Using sqlmap for Software Security Testing

Security testing is the analysis of software vulnerability to all kinds of attacks.


Trunk-Based Development: Features of the Process and Nuances of Testing

Trunk-based development is special control of versions, where programs integrate small parts of the update with the central “backbone” or a basic branch. This method allows to minimize the risks of merging and integration, and also has a positive effect on the CI/CD process, speeds up software delivery, and optimizes the overall performance of the organization.


Popular Beta Testing Software

Web software used for beta testing helps to assess software quality and reasonableness in a real-time mode before it is officially released. Further, we will analyze some examples of these programs in detail.


Top QA Engineer Jobs in US Companies in 2022

Nowadays, some may believe that there are too many testers in the field of IT. But this is absolutely not true! And a lot of companies always look for good specialists. This article is a short list of the most attractive and interesting offers for all those who are looking for a job in software testing field with 1 year of experience or more.


Why Is Unit Testing So Important for Developers?

In this article, we will try to see why unit testing is considered so important that no programmer in the world can imagine the debugging process without it! Quality unit tests can significantly speed up the basics of development, verification, and even some of the work on functional requirements.


How to Implement Test Automation During a Sprint

How can we automate testing efficiently when we are sure that it’s crucial for such a short amount of time? Further, we will describe three most efficient strategies that help to rapidly close sprints with working automation.


UI Automation with SpecFlow

UI processes can be slow, contain bugs, and decelerate your work. Test configuration, bug fixing, and adjusting to software updates can become serious issues. This article gives a useful overview of ways to execute UI automation with SpecFlow and C#.


A Brief Review of Katalon Smart Wait or How to End the Selenium Timing Problem

As you know, Selenium WebDriver is the most popular and user-friendly framework for test automation. But using all of its features seems to be a very difficult, especially for those who don’t have sufficient programming knowledge. At the same time, Katalon Studio allows you to quickly master Selenium, regardless of your programming skills. In this article, we will talk about Katalon Studio as a solution to the most well-known Selenium problem, namely defects in timelines.


Is CI/CD Important for a Tester?

Today a software testing sector requires complete competence in TestOps and skills in developing qualitative automated tests from a QA engineer. It happens due to the rapid development of CI/CD and the importance of QA engineers’ work with pipelines. But why is CI/CD crucial for every tester today? Further, we’ll try to answer this question.


What Skills Are Needed for a Novice Tester?

Before making the decision to become a tester, you should get familiar with the skills and competencies you should acquire first of all. This article will help you build a clear plan of your studying and understand what skills you should develop to become a successful QA engineer.