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If you are a beginner in testing and dream about the job in software testing company – this article is written especially for you. Beginners always wonder what skills and experience one should possess in order to get a dream job.

There are 7 important steps of transformation from a beginner to a qualified tester.

Read at least one book about software testing!

Specialized literature will make you familiar with the tester slang and help to understand general principles and peculiarities of the tester job. For example, very useful and interesting books about software testing are written by Sam Kaner. Especially his “Bible” that was published more than 20 years ago and contains key issues on software testing, communication in testing (this subject is very important and, until now, nobody managed to describe it better) and other important information.

Look through the vacant positions and highlight demanded requirements!

Many beginners search for knowledge that, actually, everyone needs. As a result, they learn unnecessary terms, use unpopular testing tools, etc. Look through all vacant positions in your city and highlight those interesting and inspirational for you. Focus on getting this experience and don’t waste time on unnecessary things.

Go into practice!

Knowledge without practice is useless; when learning any new skills you will need to put them into practice. Use freelance portals that always have software testing tasks of different length and complexity.

If you possess English language skills – consider uTest service that unites dedicated testers globally. Pick up those tasks that are interesting and complicated, so you will be able to capture some new experience and skills.

Be a permanent reader of the forum for testers!

In solving the testing challenges, you are certain to face some difficulties. In forums for testers, you will find problem solutions. It will allow you to be aware of innovations and trends in software testing services.

Subscribe to newsletters for testers!

Due to email newsletter distribution, you will be reminded of interesting news, events and topics in the forums and blogs. So you will be in touch with the life of testers.

Find the club for testers in your city!

You can attend free regular meetings, communicate with the specialists, ask questions and be answered in clubs for testers. The club is an excellent opportunity for you to find a job, as test managers are the frequent visitors of such places.

Create your own blog & share you experience!

Tutoring is the best way of learning! Each of us copes with problems in a different way by finding the unique solutions. Do your best to join a certain dedicated testing team.

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