Automated Testing


Overview of Katalon Studio: Codeless Test Automation Tool

Each year customer demands for software functionality constantly increase. Therefore, product companies must develop and expand their suite of web services to stay competitive.


Encapsulation as One of the Fundamental Principles of Object-Oriented Programming

Knowing the basics of object-oriented programming is necessary not only for programmers, but also, of course, for testers who interact with program code, study it, or write it. Insight into programming fundamentals enables QA experts to better understand the program behavior, give effective recommendations on how to improve the structure of program code, and, more efficiently create autotest code.


Test Automation Strategies That Really Work

An approach to the development and implementation of automated tests for an application-in-test depends on numerous factors. A size and complexity of an application, a structure of a project team, instantly appearing deadlines, requirements for security, and many other details define the most suitable strategy. Further, we will describe some working strategies that can be helpful for any project that requires automation.


Using Test Retries as a Method to Hide Bugs

Every tester is in some way familiar with the concept of randomly failing automated tests. An analysis of the results of these tests can be really time-consuming and some teams prefer running tests once again if they fail. But is this efficient? The answer is not as obvious and clear as it seems.


Popular Demo Websites Used for Executing Test Automation

Demo websites are one of the most popular platforms to execute automated testing. They can be used to practice your skills and develop your own testing methods. Further, we will analyze them in detail.


How Can We Increase Software Code Coverage During Regression Testing?

As we know, test coverage done while testing various types of software means the total basis of software code covered with a test suite. This article will tell about several methods of test coverage that help to improve general product regression.


How to Properly Prepare Software for Test Automation

Before you start performing automated testing, you need to make a short analysis of the software you are working with. The more prepared for automation the product is, the fewer issues you’ll meet in the future while developing automated tests. Further, we will analyze in detail the basics of how to prepare for this testing process.


How to Implement Test Automation During a Sprint

How can we automate testing efficiently when we are sure that it’s crucial for such a short amount of time? Further, we will describe three most efficient strategies that help to rapidly close sprints with working automation.


UI Automation with SpecFlow

UI processes can be slow, contain bugs, and decelerate your work. Test configuration, bug fixing, and adjusting to software updates can become serious issues. This article gives a useful overview of ways to execute UI automation with SpecFlow and C#.


A Brief Review of Katalon Smart Wait or How to End the Selenium Timing Problem

As you know, Selenium WebDriver is the most popular and user-friendly framework for test automation. But using all of its features seems to be a very difficult, especially for those who don’t have sufficient programming knowledge. At the same time, Katalon Studio allows you to quickly master Selenium, regardless of your programming skills. In this article, we will talk about Katalon Studio as a solution to the most well-known Selenium problem, namely defects in timelines.