Automated Testing


How to Implement Test Automation During a Sprint

How can we automate testing efficiently when we are sure that it’s crucial for such a short amount of time? Further, we will describe three most efficient strategies that help to rapidly close sprints with working automation.


UI Automation with SpecFlow

UI processes can be slow, contain bugs, and decelerate your work. Test configuration, bug fixing, and adjusting to software updates can become serious issues. This article gives a useful overview of ways to execute UI automation with SpecFlow and C#.


A Brief Review of Katalon Smart Wait or How to End the Selenium Timing Problem

As you know, Selenium WebDriver is the most popular and user-friendly framework for test automation. But using all of its features seems to be a very difficult, especially for those who don’t have sufficient programming knowledge. At the same time, Katalon Studio allows you to quickly master Selenium, regardless of your programming skills. In this article, we will talk about Katalon Studio as a solution to the most well-known Selenium problem, namely defects in timelines.


Basics of Using XPath Selectors

In the article, we will give a short overview of using XPath selectors.


Correct Task Distribution Between Manual and Automated Testing Departments

Critical issues between testing departments and a project group can arise due to numerous reasons but it’s always needed to rapidly put everyone’s efforts into reaching set goals. Further, we’ll talk about the correct way to do this and the difficulties that you may encounter.


Common Methodologies of UI Automation Testing

At the first glance, software development and testing may seem completely different unrelated processes. But some of their aspects are extremely important for both these spheres. In this article, we’ll focus on some popular patterns and methodologies of web testing that will be helpful for UI automation in general and for the development of test frameworks in particular.


How to Start Implementing Test Automation?

Getting started with automated tests may seem something difficult. Especially for those who do this for the first time! If you are this kind of software tester, this article is exactly for you.


Resouces for Learning Selenium Automation

When a QA engineer starts learning test automation, they may have difficulties in finding first-class Selenium automation courses since these courses are highly specialized. This article contains useful and interesting Selenium resources that can be really helpful in this case.


Wait Commands in Selenium

Using wait commands is important when running tests in Selenium. It allows you to avoid problems that may occur due to changes in the time delay.


Automation Tools for Testing Android Apps

Test automation helps to greatly improve mobile software quality and this, in turn, accelerates the process of product testing, improves general performance, and helps to satisfy client needs. Today a field of automation testing services offers various programs that can be used for the development and testing of mobile products. Further, we’ll analyze some examples of them.