Security Testing


Quality Assurance Consultant: ISO / IEC 12207 and IEEE / EIA 12207 Standards

ISO / IEC 12207 is an international standard developed by the joint efforts of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard specifies the structure of the software lifecycle processes from concept to retirement. This standard is compatible with the quality system method, ISO 9001 – the the world’s most recognized quality assurance standard

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Which Issue Tracker Is Right for Providers of Quality Assurance Services

A good issue tracker makes it possible for the project manager and programmer to enter all their questions in the individual fields of the report, and the providers of quality assurance services, also known as testers – add their answers to this same report. Thus, all information relating to solving a particular problem is stored in one place. As a

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Common Problem Situations Faced by Providers of Quality Assurance Testing Services

There are many program errors that manifest themselves only under a certain combination of conditions, sometimes much unexpected ones. Any error is actually reproducible. The question at issue is how to identify the conditions that cause it to occur. And sometimes it is easier for the programmer to cope with this task, if the program code is in front of

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Three Main Principles of Security Testing Services

Security testing service – is the assessment of the software being vulnerable to a variety of attacks. Computer systems are often the target of illegal penetration. Security testing as a service verifies a factual reaction of protective mechanisms that are built into the system. In the course of security testing, tester plays the role of a cracker. Security testing companies

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Security Testing Companies Speak About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity was, is and will be a very important issue in the world of IT testing services. In order to prevent the attack in information systems, the majority of companies carry out the Information Security Audit. Information Security Audit – is an independent evaluation of the current state of information security systems, establishing its level of compliance with certain criteria,

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Security Testing Services: Clean Code is a Clear Conscience. War With the Code Clones

Why Code Clones are Dangerous? At the first sight, code clones don’t seem dangerous. For example, if to consider the given problem from app performance testing services, clones’ impact on it just boils down to an increase in the code that causes, the so-called, end-application “bloating”. Such “bloating” faces with the additional RAM volume that is essential for the application

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3 Provocative Principles That are Used in Software Test Services

The majority of software testers in best software testing companies know that theory is crucially important in practice. On one side, beginner testers don’t believe this, but practice shows and confirm that theory should be implemented in practice.


Web Application Testing Service: 5 Web App Testing Challenges

Web applications cannot be developed without testing. Various interface, browsers, security hazards and comprehensive application integration are only several issues dealt with by developers.


6 Benefits of a Tester Profession

Software testers are like heroes in the world of IT testing services. Why like this? Software developers get all the merits for creating programs, when testers are those people who get a raw product into shape – remains in the shadow.


Security Testing Services: 10 Best Bug Tracking Tools

Independent software testing companies are aware of the importance to track bugs and other issues in the process of software development projects. Bug tracking system is an application program that is created to help testers and developers to track the history of bug reports during their work. Bug trackers enable to create, store, view and modify information about bugs. The

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