Best Mobile Testing Companies 2023

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Mobile app testing has become an indispensable part of the app development process. With the increasing number of mobile users, the demand for quality and user-friendly mobile apps is also increasing. To ensure the quality of the app, it is crucial to test the app thoroughly before launching it in the market.

In this article, we will discuss the best mobile testing companies of 2023.

1. TestingXperts

TestingXperts logo

TestingXperts (a mobile testing firm) guarantees complete and affordable mobile testing thanks to its Advanced Mobile Test Lab, vast competence in mobile testing engagements, and breadth of experience in the appropriate tools.
With more than 250 physical and limitless cloud-based devices from top manufacturers, its mobile testing lab can conduct tests with several network operators using 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

TestingXperts offers end-to-end mobile testing services, including functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability, and test automation.

The company uses different engagement models, such as managed testing services, project-based engagement, or staffing/T&M, which is another way to get involved.

2. A1QA Technologies

Software testing and QA are the only two services offered by a1qa. They have been assisting Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses build first-rate software and create amazing end-user experiences since 2003. Its specialists provide end-to-end mobile testing services to ensure that the program has exceptional quality at all levels, including compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, network connectivity testing, interrupt testing, usability testing, and security testing.

They select just actual devices; there are no emulators or simulators used; this allows testing every aspect of the mobile app’s functionality. At a1qa, they have a fleet of mobile devices and wearables that is constantly expanding, comprising 180+ Android and 160+ iOS devices from a variety of industry-leading suppliers.

3. TestMatick

TestMatick logo

The professionals at TestMatick evaluate any mobile app’s quality and validate every component of it within the best time and financial constraints. QA engineers test mobile applications on actual devices using the more than 200 mobile devices in the lab.

Its testers are knowledgeable about all the quirks of mobile technology as well as the usual flaws in contemporary mobile software. Its test engineers are familiar with the peculiarities of mobile technology, and common weaknesses of modern mobile software products. And they work out a custom testing strategy for every mobile project based on best practices of mobile testing and special features of the project.

4. Mindful QA

Mindful QA logo

The team’s members all have years of experience working as mobile app testers. Whether you require full-time QA or simply a few sporadic hours of manual mobile testing, they are readily available on demand. Its specialists provide both manual and automated mobile testing services, with clear hourly rates and no commitment necessary. Its software testers are capable of doing a variety of tasks, including creating manual test cases and setting up or maintaining complete automation using Appium. More than 100 distinct iPhone/Android/OS combinations can be tested by its QA engineers.

5. Indium Software

Customer-focused, high-quality technological solutions with business value are offered by Indium Software. With extensive experience testing Android and iOS apps, Indium is a market leader in mobile testing services.

A sizable collection of mobile devices featuring Android, iOS, Windows, and other OSes are available for testing in its mobile testing lab.
The company provides the following core services: mobile functional testing, mobile security testing, mobile performance testing, mobile accessibility testing, mobile UI & UX testing, mobile localization testing, and mobile app testing for iOS, Android, and websites, among others.

6. Global App Testing

Global App Testing is a crowdsourced quality assurance business that was founded in 2013 and focuses on mobile app testing.
Its testers simulate a realistic user experience and offer valuable feedback by using real devices on real networks. Its extensive device/OS/network coverage will cover just about any combination the client needs. They work with both native web apps and mobile browsers.

The company can provide exploratory testing results in 24–36 hours and test case execution results in just 30–150 minutes. Their collaborative approach to testing maximizes release velocity every time.

7. QualiTest Group

QualiTest Group is the top AI-powered quality engineering firm in the world.

They offer cutting-edge and scalable business quality engineering solutions that safeguard any brand by demonstrating end-to-end value with a sharp focus on customer experience and release velocity. The “Gartner Magic Quadrant” has named Qualitest as the only visionary pure-play QA and Testing Services Firm for each of the previous six years.

8. QA Mentor

QA Mentor logo

Multi-award-winning, CMMI appraised, ISO certified QA company with a New York base.

A crowdsourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers, a test management platform, distinctive and reasonably priced service offerings, and QA education from e-learning and corporate training are just a few of the innovative product offerings available today.

Its core services: QA Audit, QA Transformation, Agile and DevOps Consulting, QA Training, Automated Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Website Testing, Crowdsourcing Testing, API Testing, Blockchain Testing, IoT Testing, Machine Learning & AI Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, User Experience.

9. Testlio

Testlio has a dedicated network of skilled testers, operating in dozens of countries, speaking dozens of languages, and using a wide range of devices.

A nearly limitless number of Android and iOS devices can be tested by its professionals. Unlike other services that use device simulators, Testlio’s mobile app testing specialists use actual Android and iOS devices, resulting in fewer false positives and more thorough, reliable coverage.

10. iBeta

iBeta logo

The company provides various software testing and quality assurance services for the most reputable companies in the world. Its specialists investigate the capabilities of any mobile app on all relevant devices and mobile operating systems.

Among its core services are automated testing, load and performance testing, accessibility testing, biometrics testing, general quality assurance, etc.

In conclusion, these are some of the best mobile testing companies of 2023. Each company offers its own unique set of tools and services, so it is important to choose the right company based on your specific testing needs. By choosing a reputable mobile testing company, you can ensure that your mobile app is of the highest quality and is ready for launch.

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