Software Testing Services


Build Automation Tool: What Is It and How Should It Be Tested?

To have a possibility to see a web product or use it, it’s needed not only to develop software code but also, build a project and raise it on the application’s server side (and to test it). Further, we’ll analyze a software build process that can be done either manually or with the help of special applications called build automation tools.


Main Principles of an Average Single Tester

Today we’ll talk about traps that open up in the solo testers’ day-to-day work. They will be extremely useful for those who manage test processes and organize QA work. Even if someone finds these tips superficial, they may help you to test software much better.


What Are Sniffers and What Is Their Role in Software Testing?

Today, we’re going to speak about sniffers – special tools that help users to intercept, edit and analyze requests that are going through them. They are used to analyze client-server interaction, emulate test suites via modifying the traffic.


Various XSS Attacks and What They Can Be Dangerous

Leaving aside the fact that the ultimate goal of an XSS attack is always to run malicious JS inside a potential victim’s web browser, the ways of its achievement are radically different from each other. So, let’s take a look at the most popular types of XSS attacks.


Overview of Medical Software and Methods of Its Testing

A medical application is software developed for use in a branch of medicine and used by staff working at medical facilities (such as doctors and sometimes – nurses) and patients. Testing medical software is not quite different from testing other types of software. It only has some peculiarities together with usage of an interactive methodology.


Main Stages of Software Testing

To deliver a quality product, the testing process must cover all stages of the development lifecycle; analyze and monitor the entire process, which contributes to the effectiveness of bug fixing.


Analysis and Usage of iMazing – an Alternative Testing Tool

iMazing is mobile device management software that facilitates file and data transferring between iOS devices. The product has broad capabilities that will undoubtedly be helpful for QA engineers during testing.


What Is the OSI Model and Why Do We Need It?

The OSI model layer system facilitates network diagnostics (for example, when performing security testing). Also, if a bug is detected, this model will help determine at what level it occurred, which will reduce the time and prevent network reconstruction.


Usability Testing Myths and Speculations

Numerous experts in software testing don’t really understand the meaning of usability testing and a way it should be executed. Further, we’ll talk about all usability testing myths and speculations.


Effective Tips for QA Engineers Who Conduct Continuous Testing

Only continuous testing allows performing most complete software testing since it can adapt to the possible changes. In this article, we will look at some effective tips that makes this process as successful as possible.