Who Is Responsible for Software Quality?

In today’s IT field, software becomes more and more complex. It’s very easy to find the responsible one. It may be the fault of a tester, manager or developer. Quality assurance is a mutual activity and every member should take the initiative in maintaining the highest quality of developed/tested software.


Website Testing With Disabled JavaScript

JavaScript is the programming language that is one of the best options for functional scenarios and design on the pages. Everybody get used to it as to something natural and they don’t wonder what to do when it is disabled.


Video Game Testers Salaries in 2019

This article is devoted to analyzing a few peculiarities of the game industry and also, overviewing the tester salaries.


Importance of effective communication in the QA team

Everyone wants to be a part of a strong team where one can find a helper, adviser, and even a friend. It is so important to get some help (if we need it) and afford assistance. Effective communication plays a key role in all these cases. If you make use of these recommendations, you will succeed in the work and make a good relationship with your colleagues.


What Are Cookie Files and How to Test Them?

In this article we described all the main aspects of cookies using in the web development sphere. Also, we analyzed exhaustive test cases to check quickly and easily the functionality of cookies when you develop a particular program code.


The Overview of Katalon Automation Recorder

This article is dedicated to analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of Katalon Automation Recorder.


Globalization Testing: Main Types, Check-List and Testing Metrics

This article is dedicated to analyzing the term of “globalization testing”, highlighting its main needs, strong places and also showing an algorithm of its correct implementation.


Time Management in the Life of IT Specialists

Time management is an important skill that helps to increase significantly the working efficiency and speed up the process of achieving the goals. Nowadays there are a lot of time management methods. Everyone can find something for himself/herself, and thus acieve the best results.


Statistic Portals for Mobile Software

On the projects where mobile applications are developed, general testing is a required step. Except for classic OS and DPI parameters, specialists also need information about device usage. It allows covering the most common technical combinations (device + operating system) with tests.


The Process of Beta Testing Using TestFlight

It is a common fact that beta testing is one of the acceptance testing methods that is performed by a customer base. There are a lot of services for this kind of testing. However, if you need to test a program for an iOS device, then TestFlight is the best choice.