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How Should We Plan Load Testing on a Project?

In today’s world of IT community, it is really easy to find tools for load testing. You can combine them in several mechanisms and simulate load in several hundreds virtual users. But it won’t do any good; if you don’t understand why to perform these tests and what what results can lead to in the future.


Best UX Testing Tools in 2020

Let’s analyze the concepts of usability and user behavior.


The Most Commonly Used Browsers for Software Testing

Today there are a lot of browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, UC Browser, Opera, and others. Which one is the best for testing? Here one should focus on the client, even though it’s not as easy as it might seem at first. That’s what we will talk about further in the article.


Choosing a Tool for Writing Test Cases

Why is this stage so important in the testing process – to choose the right tools? It helps to make the process more optimized and organize work clearly and more consistently. In the end, all these factors make a good influence on the final result.


How to Record Video of the Screen on Android Devices

Sometimes you may need to record the screen of your device. It is a common situation for a tester and for an ordinary user who needs to send someone a particular data. Let’s look into the ways how to do it.


Windows Console and Its Most Common Commands

A lot of Windows users have been using this console for a long time. But they don’t even know about all the useful features of its commands.


The Concept of Agile, a Flexible Software Development Methodology

Agile is a flexible software development methodology that offers numerous advantages not only for developers but for a client too. Agile helps the developers to solve many issues that arise unexpectedly, is more efficient and faster. By reorganizing and rethinking the actions related to software development, Agile achieves the goals in a flexible and business-development way.


Online Service Steam and Issues With Its Installation

After reading this article, both compulsive gamblers and the junior tester can easily solve these problems with Steam installation in daily life and during test performance on some projects.


What Is Linguistic Testing and Why Should We Perform It

Linguistic testing is an extremely important process, an intermediate stage of localization. If one skips it, it’s safe to say that a product with localization components is poorly tested and contains a lot of critical bugs and defects.


How Should We Perform HTML Testing?

The main task of the HTML document is to tell a browser what elements build a webpage and what is their content. HTML is easy to understand and has a clear structure. To make code work properly, you should test it on different platforms, that will simplify a testing process and you will be able to easily find all defects.