Software Testing


How Should We Test Social Media Apps?

Perhaps, nobody will deny the fact that social media have become a lifeline in today’s reality. Proper testing of a social media application is very important since even a not really important function that has not been properly tested can affect the work and business processes of thousands of people that depend on this application in some way.


Why the Validation of Data Is So Important

The complete lack of validation can lead to the problems mentioned above. So, only the validation will make it possible to prevent critical failures, which are highly undesirable when using any software.


How a Newcomer Should Test Web Accessibility with WAVE

Today web accessibility usually means nominal easiness to use websites and their perception by people that have some vision, hearing, cognitive or physiological problems. This article contains the main details of how to test web accessibility correctly and make useful fixes to make the application you are testing completely accessible and relevant.


5 Basic Questions Usability Testing Should Answer

As you know, usability testing is a special software testing technique that is performed with the involvement of real users. Its goal is to evaluate the performance of a web product as close as possible to real conditions. A lot has been said and written about this type of testing. In this article, we will look at five fundamental questions and answers to them, which usability testing must somehow correspond to.


Pros and Cons of XPath

In the traditional sense, XPath is similar to modern programming languages: a well-crafted XPath selector is easy to read, we can tell from its appearance what specific element is being referred to. This makes interaction with XPath extremely convenient, increases the speed of solving typical problems, and, consequently, minimizes the time for software development and testing.


Optimization of the Testing Process: Tips and Techniques

Test optimization techniques help QA teams get the best out of their testing efforts. Discover top methods to optimize testing and fix potential software issues.


Fiddler Classic: An Overview of Its Key Features

There are many examples of various tools to monitor and analyze HTTP/HTTPS traffic on the software market, and each one has its own features. Fiddler software has become very popular among testers in recent years. Further, we will describe its main functions, used by testers on a daily basis.


GUI Testing: A Quick Annotation for QA Engineers

The quality of the software largely depends on how user-friendly its graphical interface is and how it interacts with the user. This is the root cause why GUI testing is extremely important and should be conducted properly.


How the Global Pandemic Has Changed the IT Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all spheres of human life. Many companies had to reorganize their business system, change the organization of workflow. But how exactly has this impacted the IT industry?


Cause/Effect as a Modern Test Design Technique

Сausal analysis is a special testing technique that displays the inputs and responses of the system. This technique allows you to significantly reduce the number of tests, and pay enough attention to the more significant and vulnerable parts of the functionality.