Software Testing


How to Build an Effective Team Communication

If you want to develop professionally in the IT field exclusively, you need to pay attention to a certain set of skills and communications. And these are not empty words about something unknown. At a time when IT communities work remotely, sometimes even asynchronously, the ability to communicate, write emails, and generally build relationships with colleagues becomes a decisive factor.

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Why Is Unit Testing So Important for Developers?

In this article, we will try to see why unit testing is considered so important that no programmer in the world can imagine the debugging process without it! Quality unit tests can significantly speed up the basics of development, verification, and even some of the work on functional requirements.


Is CI/CD Important for a Tester?

Today a software testing sector requires complete competence in TestOps and skills in developing qualitative automated tests from a QA engineer. It happens due to the rapid development of CI/CD and the importance of QA engineers’ work with pipelines. But why is CI/CD crucial for every tester today? Further, we’ll try to answer this question.


What Skills Are Needed for a Novice Tester?

Before making the decision to become a tester, you should get familiar with the skills and competencies you should acquire first of all. This article will help you build a clear plan of your studying and understand what skills you should develop to become a successful QA engineer.


Software Testing — An Important Stage of Software Development

What is software testing? What are its main types and steps? Further, we’ll try to answer these questions.


Can a Developer Become a Tester?

Both, QA engineers and developers, work hard to make the best software for users. Both these spesialists have their own tasks and responsibilities. But in some moments, it may seem that a developer can easily cope with tester’s duties. Is this really so, we’ll see in the article.


What Should Testers Do to Get Noticed?

QA engineers’ work has the main difficulty: if they do they work properly, nobody will notice this. And it’s good that there are 4 methods to show managers a project efficiently and demonstrate to colleagues their part in the work to be done. Further, we’ll analyze them in detail.


Using Get and Put Requests in Postman

Postman is a popular tool used for testing API. IT supports testing requests with different methods. In this article, we will analyze how to use it to test GET and PUT requests.


Analysis and Implementation of Web Content Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Accessibility is an extremely important thing for people with special needs (hearing and vision impairments). They should feel care for not only their family and close people but also the surrounding world. And this also applies to the Internet.


How Should We Test Social Media Apps?

Perhaps, nobody will deny the fact that social media have become a lifeline in today’s reality. Proper testing of a social media application is very important since even a not really important function that has not been properly tested can affect the work and business processes of thousands of people that depend on this application in some way.