Software Testing Services


Docker. What Is It and Why Do We Use It

This software is actively used not only by developers of web applications but also by testers since it has quite a lot of useful functions that help to find various bugs. This material contains a simple explanation of Docker using easy examples. The article won’t be full of monotonous and confusing technical terms and categories.


Root Cause Analysis, or How to Optimize Software Testing Processes

If you had to improve the software testing process, while solving the problems connected with this (resources, time, system environment, etc.), you cannot do without the use of RCA, ABI and MBI. After all, it is these models that make it possible to solve problems and significantly optimize testing processes and all related tasks.


Sniffers in Software Testing (Using the Example of Charles Proxy)

Traffic analyzers, or sniffers, are a special tool that allows testers to intercept and analyze requests that pass through them. Such technologies are very useful when you need to get information or configure the necessary response from the server, when performing unit testing of software, and working with different versions of a web product.


Useful Linux Commands for Software Testing

If you work on a PC with Linux OS, sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with Linux/Unix targets. This article provides sample tools (commands) set that may be helpful in tester’s or even developer’s daily activities.


Is It Possible to Test a CRM System Qualitatively?

One of the most successful technological systems is the CRM system. It allows bringing a vast improvement into the client management process, strengthening the position of the business in the market, and achieving all the objectives. Further, we will talk in detail about what you should pay attention to in the first place when testing such software and what trends in the development of CRM systems are in 2021.


Description of Devprom ALM – Bug Management Tool

Typical bug tracking systems cannot always solve all the diverse QA tasks on projects. This means that each team should look for an additional tool that can create and store test data, record test results, combine test reports, and also distribute work within the testing department. One such tool is Devprom ALM.


How a Tester Should Learn English

This article will suggest useful tips on how software testers or QA consultants should start learning English to make this process as efficient as possible.


How to Manage Users by Using a Proper Error Message

An error message is a type of interaction with end-users, that is not properly taken into account. Such forms play a key role in user’s interaction with software. To make error messages clear and efficient, we’ll analyze their nature, main targets, and context of the best usage.


Services to Create Stubs for HTTP Requests

Sometimes QA has to test web content that will be stored externally. For these purposes, he/she needs the best sites where the developed content can be easily tested, refined, and, if necessary, shown to clients. Further, we’ll talk about the most popular platforms to this end.


Software Testing Trends in 2021

This article is dedicated to analyzing six most popular software testing trends in 2021, which can be helpful either for experienced QA engineers or QA testing companies in general.