List of 50 Software Testing Companies 2023

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Writing about the top software testing companies can be a daunting task. With so many different companies offering varying services and levels of expertise, how does one know which one is best for their project? To help make this decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top software testing companies and provided an overview of their services and capabilities. Read on to learn more about the companies that are making a name for themselves in the software testing industry.

1. QATestLab

QATestLab delivers an unbiased evaluation of software quality as a provider of independent testing services by utilizing its extensive experience and the fresh perspective of its QA experts. With the aid of their in-depth expertise and experience in software testing, they examine solutions from the user’s point of view. Due to the focus on quality assessment, QATestLab has built up a sizable testing infrastructure and amassed a wealth of knowledge in the QA of many kinds of software for a wide range of sectors.

2. TestFort QA Lab

A division called TestFort was first established by a software development company. More than 100 highly qualified QA engineers who were experts in testing software, cross-platform, and mobile applications made up the TestFort team. They are dedicated to bringing the most creative solutions to the table to create the best QA procedure.

3. TestMatick

Testing services are offered by TestMatick with attributes like mobility and flexibility, lack of bureaucracy, enjoyable discounts, etc. It offers services to a variety of sectors, including banking, education, and finance. It gives a solution that is the ideal synthesis of the team’s technical abilities, knowledge of the business process, and specialized industry knowledge.

4. QASource

Many sectors, including cyber security, law, healthcare, finance, retail, and startups, are covered by QASource’s services. The team is well knowledgeable about various user scenarios. Your release cycles will be quicker with QASource test automation. The team has a wealth of domain expertise. It is skilled in many different technologies, including Java, MySQL, VBScript, Apache, etc.

5. DeviQA

Since more than 10 years ago, DeviQA has been protecting the customers’ brand and reputation with top-notch testing and quality assurance services. The knowledgeable and accomplished DeviQA team is an expert in quick-fill resources. Your prices are transparent, capped, and free of “gotchas” thanks to their highly flexible approach to contracting. Their business models include fixed pricing, time and materials, and specialized resources tailored to your needs.

6. QA Wolf

QA Wolf is the first end-to-end automated testing company to provide 80% test coverage for engineering teams. The company is also unique in how it calculates based on team size and hours. Its customers get unlimited tests and test runs, unlimited he 100% parallel test runs, and full access to the QA Wolf testing platform.

7. QAlified

They offer independent services for software projects using several technologies. Its core services are Application Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Accessibility Testing, Consulting and Workshops.

8. Global App Testing

Global App Testing, which has evaluated more than 6400 applications and is trusted by the top development teams in the globe, provides top-notch functional web and app testing quickly. Employ a combination of clever automation and crowdsourcing to evaluate software before it is released anywhere in the world.

9. Solvd Inc.

Solvd, Inc., a software engineering company focused on mobile and web solutions for venture capital-backed startups and booming tech companies. Core services: Mobile development (native and cross-platform solutions), AR and VR apps for mobile/web/desktop with 3d modeling, WEB development (front/back-end), DevOps and Infrastructure management, Testing and QA Management, Test Automation and TestOps.

10. Testlio

The concept of networked testing was invented by Testlio. Smarter software testing is made possible by its integrated testing platform, skilled independent contractors, and strong client services in any place, and using any device.
American Express, CBS, Microsoft, the NBA, Netflix, and SAP are a few of Testlio’s clients. They have collectively given us a 4.7 G2 rating, which leads the industry, and an NPS of 75.

11. iBeta

iBeta is a full QA and testing service provider that offers one of the best quality assurance and biometrics testing facilities. This company has a trained and experienced staff that fulfill any software-related need.
This company manages a variety of software architecture, including standalone programs, easy web-based applications, and more. It offers customers a comprehensive selection of testing services on demand.

12. Andersen Inc.

The ISTQB-certified QA team at Andersen is always available to assist you in preserving and improving the caliber of your IT products. Any flaws, bugs, and other performance problems will be rapidly found, identified, and resolved with the help of our QA and testing services.
If you require software testing and quality assurance, Andersen’s team is the ideal partner.

13. A1QA

a1qa provides a testing package of consulting and organization of quality control procedures which includes automated testing, QA management and coordination of distributed teams on integrative projects.
They have professional testing teams fit for very specific purposes. Experience, systematic approaches and a smoothly running workflow allow the painless integration of a1qa teams into the development process to ensure a high quality of software. They’re fully aware of the risks related to project implementation in IT and posess the significant ability to minimize them by providing pre-project services, well-rounded acceptance tests and IT security auditing.

14. Abstracta

With no hassle, Abstracta can help you improve the quality of your software. It offers a complete solution that enables you to maintain business while cutting costs and improving efficiency.
This company’s testers work in real-time collaboration with the agile development team. The use of open-source tools benefits organizations. To lessen manual software quality checking efforts, this organization has implemented testing tools that make use of AI and automation.

15. Qualitest

QualiTest is the largest QA & testing company with over 20 years’ experience in service. They leverage its deep technology, business and industry-specific understanding to deliver solutions that align 100% with your business goals.

16. ScienceSoft
17. Aspire Systems
18. Testriq QA Lab
19. HikeQA
20. Forte Group
21. Inflection Point Systems
22. Orient
23. TestArmy
24. Scalefocus
25. QualityLogic
26. TestingXperts
27. Cigniti Technologies
29. Sauce Labs
30. Testhouse
31. QASymphony
32. QMetry
33. QA Mentor
34. TestingWhiz
35. Ocean Testers
36. QA InfoTech
37. Software Testing Solutions
38. Worksoft
39. Katalon
40. Planit Software Testing
41. QA Systems
42. SQA Solution
43. Wipro Ltd
44. Experion Technologies
45. QA Intelligence
46. WeDoQa
47. BugRaptors
49. QAradar
50. Testers HUB

In Сonclusion

Software testing is an important step in the development of any software project. The companies listed above are some of the top software testing companies in the industry, each offering a wide range of services to meet any software testing need. They have years of experience in software testing and provide quality services to ensure that any software is meeting the highest standards. Whether you are looking for an automated testing solution or a manual testing solution, the above-mentioned companies are sure to have the right solution to meet your needs.

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