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Stuff reduction is always a stressful, unnecessary process that is once again trending. Perhaps someone thinks that testers are the first ones to go always and everywhere. And this is a sad trend.

Further, we will take a look at some practical tips on how you can increase your value to the company and avoid possible dismissal.

Work performance - Staff reduction

Work performance – Staff reduction

The Ability to Properly Project a Testing Strategy to Business Risks

Execution of software testing services corresponding to the business risks solves the issues not only to deliver the technology to the end user (they are much more valuable) and can find new ways to financial investments.

You must know your corporate business strategy. Your test management should be strategically oriented instead of the classic functional management. The so-called “manager’s manager” is the first to get fired.

Your Productivity Should Cause Lower Operating Costs of the Company

Today, many companies’ budgets are being squeezed, and the decision to invest in testing is aimed solely at covering gaps related to monitoring and risk. Headcount is your manager’s most available “currency”, which means you should look for duplication of effort and redundancy in your testing processes to show real savings.

Talk About Observations, Not Just Data

The data that was collected during the software validation process can and should focus on the available business information that can be applied beyond the release actions.

Most testers simply generate reports on test case runs and their success. But, you need to understand that testing is not just the sum of the bugs found. It’s testing that uncovers detailed information about the delivery processes, business operations, and allocation of the captain.

You, as a QA engineer, are supposed to observe and report back to your management about it. Well-written test reporting, which includes a variety of operational observations as part of your overall risk management, significantly adds value to your department and also reduced the chance of poor expectation management.

Brief Summary

Unfortunately, in the testing industry, there are many harmful and trite myths about QA activities, their value, and the operational costs of quality management. Hopefully, the tips above will help every tester bring their value to the team.

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