5 Best Test Management Systems

This article analyzes modern TMS solutions, describes the main functions that should be present in the test management environment, tells about their technical features and prices.


What Is the OSI Model and Why Do We Need It?

The OSI model layer system facilitates network diagnostics (for example, when performing security testing). Also, if a bug is detected, this model will help determine at what level it occurred, which will reduce the time and prevent network reconstruction.


Top 5 Freelance Marketplaces for QA Engineers

Today, many professionals are looking for freelance jobs, and this is a rather difficult and tedious process. But don’t let that bother you, as there are a lot of web portals on the network for such purposes. This material will provide the top 5 freelance exchanges that allow you to find a first-rate and well-paid job for a multi-skilled QA specialist.


Simple Steps to Become a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technologies develop really rapidly. You will definitely become the one who will apply his/her skills if you track all relevant tendencies in it.


Principles of Modern Programming

The goal of any programmer is to create a program code that can be updated and improved in the future, even if another programmer will do it. That’s why, it is extremely important to put into practice the basic principles in modern programming.


Problems of Custom Testing and How to Solve Them

To perform a high-quality custom testing, you need to properly build the communication between a client a team of executives. This will help to solve numerous problems, met by testers when they execute this type of testing.


Basic Terms in Load Testing

To understand approaches to load testing and bugs that can be fixed with their help, you need to have a good knowledge of the terminology. If you understand the same things that are called in a different way, you can be good at communicating, reaching the set goals in software testing.


Main Peculiarities of Kubernetes

This platform controls container loads, services, and also automates operations with them. It allows simplifying manual processes involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications.


Usability Testing Myths and Speculations

Numerous experts in software testing don’t really understand the meaning of usability testing and a way it should be executed. Further, we’ll talk about all usability testing myths and speculations.


Should Testers Learn PHP?

This article contains information about what the PHP programming language is, what its perspectives in the near future are, why testers need to learn it, and how much one can earn for such knowledge.