Software Testing Based on Heuristics: Analysis and Significance of the Main Techniques

In the software testing field, specialists use a lot of various heuristics to make a decision and analyze a problem during testing. They can be extremely useful when making suggestions if a person isn’t sure in the way how to start the testing process. Or it may even happen, that he/she has no idea what to do next.


Best Project Roadmap Tools

A roadmap stands for a specific plan of a certain project that clearly defines the main targets and tasks that should be executed in the future. There are numerous examples of thematic software that can handle systematic roadmapping in the same good way. So let’s talk about 5 best roadmapping tools.


Main Peculiarities and Distinctions Between UI and UX

It this article, we will talk about such concepts as UI and UX, main rules of web design development, the factors influencing the UX basics, and the main difference between them.


The Job of a QA Tester: A Good Start in the IT Field

Being a world-class software tester — sounds good, right? What is the future of this job? What level of salary does it offer? We’ll try to give comprehensive answers to these questions since the position of a tester is a really great job for a Junior developer and for other professionals.


4 Main Principles on How to Organize Work of a Tester

We all love the order! Indeed, it is precisely the order that is partly the force that allows us to achieve all of our goals. All this can be easily projected into the field of software testing.


Top 10 Negative Test Cases Used During Software Testing

Negative test cases allow checking the software functionality when negative data is used. Such test cases should be performed while checking any software. Further, we will name 10 most used negative test scenarios that should be applied regularly.


What Are SQL Injections and How to Test Them?

This article describes the main concepts of SQL injections, analyzes the most popular types of vulnerabilities and also, provides information on the best ways to prevent SQL code entering into a website.


Comprehensive Checklist on How to Plan Software Testing Process

Methods, described in this article, are used to make a tester think during the working process. Thus, the QA engineer will be able to identify potential bugs correctly and will be like an accelerator of new software testing approaches.


How Should We Plan Load Testing on a Project?

In today’s world of IT community, it is really easy to find tools for load testing. You can combine them in several mechanisms and simulate load in several hundreds virtual users. But it won’t do any good; if you don’t understand why to perform these tests and what what results can lead to in the future.


Why Does a Tester Need a Self-Development Plan and How to Devise It?

A clear plan will help you to rapidly build a clear and illustrative path of professional development and completely refresh your mind to work with other important tasks.