What Should Testers Do to Get Noticed?

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QA engineers’ work has the main difficulty: if they do they work properly, nobody will notice this.

The situation is completely different for a programming department that develops software — their work will be finally noticed by a project manager.

Testers develop only such tests that help ensure that a web product functions properly.

If a QA engineer does their work well, it’s hard to see the difference between software that could be delivered to production if all defects could have been found and an online product.

The problem of QA engineers who sometimes are not noticed by managers lies in the difficulty for them to move on a career ladder.

And it’s good that there are 4 methods to show managers a project efficiently and demonstrate to colleagues their part in the work to be done.

Further, we’ll analyze them in detail.

Talk to a project manager on a permanent basis

Check if your PM is aware of all possible ways you use to help other project team members develop a qualitative product.

Always tell them that your tests found bugs and helped to avoid serious crashes.

Show your work

Every manager loves not with words but with eyes.

So you need to show them dashboards or metrics.

If you are able to simplify your manager’s life and structure bug reports in a useful visual form, you will make them really happy.

For example, you can create a dashboard that will show a ratio of passed and failed regression tests for the night.

Share your knowledge

It’s great if you, as a tester, have various testing skills but it’s better to share these skills with your colleagues to make them more skillful in testing.

You can help others learn software testing with the help of the following methods:

  • Discuss the possibility to use the utilized framework for test automation;
  • Give a workshop on the ways to work with this framework for other testers;
  • Take responsibility for mentoring new testers that have some difficulties in their work.

Look like a leader for your PM

Your PM can miss your leadership if you don’t tell them about this.

A good and working way to become a leader is to ask your director to implement process improvements of software quality in a retrospective.

After this implementation, your software testing company will definitely notice that software quality will be improved greatly and they will treat you only in a good way.


Web software development processes are changed each year.

Every project manager should not only lead testing but also be able to execute it.

But your PM can ignore you as a QA engineer until you ensure that you are really noticed.

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