Software Testing Services


Rarely Used but Very Effective HTTP Request Methods

Usage of infrequent HTTP methods helps to generate good and effective test ideas when providing software testing services. Hence, web or mobile product will be checked as thoroughly as possible from the technical side. Further, we will talk about these methods specifically.


The Specifics of Software Testing in Kanban

The process of software testing is an important part of the whole web product development in one way or another. It should be as effective as possible in the first place in order not to delay the final release of the software. An excellent solution in this process would be to work according to the Kanban methodology.


Improving Test Framing Skills: An Overview of Its Structure and Peculiarities

Experience has shown that many testers need help in some aspects of test framing – test development, evaluation of results, telling the story of testing, or establishing a link between test mission and performed test. If a QA specialist understands and correctly uses all this in practice, he/she can provide the proper quality of any software.


Credible Sources of Testing Ideas

Any software tester should always look for new ideas for testing. A list below provides the 10 most useful sources of testing ideas that will be helpful when testing dynamic projects or completing separate tasks.


Effective Test Data Management for Automated Testing

Working with test data can be extremely difficult and tedious. But if you enlist effective planning and strategic approaches, then everything can be organized so that all tests run as expected. Let’s see how to do it right.


Concepts of XML and XSD, Their Structure and Peculiarities

If you are a tester and you need to perform API testing, you must understand well and have an eye for 2 main data transmission forms: XML and JSON. In the article, we will consider in detail the first concept.


What is the ROI of Testing?

In typical testing techniques and methodologies, testing is a rare resource. You should take into account risks that happen due to constant budgetary and time limitations, to get by until a final release date of software that is being tested.


Common Errors That Manual Testers Make When Writing Test Cases

It is a well-known fact that every person in the world makes mistakes. That is why, today, we will talk about the most common errors made by manual testers while creating test cases.


Analysis of the Load Testing Results by the Case of Gatling

Every day more and more diverse software for load testing appears in the world. Today we will talk about the Gatling tool as an example of the use of such software in the daily work of a QA specialist.


The Best-Known Program Errors of All Time

At the beginning of September, the whole world celebrated tester’s day and day of bug. That is why we prepared some interesting facts about the biggest system errors and bugs in history that people discuss for a long time.