Software Testing


How to Start a Career as Software Tester in 2021

A software tester is one of the IT professions that become more and more popular every day. But what exactly is it that attracts an applicant? And where exactly should start those who want to become a tester? Let’s figure this out.


Useful Tools to Analyze Websites

In this article, we will talk about some tools that are good for one who wants to analyze what is missing on a project and to know what basic changes are needed for better website performance.


What You Should Do If You Are a Single Tester in a Company: Top 10 Useful Tips

This article gives ten really working lessons taken from the everyday life of a tester. They will help you to survive at work and will transform you, a frightened fresher, into a tough software quality assurance engineer if all your quality assurance team consists of the one team member, and it’s you.


Seven Basic Principles of Software Testing

This article describes concepts and principles of testing that are based on theoretical and practical analysis of functionality of web products and the related components.


Common Errors and HTTP Status Codes When Performing Website Testing

When specialists perform testing of any program interface, they use the HTTP requests. Due to the information given by any error code after user request, a server can change the data processing. In a situation when there is an error and you now the result of the request, you can solve the issue by yourself.


Complex Project Communication: the Ways to Make It Easy and Enjoyable

Trying to resolve the problems with communication on a project, people solve not only current problems of relations but also build more qualitative and efficient ways to organize their working process. Getting rid of disputes and misunderstanding will help to make communication on a project pleasant and clear and this will greatly simplify the work on the set tasks.


Useful Tips on Working with Git

This article is aimed at giving an entry-level tester the overview of the way a product version control system works: from the process of duplicating a repository to the function of creating a pull request.


Software Testing Based on Heuristics: Analysis and Significance of the Main Techniques

In the software testing field, specialists use a lot of various heuristics to make a decision and analyze a problem during testing. They can be extremely useful when making suggestions if a person isn’t sure in the way how to start the testing process. Or it may even happen, that he/she has no idea what to do next.


5 Most Simple and Useful Programs to Take a Screenshot

Nowadays, almost every OS has built-in tools to take screenshots. But if it comes to professional work, particularly software testing, it is better to use special screenshot tools.


Six Stages of the Testing Process Development at a Product Company

This article will help a reader to track the entire development of the testing process, see what stage has been already reached and also, understand how we can simplify and improve the process of software testing inside a company.