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How to Behave Properly at Networking

Networking is a process of creating and developing useful acquaintances and connections. It is a kind of investment in your future: just make new acquaintances, which may be useful in business or career. More contacts – more opportunities.


Using the Shift Left Strategy in Software Testing

With each new day, the demand for quality software products is increasing, and project teams have to experiment and apply new approaches to web product development.


Developer Toolkit for Improving Overall Productivity

Few can believe it, but many developers and testers are extremely lazy. However, this is a good thing. Such features allow you to automate certain work processes, because repeating the same tasks over and over again can tire you out and lead to emotional burnout.


Popular Types of Cyber-Attacks: Common and Original Methods of Hacking Platforms

DDoS attack (Distributed denial-of-service attack) This is a malicious attack that can completely or partially take your website offline. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a situation where only one hacker organized a DDoS attack. In many cases, a cybercriminal uses a network of several local machines that have been infected with a virus. Using malicious code, the hacker

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Aspects of Testing Bluetooth Applications: a Little Guide for Junior QA

Testing Bluetooth applications can be a tough challenge, especially if the job is entrusted to someone novice to quality assurance. Bluetooth is one of the many technologies that may seem simple enough at first glance, but in fact, things are the opposite. And where are complexities, there are changes to turn into one or the other problems.


Overview of Katalon Studio: Codeless Test Automation Tool

Each year customer demands for software functionality constantly increase. Therefore, product companies must develop and expand their suite of web services to stay competitive.


Best Software Testing Companies 2023

With the growing demand for software testing services, there has been an increase in the number of software testing companies. In 2023, the following are some of the best software testing companies based on their expertise, services, and reputation.


How Far Can You Go When Searching for Bugs?

How far are you ready to go to examine the bug comprehensively? One way or another, it all depends on the program and the team you’re working with. Therefore, the common answer to that question can be the following – you can keep going until tests are beneficial.


The Role of Pessimism in Testing

In our world, where many psychologists prefer positive thinking, a pessimistic approach tends to be seen as a very bad feature. But everything is different in testing — a certain level of pessimism, better known as defense pessimism, can even be helpful under certain conditions. We will talk further about the role of pessimism in software testing.


Cookie Testing and Some Useful Web Extensions for It

Cookies are a useful element that makes web surfing on the web simple and convenient. Proper testing of such files allows us to make sure that all data is stored properly and that intruders do not get access to the confidential and personal information of users.