Environment Setup for Performance Testing

Software performance testing checks the quality of web product and its capability to work consistently and without failing in a certain load environment. It is extremely important to monitor that testing is executed properly and testing environment doesn’t generate critical errors, which in real-world could threaten the usage of the developed software.


The Difference Between Scrum and Kanban

As we know, SCRUM and KANBAN are the project management methods for the development of certain products or services. They belong to a large number of representatives of the Agile methodology. Such methods are very flexible and iterative, their capabilities can be used by employees from any sphere, but most of all they are suitable for the purposes of IT.


10 Main Problems and Challenges Faced by QA Specialists

Career challenges and problems are quite natural and useful things. A specialist can deal with it quickly and effectively only when he/she takes it as a matter of course and opportunity to succeed through the ranks. We made a list of top 10 problems faced by any tester on projects anyway.


Peculiarities of Web Page Testing

Any website is a particular combination of web pages, which are logically combined between each other. Properly structured website is the main key to qualitative and efficient promoting a chosen business model.


Key Features of Database Testing With NoSQL

Somehow we haven’t noticed the time when SQL became out-of-date and not so relevant programming language. As a result, a lot of NoSQL solutions appeared on the network, instantly replacing the SQL language and the parameters of the relational data storage model.


Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing: Concepts and Main Peculiarities

Smoke testing checks software performance and stability without the need to execute thorough tests in the future. Sanity testing is performed after smoke testing. Any defects that were found at such an early stage can save a lot of time on unfinished build verification.


14 Great Google Chrome Features Every Tester Should Use

Google Chrome, one of the most popular browser, has simple functionality, easy graphical interface, and constant performance. It can do special things without any additional enhancements which aren’t so well known, but can be very useful (especially for QA specialists).


Seven Types of Testers

We all know the heuristics which says that the more differences you have, the more close-knit team could be formed. Such a thing is true for specialists in different fields. Even in the software testing field.


Features of Working With Alternative Browsers: Pros and Cons

Every browser has to meet certain requirements in order to be interesting and useful. So many alternative browsers in the global network allow each of us “building” our relationship with the capabilities of the Internet as we want.


The Concept of a Test Persona

What is a Test Persona? is a fictional character, which means potential users of a particular web system.