Security Testing


Popular Types of Cyber-Attacks: Common and Original Methods of Hacking Platforms

DDoS attack (Distributed denial-of-service attack) This is a malicious attack that can completely or partially take your website offline. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a situation where only one hacker organized a DDoS attack. In many cases, a cybercriminal uses a network of several local machines that have been infected with a virus. Using malicious code, the hacker

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Using sqlmap for Software Security Testing

Security testing is the analysis of software vulnerability to all kinds of attacks.


How to Protect User Passwords from Brute Force Attacks

Password stealing, secret possession of private data have become a common thing on the Internet, made by unfair users. Numerous objects and virtual systems are at risk (social networks, mail agents, verified accounts, and so on). This article contains useful information on a proper way of testing passwords on websites and also protecting yourself and your personal data from hacking and stealing.


Testing Web Application Security with Burp Suite

This software may be considered the most effective and popular web product to perform security testing. Its usage is an opportunity to test software in non-standard ways that can present in-depth views of visible and hidden vulnerabilities of the developed software.


Implementation of XSS Injections While Performing Security Testing

In this article, we will talk about security testing using the example of such system vulnerability as XSS injections, with the help of which a hacker can easily inject his dangerous scripts into pages that will be viewed by Internet users in the future.


What Are SQL Injections and How to Test Them?

This article describes the main concepts of SQL injections, analyzes the most popular types of vulnerabilities and also, provides information on the best ways to prevent SQL code entering into a website.


Why Does Testing Help to Improve the Software Security

The particular vulnerability of security and information integrity is a big risk that is faced by many companies developing various digital products. Hence, security testing is a very important and essential process that can protect such a company from damaged reputation or even bankruptcy.


VPN Implementation in the Sphere of Software Testing

Nowadays, VPN testing services are one of the most popular things that clients want to have tested. And thus, they appeal to specialized companies that provide exhaustive testing of any web functionality.


What Are Cookie Files and How to Test Them?

In this article we described all the main aspects of cookies using in the web development sphere. Also, we analyzed exhaustive test cases to check quickly and easily the functionality of cookies when you develop a particular program code.


Concept of Spear Phishing and Methods for Dealing With It

Spear phishing is a kind of wire fraud when a hacker gets access to secret (confidential) files of some user. Unlike the classic phishing, here a hacker represents oneself as your friend or someone you completely trust.