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Using Surveys in Software Testing Audit

This article will prove that there may be a lot of causes to conduct a survey. And all of them are profitable in one way or another. Since even negative answers and comments are also good, on their basis you can build an effective management policy, whether it is the whole company or a specific software testing department.


What Developers Think About Software Testing

Sooner or later, testers face such developers who are fully confident that software program code shouldn’t be modified to simplify the process of its verification. This is a very important point and you cannot just ignore it. What to do in such a situation so as not to argue with colleagues but to stay on your own?


Involving Junior Testers in the QA Team: A Chance to Make a Qualified Specialist

The ability to think outside the box, using multiple approaches to complete tasks will be a plus. Comfortable working conditions also contribute to the development of a young professional. Nowadays, most companies are interested in hiring juniors in different testing areas.


Basic Comparison of Flutter and React Native

What software is the best for the quick and effective development of the modern cross-platform mobile program? In this article, we’ll compare two technologies that are the most suitable for these purposes – Flutter and React Native.


How to Correctly Install Jenkins on Docker

There are numerous ways to install Jenkins locally, depending on your operating system. In this article, we will analyze a method of installing Jenkins with Docker.


IT Budgeting in 2021-2022

A few months ago, the Spiceworks platform published its own report on IT technologies used in 2021. This survey was aimed at understanding the way organizations can spend their technology budgets in the upcoming 2022. So what are the main approaches to forecasting making budget of IT for the second half of 2021 and the beginning of 2022? We’ll talk about this further in the article.


Analysis and Usage of iMazing – an Alternative Testing Tool

iMazing is mobile device management software that facilitates file and data transferring between iOS devices. The product has broad capabilities that will undoubtedly be helpful for QA engineers during testing.


Who Are QA Analysts and What Do They Do?

In the global network, there are many articles on who are software testers and programmers, how they do an interview, how correctly to rise the career ladders in that field but the position of QA analyst is still in the background. Who are they? Where are they come from? Where can one learn this? Further, in the article, we will analyze the most common questions about this profession.


5 Best Test Management Systems

This article analyzes modern TMS solutions, describes the main functions that should be present in the test management environment, tells about their technical features and prices.


Top 5 Freelance Marketplaces for QA Engineers

Today, many professionals are looking for freelance jobs, and this is a rather difficult and tedious process. But don’t let that bother you, as there are a lot of web portals on the network for such purposes. This material will provide the top 5 freelance exchanges that allow you to find a first-rate and well-paid job for a multi-skilled QA specialist.