Automated Testing


Which Programming Language to Choose for Automated Testing

Any automated testing implies the use of a certain set of tools for the automated execution of test cases created earlier. Undoubtedly, we cannot talk imagine this process without a programming language. Further, we’ll have a look at how to choose the most appropriate one.


Python Testing Basics

Python is considered to be a universal programming language. It can be easily understood by both junior developers and senior developers and some analysts even regard it as the most popular language in IT. It is also simple, technically “elegant” and readable and this is exactly what is needed to transform test cases into efficient test scripts.


Ten Commandments of Automated Test Development

This article will describe commandments we should keep while developing automated tests.


Continuous Integration and Software Testing

The continuous integration (CI) process is used by developers, specialists in automated software testing, and of course all those who are interested in the IT field have heard about it. Further in the article, we’ll talk about the main concepts and basic purpose of CI. We will analyze how it works and what tasks it performs!


Two Main Rules of Good Gherkin

No matter whether you wish to improve software code or significantly increase automation usage on the basis of Cucumber framework — only one software development language is in the center of the entire BDD and it’s Gherkin. Further, we’ll talk about two main rules that help to create completely readable, scalable, and easy-to-automate tests.


Common Mistakes in Test Automation and How to Avoid Them

Following these simple tips, you can easily set a high-quality software test automation process and won’t worry excessively about the results of work accomplished. Besides, you will improve the necessary professional skills to help you search for a job in the best quality assurance organization.


Tips on Creating Integration Tests in Cypress

Cypress is a very interesting and popular tool, considered to be really cutting-edge software in the QA field and meeting today’s needs. It helps to easily create and integrate simple and clear tests, so even junior automated testers can easily learn it.


What Are Selenium, Selenide, Selenoid, Selendroid and What’s the Difference Between Them?

Almost every junior automated testers can easily get confused by many new terms while learning them. For example, Selenoid, Selenium, Selendroid, Selenide – what are they and what’s the difference between them? Is it possible to compare them at all? Further, we will talk about these concepts.


Effective Test Data Management for Automated Testing

Working with test data can be extremely difficult and tedious. But if you enlist effective planning and strategic approaches, then everything can be organized so that all tests run as expected. Let’s see how to do it right.


Turnkey Web Application Test Automation

This article will highlight methods of automated software testing when there will be no need to create numerous test cases or e-2e tests with the help of a user.