What is the ROI of Testing?

In typical testing techniques and methodologies, testing is a rare resource. You should take into account risks that happen due to constant budgetary and time limitations, to get by until a final release date of software that is being tested.


Basic Types of Software Performance Testing

Any performance testing is not just a kind of testing but a general description of many testing types that gives data about current system behavior under different circumstances. Nowadays, software practice includes several performance testing types which we will consider in detail.


What Shouldn’t You Do Working Remotely: An Example of One Day

After the beginning of global quarantine in many countries, people had to work from home. And, of course, on the Internet, there are a lot of articles on this subject. We decided to go by contradiction and talk about how shouldn’t people work from home.


Turnkey Web Application Test Automation

This article will highlight methods of automated software testing when there will be no need to create numerous test cases or e-2e tests with the help of a user.


The Most Common Misconceptions about Usability Testing

Unfortunately, not all testers have a good understanding of what usability testing is and how to perform it in day-to-day practice. Some vague guesses and a lot of questions went through QA specialists’ head, that needs to perform this type of software testing. Further, in the article, we will try to dispel basic myths about usability testing and its role in the tester’s work.


Testing Flutter Applications

This article describes possible ways of testing cross-platform and native applications, analyzes the reasons why Flutter can be extremely useful during daily testing, and highlights the issues that may be met during its usage.


Some Effective Tips for Testers on How To Learn JavaScript

The process of learning JavaScript increases the surface area of the software system where a user can get particular information, monitor the system performance, control, and manipulate it as the tests require. All this increases the capacities of high-quality software testing.


Secrets of JWT Testing

This article describes the structure, usage and some details of JWT testing.


Three Types of Developers That Work in Every Office

This article describes three most interesting types of developers that work in every office.


Top 6 Linux Distributions for PC in 2020

For quite some time now, Linux is considered one of the most successful and user-friendly operating systems among developers and testers. Further, we will talk about the most popular and high-demand Linux distributions for PC in 2020 that provide a lot of useful functionality for both ordinary users and experienced professionals.