What Is the Best Ratio Between Testers and Developers?

Sometimes you can meet the following question on specialized IT forums: what is the best ratio between testers and developers? You can use various ratios and each one will have either benefits or drawbacks.
Further, we will analyze some examples of them in detail.


Using Test Retries as a Method to Hide Bugs

Every tester is in some way familiar with the concept of randomly failing automated tests. An analysis of the results of these tests can be really time-consuming and some teams prefer running tests once again if they fail. But is this efficient? The answer is not as obvious and clear as it seems.


Why Do Bugs Occur in Software?

Is it possible to finally get rid of defects and other bugs in the software? Why are there so many of them and what’s the nature of their appearance? It is significantly important to understand at least the basic reasons of bug occurance to improve the process of software testing.


Measuring Mobile App Performance Metrics with MetricKit (Apple)

Software development and testing are very specific processes. Especially when it comes to performance verification, quick bug fixation and releases. In this case, the best option is metrics measuring tools. And today, we’ll talk about one of such tool for iOS – MetricKit.


Popular Demo Websites Used for Executing Test Automation

Demo websites are one of the most popular platforms to execute automated testing. They can be used to practice your skills and develop your own testing methods. Further, we will analyze them in detail.


Stages of a Bug Bash During Software Development

In software development, there is such a thing as a bug bash – an event when testing is performed by a QA team, developers, designers, project managers, and other specialists who are working on a product. This method helps to find additional errors if any. Further, we will analyze its main stages.


Software Load Testing: Its Main Features

It’s hard to imagine the modern world without numerous useful and convenient applications with beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Let’s look behind a beautiful internal menu and try to understand the meaning of load testing. Also, we will describe the features of each type of this kind of web testing.


How Can We Increase Software Code Coverage During Regression Testing?

As we know, test coverage done while testing various types of software means the total basis of software code covered with a test suite. This article will tell about several methods of test coverage that help to improve general product regression.


How to Properly Prepare Software for Test Automation

Before you start performing automated testing, you need to make a short analysis of the software you are working with. The more prepared for automation the product is, the fewer issues you’ll meet in the future while developing automated tests. Further, we will analyze in detail the basics of how to prepare for this testing process.


What You Should Learn to Become a Tester: Quick and Useful Tips

If you wish to master the profession of a QA engineer, you should understand its basics and also be ready to dedicate a lot of time to learning material. Further, we will describe some useful tips on what you should learn to become a tester.