Why Are Names Important in the IT Sector?

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Many software development teams and software testing teams face various problems during their everyday work.

They should constantly learn new technologies while maintaining current projects.

They have the task of balancing between working on technical duty and operating rapidly adding features.

Taking into account the above-mentioned difficulties, why should the names of teams, groups, and departments be important?

We will try to answer this question with the help of four root causes.

Names form a mutual communication language

If you or your acquaintances from the IT sector work on rapidly growing companies, you will likely meet annual structuring.

When one update changes another one, it’s important to understand that you and your colleagues understand the same things in the same way.

Imagine a global company comprising smaller companies.

These companies are also divided into smaller departments.

Then these departments are divided into small groups and they, in turn, are divided into teams.

What are the correct names of all mentioned things?

To not be confused, we should ensure all groups use the same nomenclature — in this case, teams and departments will be able to understand each other better.

Names save time

When a thing has a correct name and you tell other team members about this, this will save time spent on corporate communication.

A simple example: you work at a product team in the QA department, and you also have special departments that analyze information and work on marketing.

You constantly conduct mutual calls with representatives of such departments.

What do you think: what will be easier to do while talking to these groups — say “all members of information analysis teams and all marketing team members” or “Analytics/Marketing”.

Giving conglomerations special names and telling your colleagues about this simplifies addressing this department during a private talk or a chat.

Names make everything clear

Sometimes an incorrect name of some item leads to a big misunderstanding between teams inside a company.

QA specialists know well that the term smoke testing will have a different meaning for different companies.

The term’s definition can be different even for members of the same team.

This means that there must be one correct name.

Names give sense

In small companies and departments where colleagues work on the same thing, it’s interesting to make up unique and extraordinary team names.

By doing this, you will strengthen team spirit and also make them proud.

By the way, such a “trick” won’t work in big companies so be careful.

Let’s imagine that you are a newbie who needs to test a simple software function.

You perform testing and find a bug.

A developer asks you to transfer the issue to a team that worked on this.

But in order to write about this issue, you need to know who and where you should write.

And here you can’t do without correct names.

When each name has its own meaning — communication becomes easier.

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