first stages.

It is wise to consider security aspects as soon as the software requirements are ready.

Security Testing Relates to Such Concepts As:


The users must be sure that their sensitive data are effectively protected from third persons and people with malicious intentions.


The user data must not be lost or corrupted.


The user data must be checked for authenticity; otherwise security measures are inapplicable.


Proper data security can be guaranteed only if every user is identified and granted access to certain data.


The users must easily pass the authorization procedure and access their data.


A system must provide tracking of those, who send messages and receive them. The users shouldn’t be able to deny sending or receiving messages if they did it.
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Penetration Testing Service Comprises:

Risk assessment

Analysis of security risks in the company where the software is to be used. We give recommendations on how to decrease the risks based on the analysis results.

Vulnerability testing

It assumes applying automated testing tools and using specially written scripts that search common vulnerabilities in the application.

Network security testing

It assumes searching of network related security problems and risks.

Penetration testing

Testers act like hackers trying to break into the system and find its weak points.

Ethical hacking

IT specialists try to penetrate into the application not for evil purposes but in order to show the owner its security weaknesses.
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Among Common Software Security Threats Are:

Cross-Site Scripting

It assumes that malicious scripts run on a web page generated by the server. By means of the scripts attackers can direct the user to another site where a serious attack can happen, steal the user’s cookies, load a malicious program on the user’s machine etc.

Cross-Site Request Forgery

Ill-minded people place a link to their site on a trusted site or web page. When the user goes to the attacker’s site, the malicious code runs and steals the user’s sensitive information (logins and passwords, or gains control over the user’s account and so on).

Code injections

The attackers add some code to the program that changes its functioning. This way they can access the users’ sensitive information, break the application and so on.

Server-Side Includes Injection

The ill-minded people inject malicious scripts in HTML code or run their scripts from the server.

Authorization Bypass

It allows the attackers to get unauthorized access to the account or personal data of another user.

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Our quality assurance team is unequalled in software bugs search in all parts and aspects of a software product. We track defects everywhere: in functionality, usability, performance, security, user interface, back-end and front-end.

No error can hide from TestMatick software testing company. Join hundreds of our customers and be sure in quality of your application.

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