Automated Testing


Best Test Automation Patterns

This article describes the most popular automated testing patterns, that are used by many popular teams. They help to create reliable automated tests and improve the general logic of testing on the projects.


Karate Framework – a Useful Tool for Test Automation

Karate framework is quite a new, simple, and powerful product on the market of specialized web tools for virtual service testing. Its main value lies in the fact that a tester doesn’t have to be familiar with peculiarities of the testing process on the Java language or test automation.


Specific Features of Working With Web Elements While Test Automation

Below, you can find a short but comprehensive manual on how quickly one can find web elements on a page during the automated software testing. And this allows providing the services quickly and qualitatively.


The Overview of Katalon Automation Recorder

This article is dedicated to analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of Katalon Automation Recorder.


Review of TestRail – the Best Tool to Manage Test Cases

TestRail usage significantly improves the general productivity of the testing team during the independent testing. This program is a good and practical alternative to out-of-date tables and text files, where you can easily and quickly track all the steps of web product testing.


Top 10 Providers of Software Quality Control Services

The best software testing company is a complicated question that doesn’t have an objective answer. When you choose a good provider of web product testing services, you can rely on this list of the most popular and demanded software testing companies in 2019.


Why Should QA Engineers Know About Code Refactoring?

The main point of refactoring is to change non-effective and low-quality code into a practical and easy-to-use tool for further programming, as well as to make it simple for multiple usages by developers.


API Testing with Postman

Today the process of API testing is the most popular and discussed topic in the field of integration testing. In the next chapters, we will thoroughly analyze the program capabilities of Postman utility which is used exactly as the main component for REST API testing, will thoroughly study some methods of writing such tests on the basis of a real

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JUnit and TestNG for Web and Mobile Test Automation Services

In today’s world of the digital industry, increasing the speed of entry into the market plays a key role in the success and competitiveness of companies and corporations.


Assurance Testing Services: Technical and Operational Errors

Assurance testing services are meant to search for all types of errors that can be present in software apps / products or system. It is much better to prevent errors than to fix them as it may cost your company too dearly. Errors in the program were missed Operational Errors You will always miss the errors, because all possible test

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