Simple Testing of Desktop Applications on Windows

Using at least one of three drivers mentioned in this article, will allow once and for all to leave the vendor software for testing, lowering the price of automation and its subsequent support by a decent amount, as well as unifying the technology stack to the professional qualifications of testers (and developers).


Docker. What Is It and Why Do We Use It

This software is actively used not only by developers of web applications but also by testers since it has quite a lot of useful functions that help to find various bugs. This material contains a simple explanation of Docker using easy examples. The article won’t be full of monotonous and confusing technical terms and categories.


How to Implement Testing Requirements and Engage Business Clients in This

This article contains the most popular advantages of implementing requirement analysis in software testing and also the reasons why we need to engage business clients in a process of developing the product requirements.


Using Context of Software Testing

If someone asks you during a job interview: “How will you perform testing?” – always clarify and ask again about the context to answer this question. What does it mean? We will talk about this further in this article.


Software Testing Myths and Facts in 2021

This article analyzes the most popular and interesting trends of software testing, that we meet every day.


IT Career Path: From QA Specialist to Project Manager

Moving from a tester position to a project manager one can sometimes be long, unpredictable for someone, but it certainly has its own nuances. And in order not to drive yourself into a professional impasse, this material will analyze the observations and conclusions on how to move from one position to another without losing professional skills!


What Is ACID and What Is It Used For?

If you need to perform database testing, you will meet the acronym ACID anyway. What does it mean and what can it be used for? We’ll talk about this further in this article.


Root Cause Analysis, or How to Optimize Software Testing Processes

If you had to improve the software testing process, while solving the problems connected with this (resources, time, system environment, etc.), you cannot do without the use of RCA, ABI and MBI. After all, it is these models that make it possible to solve problems and significantly optimize testing processes and all related tasks.


Four Misconceptions About Allure TestOps

Allure TestOps, like any other product company that develops new software, will anyway meet certain misconceptions made by users and the community. Some of them are trustworthy and some of them will be debunked further in this article. So let’s talk about 4 most popular myths.


DevTools Functions, Popular Among Software Testers

The article describes useful functions of DevTools, that can simplify the work of QA consulting and developers.