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Using the Shift Left Strategy in Software Testing

With each new day, the demand for quality software products is increasing, and project teams have to experiment and apply new approaches to web product development.


Why Are Names Important in the IT Sector?

The names of teams, groups, and departments play a significant role in the IT sector. But why are they so important? We will try to answer this question with the help of four root causes.


Serverless360 Azure, a Tool for Testing Serverless Servers

Serverless360 Azure is universal software that can assist in unifying Azure distribution channels within one system. The program allows beta testing companies to solve such issues as the absence of connection between applications, the absence of connection from the integrated software side, the absence of single monitoring, the absence of an audit, and also web security issues.


Is It Possible to Train a Senior QA Within the Product Team? Practical Advice

Let’s say, for example, that in the company where you work, as a software tester, there are some middle QAs who want to develop further. What should your team lead do to help them become first-class seniors? Below are practical tips on how to properly grow senior QA within the product team and what challenges this entails.


Advantages of a Bug Bash and the Proper Way to Complete It

We all know that a bug bash is a good method to implement multi-level exploratory testing. Such an event brings together employees from different teams and areas of activity. This reduces snow blindness and helps to benefit from the experiences and perspectives of many people.


What Is the Best Ratio Between Testers and Developers?

Sometimes you can meet the following question on specialized IT forums: what is the best ratio between testers and developers? You can use various ratios and each one will have either benefits or drawbacks.
Further, we will analyze some examples of them in detail.


Why Do Bugs Occur in Software?

Is it possible to finally get rid of defects and other bugs in the software? Why are there so many of them and what’s the nature of their appearance? It is significantly important to understand at least the basic reasons of bug occurance to improve the process of software testing.


Stages of a Bug Bash During Software Development

In software development, there is such a thing as a bug bash – an event when testing is performed by a QA team, developers, designers, project managers, and other specialists who are working on a product. This method helps to find additional errors if any. Further, we will analyze its main stages.


What You Should Learn to Become a Tester: Quick and Useful Tips

If you wish to master the profession of a QA engineer, you should understand its basics and also be ready to dedicate a lot of time to learning material. Further, we will describe some useful tips on what you should learn to become a tester.


Top QA Engineer Jobs in US Companies in 2022

Nowadays, some may believe that there are too many testers in the field of IT. But this is absolutely not true! And a lot of companies always look for good specialists. This article is a short list of the most attractive and interesting offers for all those who are looking for a job in software testing field with 1 year of experience or more.