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Concept of Mentoring in Software Testing Sphere

Mentoring is quite a significant thing in any field of human activity, especially in the field of software testing. Well-planned mentoring, of course, takes up a significant part of your time. Nevertheless, well-organized communication will definitely bring a high-quality result.


Top 4 Testing Courses

This article greatly describes top 4 courses that are a perfect fit either for junior testers or senior QA engineers that want to improve their knowledge and develop their professional competencies.


Main Telecommunications Trends in 2021

The latest events of the past year have had a significant impact on the overall development of telecommunications. And to keep a leading position in this area, firms must quickly adapt to the varied environment and try to implement their own trends. What is relevant in 2021? Let’s see further in this article.


Why Don’t Testers Manage to Find a Job Rapidly?

Sometimes people who are searching for a job as testers send numerous resumes and don’t receive feedback on some of them. At this stage, they may simply be disappointed and stop looking for a good job in a software testing field. Further, we will talk about five most popular mistakes made by junior QA engineers and the ways to not make them.


Secrets of Efficient Software Digital Transformation

Every user of digital products wishes anyway that his/her expectations will be completely satisfied. Many product companies have already understood that they need to adjust to the requests of such clients, by using such a thing as digital transformation. We will talk about this further.


What Are the Responsibilities of a QA Lead

The short answer to this question is that a QA lead is responsible for ensuring that everything works properly in his/her team. What do we mean by “everything”? We’ll try to talk about this further.


ISTQB Certification and Its Benefits

In this article, we will talk about ISTQB certification. Is it actually needed? Are there any benefits of having this certificate? What are potential opportunities for those who want to become software testers after passing such an exam?


How to Implement Testing Requirements and Engage Business Clients in This

This article contains the most popular advantages of implementing requirement analysis in software testing and also the reasons why we need to engage business clients in a process of developing the product requirements.


Using Context of Software Testing

If someone asks you during a job interview: “How will you perform testing?” – always clarify and ask again about the context to answer this question. What does it mean? We will talk about this further in this article.


What Is ACID and What Is It Used For?

If you need to perform database testing, you will meet the acronym ACID anyway. What does it mean and what can it be used for? We’ll talk about this further in this article.