Software Testing Services


Main Stages of Software Testing

To deliver a quality product, the testing process must cover all stages of the development lifecycle; analyze and monitor the entire process, which contributes to the effectiveness of bug fixing.


Analysis and Usage of iMazing – an Alternative Testing Tool

iMazing is mobile device management software that facilitates file and data transferring between iOS devices. The product has broad capabilities that will undoubtedly be helpful for QA engineers during testing.


What Is the OSI Model and Why Do We Need It?

The OSI model layer system facilitates network diagnostics (for example, when performing security testing). Also, if a bug is detected, this model will help determine at what level it occurred, which will reduce the time and prevent network reconstruction.


Usability Testing Myths and Speculations

Numerous experts in software testing don’t really understand the meaning of usability testing and a way it should be executed. Further, we’ll talk about all usability testing myths and speculations.


Effective Tips for QA Engineers Who Conduct Continuous Testing

Only continuous testing allows performing most complete software testing since it can adapt to the possible changes. In this article, we will look at some effective tips that makes this process as successful as possible.


Concept of Mentoring in Software Testing Sphere

Mentoring is quite a significant thing in any field of human activity, especially in the field of software testing. Well-planned mentoring, of course, takes up a significant part of your time. Nevertheless, well-organized communication will definitely bring a high-quality result.


What Are BI Systems and How to Test Them Correctly

Nowadays, there are a lot of BI solutions that are used by QA companies one way or another. The basic purpose of these systems is to help business processes to make correct strategic decisions. But how to properly organize the process of their verification and what difficulties may arise while doing so?


ISTQB Certification and Its Benefits

In this article, we will talk about ISTQB certification. Is it actually needed? Are there any benefits of having this certificate? What are potential opportunities for those who want to become software testers after passing such an exam?


Docker. What Is It and Why Do We Use It

This software is actively used not only by developers of web applications but also by testers since it has quite a lot of useful functions that help to find various bugs. This material contains a simple explanation of Docker using easy examples. The article won’t be full of monotonous and confusing technical terms and categories.


Root Cause Analysis, or How to Optimize Software Testing Processes

If you had to improve the software testing process, while solving the problems connected with this (resources, time, system environment, etc.), you cannot do without the use of RCA, ABI and MBI. After all, it is these models that make it possible to solve problems and significantly optimize testing processes and all related tasks.