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Testing Bluetooth applications can be a tough challenge, especially if the job is entrusted to someone novice to quality assurance. Bluetooth is one of the many technologies that may seem simple enough at first glance, but in fact, things are the opposite. And where are complexities, there are changes to turn into one or the other problems.In the following article, we will talk about the peculiarities of checking Bluetooth applications from a beginner’s perspective.

Deciding on the Prerequisites Before Testing

Before you start, you need to understand the Bluetooth devices that you will work with during the testing process. It is necessary to start with the basics: what is its main purpose? What will it be used for? Then move on to more in-depth knowledge by examining its technical behavior:

  • How to turn it on/off correctly?
  • How to activate its basic functionality?
  • How will a web product behave when certain contingencies arise?
  • What information will be collected and stored in the product?
  • What can and should not be done with the device?
  • What list of requirements must be met for correct performance?

By finding and analyzing the answers to such questions, you can get solid information about the tested device.

Basic Steps for Testing Bluetooth Applications


Any Bluetooth device has its option for connecting to the devices. In some cases, pairing is done automatically. But there are also Bluetooth systems that require special “pairing” to connect.

At the early stages of the testing process, emphasize such points as:

  • Features of the application behavior when verifying or rejecting the necessary conditions with the Bluetooth device permissions;
  • Application response, when attempting to connect multiple gadgets to a Bluetooth device at the same time;
  • Features of the software functioning when there are 2 or more Bluetooth devices near the smartphone.

The physical distance between the Bluetooth devices and the software under test

Here everything is clear. The further away the Bluetooth device is from the smartphone, the lower the connection quality, and vice versa. There are situations where the user is not able to use the gadget and the Bluetooth device at the same time. Therefore, it is extremely important to test how the connection will work if the phone and the Bluetooth device are not near each other.

Software feature of the Bluetooth device

If the application you are testing tends to update, it is important to check such points:

  • Update download time – how long this process takes;
  • What happens to the application if the connection breaks during the downloading;
  • Time to update – how long it takes to install the update;
  • A clear and logically structured description of the steps for the target group of users;
  • “Communication” between front-end and back-end, data integrity in the application.

It is extremely important to try acting like a real user by testing the functionality of the software. After all, different software versions and device versions can interact differently with a Bluetooth device. For example, when working with a Samsung smartphone, the client may have no problems, but when interacting with a Huawei device, the defects start to appear.

Collecting and storing information

The process of collecting and storing data is probably one of the most important parameters of any web product, including Bluetooth applications as well. When checking data collection and storage, you should pay attention to:

  • How long is the data stored?
  • Can a user delete the data?
  • What format should the data have?

These are a few valid scenarios that need thorough testing of data collection and storage in the Bluetooth application.

Communication between the software and the Bluetooth device

Bluetooth communication is an important software functionality that needs to be thoroughly tested. If the communication has some problems, the product probably doesn’t perform properly. The testing should focus on:

  • How smooth the communication is;
  • Stuttering or interruption after a while;
  • What can happen if communication breaks, in a situation where Bluetooth is turned on and shows information in the application?

What are the benefits of Bluetooth device testing skills?

Testing Bluetooth devices for the first time can seem challenging, but the future benefits are worth it:

  • You’ll gain skills on complex projects;
  • You’ll feel like a team player;
  • Your overall testing skills will also improve.


When testing any Bluetooth application, it is extremely important to be organized and accept help when needed – you will definitely get something new. In this way, you can not only achieve professional growth (within your software testing company) but also improve your testing skills in this particular area of web product software support.

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