Resouces for Learning Selenium Automation

When a QA engineer starts learning test automation, they may have difficulties in finding first-class Selenium automation courses since these courses are highly specialized. This article contains useful and interesting Selenium resources that can be really helpful in this case.


Testing the Content of Magento Online Stores

Magento CMS is implemented in PHP and MySQL with open source. This product is simple and easy to use. It provides various functionality during an online store development.


Automated Test Data Generation Tools

Test data generation can be manual, automated, and also can require using previous products offered by a client. There are numerous automated test data generation tools but some of them should be analyzed more thoroughly.


Comparison of Software Load Testing Tools: Top 3 in 2022

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools to perform load testing. And most of them come in the Open Source form – dedicated projects in the free version. This article is a short overview of the most popular products that one way or another have already reached the leading positions in 2022 (or it will happen soon).


How to Manage a QA Team Effectively?

Let’s make it clear from the start: there is no one all-purpose formula for quality management of the QA team. Nevertheless, there’s always some base that allows project managers managing the testers competently and effectively.


Wait Commands in Selenium

Using wait commands is important when running tests in Selenium. It allows you to avoid problems that may occur due to changes in the time delay.


15+ Testing Tools for Everyday Needs

This article is a short review of some useful software that QA engineers should always keep around. In order not to analyze this software inconsistency, we grouped all the web products described according to their technical purpose.


Actual Learning Materials for Middle QA Engineers

This article isn’t supposed to be 100% objective since every tester or QA team can use some other source of knowledge. Nevertheless, all the sources presented below have a great deal of useful information which may help you to achieve your work objectives.


Using Surveys in Software Testing Audit

This article will prove that there may be a lot of causes to conduct a survey. And all of them are profitable in one way or another. Since even negative answers and comments are also good, on their basis you can build an effective management policy, whether it is the whole company or a specific software testing department.


How Should We Test Social Media Apps?

Perhaps, nobody will deny the fact that social media have become a lifeline in today’s reality. Proper testing of a social media application is very important since even a not really important function that has not been properly tested can affect the work and business processes of thousands of people that depend on this application in some way.