Automated Testing


Wait Commands in Selenium

Using wait commands is important when running tests in Selenium. It allows you to avoid problems that may occur due to changes in the time delay.


Automation Tools for Testing Android Apps

Test automation helps to greatly improve mobile software quality and this, in turn, accelerates the process of product testing, improves general performance, and helps to satisfy client needs. Today a field of automation testing services offers various programs that can be used for the development and testing of mobile products. Further, we’ll analyze some examples of them.


What Is the Good Autotest?

Automation testing, while respecting the practice of continuous software delivery, should be as perfect as possible. Therefore, we’d like to highlight 5 features of good automation tests.


Useful (Healthy) Testing Habits

During software development, it’s not enough to use the newest test management system or a modern framework: really qualitative software can be developed only with the help of useful testing habits. Further, we’ll analyze the most popular of these habits so that you can use them.


Testing the Presence of an Element With Cypress

When you test an application with Cypress utility, it may sometimes be necessary to test the presence of an item. In this material, we’ll consider situations on how to properly test whether there is an element in the application and whether it is noticeable. We’ll analyze some of the features of such checks, as well.


Response, Stimulus, and Validation in Test Automation: The Fundamentals of Determinism

Any test automation contains a so-called core, which consists of three parts – stimulus, responses, and a certain amount of checks. Next, let’s talk in detail about each component to highlight all important things that can help make your automation even more flexible.


A Short Overview of the “Main” Function in Python

This article will be interesting for those testers who want to understand how to operate a popular “main” function in Python.


An Overview of the Popular .contains() Command in Cypress

contains() is probably the most popular Cypress command, especially if you work as a developer or software tester. We will explain further why this command is so useful and why you should take it into account, by analyzing a simple example.


Using Requests to Test GraphQL in Python

Everyone knows the practice of writing autotests for REST API using requests. But what about testing the GraphQL API? Is it the same or does it have any nuances? Let’s see in this article.


Simple Testing of Desktop Applications on Windows

Using at least one of three drivers mentioned in this article, will allow once and for all to leave the vendor software for testing, lowering the price of automation and its subsequent support by a decent amount, as well as unifying the technology stack to the professional qualifications of testers (and developers).