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Quite often happens that website developers don’t pay attention to errors and technical bugs on a website – meanwhile, these may considerably slow down the traffic, reduce conversion rate and sales, respectively. In order to avoid such mistakes, let us consider the common ways to improve a website.

Usability Testing Service

Every website owner is interested in the opinion of his website visitors. What puzzles them, disappoints or irritates.Why do they leave the page without signing up and purchasing something?In order to get the feedback from users that would help to solve the problems, one can use Usabilla testing service. The basic idea of this service is quite simple: you send the links of your website to Usabilla and with time receive the feedback that contains the description of its problems and errors. Usability testing services are carried out to help in improving the user experience on a website.


Theoretically, every modern website should possess a good look on numerous devices: smartphone, tablet, notebook and Smart TV. With the growth of mobile internet traffic – website adaptability becomes a critically important function. There are many free online website testing tools for various devices, but we offer you to use Screenqueri tool that is good for adaptive web testing.

Perception speed

It is a commonly known feature among users that if a user, during first five seconds, can’t figure out his actions on the website – he is likely to leave it. Due to severe competitive conditions for the audience attention, the website owners should take care of the user’s first impression. 5secondtest service allows experimenting on potential clients with the help of a dedicated testing team of the given service.


The website owner must always be aware of bugs and errors presence in the website code. To perform validation testing means to review the source code for compliance with the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium. Non-conformance to these standards may lead to the website incorrect displaying on various browsers and have a bad reputation among searchers. is one of the best independent verification and validation services that will help to detect bugs in your website.


Security testing service is a must-have but not an option. The earlier you use it, the more secure and safe your website will be. The consequences of a website malware infection can be disastrous for both the website owner and its visitors. Joomla and WordPress, the website engines that are the most liable to infection, so are the others. Dr. Web is one of the best and well-known security testing services that will keep the website out of danger.

Website display in browsers

Cross browser testing services are necessary to determine whether the website is displayed identically correct in all popular browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, «Yandex Browser”). and – are  free cross browser testing services, but you may be on the waiting list among other seekers.


Any insignificant thing, even slow page loading may lead to a potential client leaving the website. Google service PageSpeed Insights allows not only know the page load time and compare it with the optimal one but also to find out the reason of this error.

Dead links

The hyperlinks that lead to non-existent pages and throw the 404 error appear through various reasons: the storage deadline or files deletion, invalid URLs, change of URLs. And of course, they bother users a lot., any and others will help to check the website on the dead links presence.  

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