Functional Testing


Why the “Tab” Key Is One of the Most Powerful Testing Tools?

Good accessibility rates are the basis for performing proper software testing. Users can not only use specialized software but also work with such simple tools as a computer mouse and the “Tab” button. Further, we’ll talk about the latter in detail.


Functional Testing of a Web Application: a Complete Checklist

To not be afraid to push a project to independent testing, you should perform functional software testing on the basis of a checklist. Further, we’ll talk about it.


Using Mail Agents for Software Testing

This article will describe the most popular mail agents that allow getting instant access to an email to perform certain tasks (in our case — testing the software that requires authorization, registration or simply sending an email).


The Most Common Misconceptions about Usability Testing

Unfortunately, not all testers have a good understanding of what usability testing is and how to perform it in day-to-day practice. Some vague guesses and a lot of questions went through QA specialists’ head, that needs to perform this type of software testing. Further, in the article, we will try to dispel basic myths about usability testing and its role in the tester’s work.


Secrets of JWT Testing

This article describes the structure, usage and some details of JWT testing.


What’s the Best Way To Test Embedded Images in HTML?

Site customers tend to focus on the graphic first. That’s why it is very important that the quality, style, and parameters of images after the verification process look as perfect as possible on the page. In the article, we will talk on how to assure it.


Strict and Moderate Validation: Basic Notions

Today almost every website contains certain web forms in its structure, such as a simple feedback form or a certain sign-up form. To ensure that information sent by a user will be finally accepted and processed, you should perform special testing for the correctness of filling every form used on a portal. Such actions are based on validation.


Top 10 Negative Test Cases Used During Software Testing

Negative test cases allow checking the software functionality when negative data is used. Such test cases should be performed while checking any software. Further, we will name 10 most used negative test scenarios that should be applied regularly.


The Most Commonly Used Browsers for Software Testing

Today there are a lot of browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, UC Browser, Opera, and others. Which one is the best for testing? Here one should focus on the client, even though it’s not as easy as it might seem at first. That’s what we will talk about further in the article.


Guide for Contact Center Testing

In order to have a constant and stable connection with the clients, the contact center should use qualitative and proven technical system which can work under any business conditions. Executing testing in a contact center is key to effective and successful work.