Automated Testing


An Overview of the Popular .contains() Command in Cypress

contains() is probably the most popular Cypress command, especially if you work as a developer or software tester. We will explain further why this command is so useful and why you should take it into account, by analyzing a simple example.


Using Requests to Test GraphQL in Python

Everyone knows the practice of writing autotests for REST API using requests. But what about testing the GraphQL API? Is it the same or does it have any nuances? Let’s see in this article.


Simple Testing of Desktop Applications on Windows

Using at least one of three drivers mentioned in this article, will allow once and for all to leave the vendor software for testing, lowering the price of automation and its subsequent support by a decent amount, as well as unifying the technology stack to the professional qualifications of testers (and developers).


Docker. What Is It and Why Do We Use It

This software is actively used not only by developers of web applications but also by testers since it has quite a lot of useful functions that help to find various bugs. This material contains a simple explanation of Docker using easy examples. The article won’t be full of monotonous and confusing technical terms and categories.


Proper Coordination of Automated and Manual Testing

In this article, we will describe the problems that happen during the coordination of automated and manual testing and give tips on how they can be solved.


What Are Flaky Tests?

It’s very important to be able to analyze flaky tests if you are working as a software tester since any automated tests that have unclear results will constantly slow the speed of overall development down. Even if you have never worked with flaky tests, this article will still be very useful for you since it describes a completely systematized set of reasons why instability happens inside test suites.


How to Quickly Create a Random User in Cypress

A lot of web products under test require some level of authentication. When QA engineers test such software, they have to be able to operate a particular testing user. As a rule, it’s generated randomly and then is used in most tests. Further, in the article, we’ll talk about the most popular types of user generation in Cypress tests.


An Overview of IBM Rational Functional Tester

Today’s article is explicitly devoted to IBM Rational Functional Tester, made by IBM IT giant; this tool helps to perform automated and functional testing. This software helps testers execute automated testing, functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing, manage test data.


An Efficient Combination of Several Frameworks on a Project

It’s hard to say whether it’s good to use more than one frameworks on a project. The answer will probably be “Yes” since [highlight dark="no"]it’s highly recommended to work with several frameworks[/highlight], that can be used for more than purpose. Further, we’ll analyze when this should be used and when it should not be done.


How to Deploy Test Automation in a Few Steps

An automation testing deployment can be reduced to 7 steps. We will talk about them further in this article.