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How to Overcome the Fear of New Changes and Move to the IT Field

If you want to find a new profession and work remotely but you doubt whether to start, the following material will greatly help you with this. Here you can find some interesting tips and a comprehensive action checklist.


Best Software Testing Companies (October 2023)

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the pursuit of quality and reliability is paramount. As businesses and organizations strive to deliver exceptional digital experiences to their users, the role of software testing companies has become increasingly vital. These companies play a pivotal role in ensuring that software applications and systems meet the highest standards of performance, security, and user

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Best Software Testing Companies (September 2023)

1. QualityLogic QualityLogic has been a trusted partner for more than three decades, collaborating with various organizations to enhance the performance of web and mobile applications, smart energy solutions, and imaging systems. Its dedicated software quality assurance and testing teams offer adaptable, cost-effective solutions, backed by U.S. onshore expertise, to bolster its clients’ agile development initiatives. Globally renowned, its digital

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List of the Most Popular Test Scenarios for Web Testing

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, ensuring the reliability and functionality of websites is paramount. Web testing, a crucial phase in the development process, is instrumental in identifying and rectifying issues before they reach users. As websites become more complex and diverse, so do the test scenarios required to guarantee their performance.


Lean Development as a Methodology of Choice in Software Testing

The Lean Development methodology was created as the most effective solution that can help control any web project with any inputs. This method has become quite popular and all because the methodology of lean development is focused on the following principles: Improving the quality of every workflow aspect; Affecting all the levels of the organization hierarchy. Using this method, a

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Who Is SDET? Job Descriptin with Main Responsibilities

A lot of companies began to open vacancies for automated testers which are called SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test). This role firstly was popularized by such big companies as Amazon and Microsoft. And now, it is a common thing in actual job descriptions worldwide.


How Can a Tester Get a Bug Fixed?

As we know, a tester’s job is to find and record as many bugs as possible in various software products. About 90% of any QA process is aimed to verify the developed product. But sometimes, developers don’t consider properly some bugs, and all the tester’s work is been a complete waste. In this article, we’ll take a look at the

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How QA Engineers Should Overcome the Economic Crisis in the Company

Stuff reduction is always a stressful, unnecessary process that is once again trending. Perhaps someone thinks that testers are the first ones to go always and everywhere. And this is a sad trend.


What to Consider When Performing Visual Software Testing

If you have to check a front-end software – whether it’s a website or a mobile application – it’s visual testing that can be a fundamental aid to building the right test strategy.


NDA in IT: Concept and Main Features

Let’s assume that several product companies cooperate regularly. Employees of these companies are constantly communicating with each other – on corporate calls, during personal meetings, via e-mail, and so on.