What Is Testing Without Requirements

Is it possible to perform software testing without requirements? The answer is simple: no. But sometimes there is no product’s requirements document on a project or requirements are not as important as software functionality. Where then can we look for these requirements? This article will give an answer to this question.


Exploratory Testing: A Useful Activity or a Waste of Time?

Exploratory testing is a very important stage of software testing, that has its own methods and techniques. In today’s article, we’ll analyze this type of software testing, that helps to catch most bugs and system errors.


A Universal Strategy for Testing Cross-Platform Software

When you test cross-platform mobile software, you should take into account the numerous factors: from OS version to mobile browser’s version. This variety leads to an important question arising for every QA engineer: how can we find out where mobile software should be tested and on what device and where it shouldn’t? This article will give us the answer to this question and also will help to build an efficient mobile app testing strategy.


Freelance Work: Pros and Cons of Remote Employment for QA

About 10-12 years ago, it took a lot of effort for a QA freelancer to get a job and a loyal client base. Given the current realities of popularizing work online, it is much easier to do this. That’s why let’s talk about the pros and cons of remote work.


Impact Analysis and Its Role in Software Testing

A properly performed impact analysis can significantly reduce the time required for testing. After all, if you know where exactly the changes were made in the web product, you do not have to spend a lot of time re-checking the entire product.


Services to Create Stubs for HTTP Requests

Sometimes QA has to test web content that will be stored externally. For these purposes, he/she needs the best sites where the developed content can be easily tested, refined, and, if necessary, shown to clients. Further, we’ll talk about the most popular platforms to this end.


How to Automate Testing of Endpoints

Constant shifting left, which becomes unnecessary when using the method of continuous deployment, inevitably increases the amount of feedback from a QA department.


Software Testing Trends in 2021

This article is dedicated to analyzing six most popular software testing trends in 2021, which can be helpful either for experienced QA engineers or QA testing companies in general.


Why the “Tab” Key Is One of the Most Powerful Testing Tools?

Good accessibility rates are the basis for performing proper software testing. Users can not only use specialized software but also work with such simple tools as a computer mouse and the “Tab” button. Further, we’ll talk about the latter in detail.


Robot Framework: A Quick Review, Main Benefits, and Drawbacks

An original keyword-driven framework that was developed in Python for software test automation purposes. To create tests you just need to use keywords that are inside this framework without recourse to programming. What other benefits and drawbacks does this tool have? Let’s see further.