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1. QualityLogic

QualityLogic has been a trusted partner for more than three decades, collaborating with various organizations to enhance the performance of web and mobile applications, smart energy solutions, and imaging systems. Its dedicated software quality assurance and testing teams offer adaptable, cost-effective solutions, backed by U.S. onshore expertise, to bolster its clients’ agile development initiatives. Globally renowned, its digital accessibility program stands as a premier accessibility testing service, relied upon by some of the most prominent global brands.

2. DeviQA

DeviQA has established itself as a global leader in the Quality Assurance and Testing industry, serving clients since 2010. Their comprehensive range of services encompasses QA process design and implementation, ownership of project quality, automated testing for web, mobile, and APIs, end-to-end testing, user acceptance testing, functional UI automation, automated performance testing, integration testing, SDK test automation, as well as full-cycle, performance, load, and stress testing, along with QA consultancy and audits.

At DeviQA, they uphold the fundamental principles of reliability, efficiency, and expertise in delivering top-tier QA services. They prioritize the privacy and security of customer data storage and intellectual property.

3. QAlified

QAlified stands as a specialized software testing and quality assurance company, dedicated to resolving quality challenges by mitigating risks, enhancing efficiency, and fortifying organizations. They serve as an independent partner, harnessing diverse technological expertise for all software types.

Its services encompass:
• Application Testing: Its testers scrutinize software development and integration with other systems to pinpoint issues.
• Test Automation: They employ automation to optimize efficiency in the continuous release of new software versions.
• Performance Testing: The company’s assessments include evaluating response times and identifying bottlenecks through load and stress testing.
• Usability Testing: To improve user experiences through heuristic analysis and real user testing.
• Accessibility Testing: To ensure software inclusivity, enabling use by individuals with disabilities.

4. BetterQA

Introducing BetterQA, a company exclusively dedicated to software testing, established in 2018 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Their extensive testing expertise spans diverse industries, including medical software, fin-tech, Internet of Things, and video games.
Throughout its journey, they have consistently delivered exceptional services and memorable experiences to their clients. Their commitment revolves around forging enduring relationships with team members, partners, and clients. They take pride in unwavering dedication to high-quality software QA services and remain confident in the ability to address all your software testing requirements.


PFLB specializes in delivering top-tier performance testing services, dedicated to identifying and remedying performance bottlenecks, such as sluggish API calls and unresponsive database queries.

They extend their expertise in supporting JMeter and LoadRunner environments, presenting a comprehensive array of solutions. Furthermore, their innovative load testing platform, PFLB, equips organizations to execute efficient and scalable performance assessments.
With an impressive track record spanning over 15 years, PFLB has earned a formidable global reputation for delivering trustworthy performance testing solutions.

6. Zappletech

Zappletech specializes in optimizing the performance of your digital solutions, ultimately elevating the overall user experience. Their meticulous approach ensures complete coverage of test cases through automated scenarios.

The company maintains a steadfast focus on automated testing to deliver cost-effective solutions, enabling you to expedite the development of superior digital products.

Main services encompass:

• Web test automation
• Mobile test automation
• Desktop test automation
• API and server-side test automation
• Development of frameworks, tools, and solutions
• Ongoing test automation maintenance
• Performance testing
• TestOps and DevOps

Zappletech’s Automation Testing Service provides a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to enhance QA efficiency. This includes assessments, strategic planning, test automation consultation, best-practice implementations, and customized solution development, all complemented by ongoing support and training.

7. QASource

The company specializes in delivering dedicated offshore quality engineers and expertise, ensuring clients receive meticulously tested code. Its approach combines robust training, specialized teams, and streamlined communication for swift onboarding and seamless integration with development teams, optimizing output, quality, and speed.

Their significant investment in staff includes rigorous onboarding, continuous learning, and dedicated engineers, resulting in industry-leading staff retention rates that reduce disruptions and enhance productivity. With two decades of experience, the company’s onboarding and training programs set industry standards.

QASource’s dedication to seamless integration and refined inter-company communication protocols fosters trust, streamlines processes, and accelerates development cycles, resulting in tangible benefits.

8. HikeQA

HikeQA is an independent Quality Assurance firm with a strong track record of providing robust QA and testing solutions for a wide array of software and mobile applications. Its dedicated team comprises hardworking professionals characterized by their innovative, capable, creative, and strategic mindset. They work tirelessly and enthusiastically to craft and deliver software that is not only bug-free but also fully functional.

Their offerings include a variety of Software Testing services:

• Mobile Application Testing Services
Automated Testing Services
• Manual Testing Services
Functional Testing Services
• Performance Testing Services
Regression Testing Services
• Quality Assurance Outsourcing

9. Abstracta Inc.

Abstracta, established in 2008, stands at the forefront of the software testing services sector. With offices in California and Latin America, they specialize in providing independent and pure-play testing consultancy services. Its core focus lies in constructing tailored testing teams with a unique advantage – the ability to draw upon Abstracta’s extensive collective experience gained from partnering with clients across a diverse spectrum of industries, from startups to large enterprises, spanning healthcare, technology, e-commerce, and more.

The company’s impressive track record demonstrates its knack for identifying and implementing industry-leading tools, practices, and strategies, ensuring effective risk and cost management.

10. QA Mentor, Inc.

QA Mentor, headquartered in New York, is an acclaimed, multi-award-winning software testing company. With a global workforce of 313 QA professionals in 8 countries, spanning all time zones, QA Mentor stands as a prominent global leader in the realm of Software Quality Assurance and Testing.

Their services are sought after by 428 clients, ranging from Fortune 500 giants to startups in 28 countries, and they provide support across 9 diverse industries. Among their distinctive offerings are a crowdsourcing platform boasting 12,000 testers, a sophisticated test management platform, cost-effective service solutions, and comprehensive QA education through e-learning and corporate training.

As QA Mentor continues to expand its influence across the globe, their commitment to growth, excellence, and innovation remains unwavering.

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