Frequently Asked Questions During Software Testing on iOS and MacOS

Testers who haven’t work with iOS and MacOS before, first of all, face a lot of issues with processing some action. In the article we analyzed the most relevant tips and operating algorithms with Apple devices.


Fiddler: A Number One Product for HTTP Analysis

Sometimes, when QA engineers execute software testing, they have to monitor traffic between a client and a server, perform requests analysis and modifying. And in most cases, for this purpose specialists use Fiddler – a universal proxy that can intercept HTTP(S) traffic and ensure the work with it.


Concept of Spear Phishing and Methods for Dealing With It

Spear phishing is a kind of wire fraud when a hacker gets access to secret (confidential) files of some user. Unlike the classic phishing, here a hacker represents oneself as your friend or someone you completely trust.


The Use of Discrete Mathematics in Software Testing Sphere

No doubt, discrete math allows improving the efficiency of any software testing. Every aspect of discrete math simplifies the interpretation of software and all its lifecycles.


The Most Commonly Used Tools for Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing performance can be a difficult task for any tester. In such a situation, special online platforms may help to execute this process due to their functionality that minimizes the risk to skip some bugs.


9 Signs You Are a Bad Tester

Each and every one of us tries to have only positive character traits. But sometimes it can happen that the person doesn’t pay one’s attention to the bad things that can follow his/her life.


Best Companies Providing Mobile Software Testing Services in 2019

QA companies allow many organizations to keep the high quality of the developed products, reduce expense and time for a software release.


The role of lockit and cheat code during computer game testing

On the Internet, one can find a lot of various methodologies and practices of bug identifying during computer game testing. But all of them describe the usage of cheat code and documents with localization of different game genres.


The Main Distinctiveness of Headless Testing in a Browser

The process of headless testing is a start of a prepared test in order to check the performance of some UI parts without its displaying.


Why and How Do We Need to Pass ISTQB Certification?

There are a lot of reasons why everyone should prepare for ISTQB certification and what is the profit from it. This knowledge will be a perfect addition to your main competencies