Software Testing Glossary


Verifier (in BTS) indicates the person that verifies the bug when it was fixed.


Version (in BTS) is a version of environments in which the bug was found.

Web (Word Wide Web)

Web (Word Wide Web) is a worldwide electronic multi-language storage of the information. Thousands of millions different documents are situated on the computers all over the world. It’s the most popular Internet service that allows to access information regardless of its location.

Web Form

Web Form (in HTML) is a web page element that allows users to enter and send information to the server.

Web Server

Web Server is a server that receives HTTP-requests from web browsers and delivers HTTP-responses, together with HTML-page, picture, file, media stream or other data. It’s also the software that performs the functions of the web-server and a computer on which this software is used. The users access web-server with URL-address of the required page.

Web Site

Web Site is a set of the webpages accessible in the Internet, which are joined by the content and navigation. The site can be located on one or several servers. All publicly accessible sites constitute the World Wide Web.

Website Architecture

Website Architecture is an approach to website planning and design that includes technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. It also signifies intellectual discipline of the website content organization. It consists of Web server, Application core, Database.

White List

White List is a list of e-mails from which the messages are allowed. The massages from such addresses do not consider a spam. Cleverly crafted spam can get through from time to time.


Workaround is temporary method to achieve a goal. It bypasses a problem. It’s abandoned when the problem is fixed.

X-Path Injection

These attacks are directed on web-servers, creating requests written on XPath language and based on a data inserted by a user. XML Path Language (XPath) 1.0 is designed to provide access to parts of an XML document. It can be used by itself or as part of the XSLT transformation of XML documents or XQuery execution.