Software Testing Services


What Is Linguistic Testing and Why Should We Perform It

Linguistic testing is an extremely important process, an intermediate stage of localization. If one skips it, it’s safe to say that a product with localization components is poorly tested and contains a lot of critical bugs and defects.


How We Should Perform HTML Testing?

The main task of the HTML document is to tell a browser what elements build a webpage and what is their content. HTML is easy to understand and has a clear structure. To make code work properly, you should test it on different platforms, that will simplify a testing process and you will be able to easily find all defects.


Principal Methods of Software Testability

Any quality assurance organization faces the necessity to perform preliminary analysis in its daily routine. Testability dynamics along with analytical components allows making a process of preliminary test evaluation more effective and correct.


Defect Lifecycle: Main Stages of Bug Verification

You should be familiar with the defect lifecycle, in order to clearly understand the bug status, know how to rapidly and properly describe them, write them and close them in the bug-tracking systems.


All About Hidden Folders and Files, Their Role in Software Testing

There are a lot of hidden files and folders on every PC. Fortunately, these access restrictions can be easily bypassed. However, you should, first of all, understand why they are set and is it really necessary to make them visible during testing.


The Most Typical Software Defects in Mobile Application

Nowadays, mobile devices are an integral part of everybody’s life. Mobile application development constantly raises requirements for its products. Hence, developers should work hard to satisfy consumer needs. Therefore, testers are responsible for quality of these products.


Why We Should Use Preconditions When Designing Test Cases

Preconditions contain important data (steps) needed for the initial preparation of OS, test program, mobile device, browser, etc. We should fulfill these conditions before proceeding to test case executing.


Planning Poker When Developing and Testing Software

If you ask an ordinary person about poker, you’ll hear that it is a card game that based on the ability to think many moves ahead, stay focused, and bluff in a convincing way. But actually, we can use poker in an office, for example, in a software developing and testing company.


Main Peculiarities of Installation Testing

The installation testing process is primarily aimed at testing the correctness of software installation and configuration and also further detection of the updates or deleting the software.


Front End Testing With Adobe Photoshop and PerfectPixel

This article is concerned with the analysis of particular tools that are used during the testing of the website coding. We are talking about the verification of the conformity of the deployed website design and its layouts.