Strict and Moderate Validation: Basic Notions

Today almost every website contains certain web forms in its structure, such as a simple feedback form or a certain sign-up form. To ensure that information sent by a user will be finally accepted and processed, you should perform special testing for the correctness of filling every form used on a portal. Such actions are based on validation.


Common Errors and HTTP Status Codes When Performing Website Testing

When specialists perform testing of any program interface, they use the HTTP requests. Due to the information given by any error code after user request, a server can change the data processing. In a situation when there is an error and you now the result of the request, you can solve the issue by yourself.


How Can a Manual Tester Join an Automation Field?

Every year the profession of a manual tester becomes less and less popular. Therefore, more and more specialists think to change their field to the field of test automation. This article will give helpful tips on how to become a qualified automated tester.


Most Frequent Defects on a Virtual Keyboard

Sometimes, it is necessary to test the on-screen keyboard as an inherent part of the whole project. And it doesn’t matter how such a process is called: integration testing or something else. Sincee, clients can pay their attention to imperfect keyboard performance on developed software. And all the negative system’s behaviors can influence the client’s decision to use such a product or no.


Complex Project Communication: the Ways to Make It Easy and Enjoyable

Trying to resolve the problems with communication on a project, people solve not only current problems of relations but also build more qualitative and efficient ways to organize their working process. Getting rid of disputes and misunderstanding will help to make communication on a project pleasant and clear and this will greatly simplify the work on the set tasks.


Main Concept and Peculiarities of a Client-Server Architecture

The peculiarities of the client-server system interaction allow us to share certain functionality and computational load between connected client web products and server applications, create and perform comprehensive tests of any web product.


Implementation of XSS Injections While Performing Security Testing

In this article, we will talk about security testing using the example of such system vulnerability as XSS injections, with the help of which a hacker can easily inject his dangerous scripts into pages that will be viewed by Internet users in the future.


Useful Tips on Working with Git

This article is aimed at giving an entry-level tester the overview of the way a product version control system works: from the process of duplicating a repository to the function of creating a pull request.


Software Bots: Concept and Peculiarities of Testing

At the time when people have created the first PCs, they were considering developing special programs that could think and talk as real people do. Such programs would be intended to automate social practices and solve difficult operating tasks. Further in the article, we will talk about modern bot platforms, their story behind, and a useful logic.


Performing Database Testing: First Things to Look for

DB is quite an important part of any software, so it’s very important to test its performance beforehand, by testing the correctness and security of information input. DB testing allows decreasing the risks that are somehow connected with the information consistency, the ability of architecture to react to load before the software will be completely ready to use.