Software Testing — An Important Stage of Software Development

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Various types of testing help select the required method of testing a product that a QA specialist prefers.

There are numerous methods and types of testing: functional testing (external behavior of a system), and non-functional testing (system performance) that includes load, stress, and volume testing.

Types of Testing

Types of Testing

Also, we’d like to mention alpha testing and beta testing, system testing, unit testing, etc.

These are only a few examples of possible methods, whose variety can make a newcomer have difficulty with what to start with.

Experienced QA consultants recommend starting with learning integration testing or regression testing.

Software testing means the correspondence between an expected result and an actual result.

Testing is like a method of quality assurance that contains tasks that need to be done, test design, testing itself, together with analysis of final results.

Testing is very important and though it needs time and money spent, a final result can exceed all expectations.

Steps of Testing

Steps of Testing

Software testing consists of the following steps:

  • Testing different ways of work to find weak spots in code;
  • Possible ways of testing parts of code to find bugs in certain places;
  • Writing test cases.

Usage of tests can not only save time but also help in the future — for example, after finding and fixing bugs, you can use them once again.

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